Senior SEO Consultant  bei Claneo – Skills & Joballtag

Senior SEO Consultant bei Claneo – Skills & Joballtag

Hello Chris, happy to have you here! Now it’s your turn. You’re our Sr. SEO Consultant and I want to ask you some questions I am looking for some fun insights and to discuss with you what your day-to-day work looks like. Sure, let’s do it! Wonderful, perfect. Then we’ll get started with the first question: What kind of capabilities should one possess in your opinion? Well apart from the standard things like experience in SEO, digital marketing, one should be familiar with the various tools, it’s also important that you have a confident demeanor, that you’re able to communicate I would describe it as an “all-rounder” because at an agency you work with different customers, it’s also important that you are able to read up on things quickly. and that you understand what’s most important to people. Customers have different products and services. So I think that’s very important. What’s your role like in your department? Yeah, I’m the first point of contact for my customers, when they have questions, or problems. Besides that I’m also the internal contact person when people are working on a project then there are always a lot of questions and in the end there’s also quality control which is also an important part of my job. So a typical workday, what does that look like for you? Well it starts with Outlook. Checking first what kind of emails I’ve gotten, what still needs to be done from the previous day, and then usually the first meetings begin. Phone calls and if there is still time I try to get through my to-do’s. Okay, perfect. What would those to-do’s be again, quickly? For example what I’m working on now is a potential analysis for a customer. But that could also be analyzing a website, to identify what is important for them and what next steps to take. Can you please describe your dream colleague in bulletpoints: Yeah, my dream colleague would be nice, open-minded, motivated and here at Claneo you also need a good sense of humor I would say Please explain to your grandma what your work is, what you do? I help make websites more well-known. What do your colleagues think you do, and what do you actually do? Yeah, I should probably ask you that. But I think a lot of people have the idea that I just sit in meetings, only make phone calls and not much else which is partly true, partly not. So I of course also try to make time, to work on projects myself. What are your favorite tasks in your department? I like a lot of them, but if I had to choose just one, it would probably be when we get new inquiries from customers and when this concerns larger projects, then usually there is a pitch and that pitch needs to be prepared. And that’s a lot of fun, to come up with the storyline, show that you researched and understand what’s most important for the customer and if they agree in the end then that feels great, of course, like scoring a goal in soccer, for example. Do you have a super power? I don’t know if it’s a super power but I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks, but not at the normal speed, but at one and a half times the speed. And it annoys a lot of people but I’m very impatient and it helps me to concentrate. Your job would definitely be easier, if? My job would be easier if I had two Chris’, so if I could clone myself that would be very, very helpful. Then we could split the tasks, one works on all the emails and the other works on everything else. And we could go on vacation every week. That would be great. With whom at Claneo would you definitely not want to trade places with? with the cleaning lady, because I hate cleaning up. Chris how did you end up in online marketing? I kind of rolled into it, I’ve always been interested in marketing, I studied “International Business and Languages” in Groningen, in Holland. A big portion of that degree was marketing and then I did an internship at an agency in Berlin and since then I’ve been in online marketing. The topic has always interested me, earlier I tried to, build and play around with websites. So I’ve always found the topic interesting. Do you have a dream project, that you want to complete? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to build a house. I used to have a side job working for a craftsman who worked with lots of wood and for me it would be great if I could do that some time, build my own house, that’s a dream of mine, yeah. What do your colleagues love about you? Yeah, you should answer that. I always bring back stroopwaffles from Holland, so I think that helps. And I hope that I’m nice and open with my colleagues and they love me for it. Okay, and what totally annoys you? I’m very, very impatient, I hear that often and I’m very competitive, as you know, with games and such. What do you like most about Claneo? I would say the people, I like everyone here, I like working with everyone, definitely, and next to that would be the flexibility. We have flexible working hours, home office and it’s something I’ve never experienced, like we have it here. So Chris, now we’re at the end. Now I have a final question for you. Please finish my sentence: Google ist…. …evil. I can also explain that. Google always had “Don’t be Evil” as it’s motto and last year they, I think last year, they they removed it from their code of conduct and I think not without reason. Wonderful, okay. Thank you very much, for taking the time, I know that you have a lot to do. Yes, gladly! Yes, exactly! Anyways, I hope we get a lot of new applicants very soon! OK, perfect!

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