SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020

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100 Replies to “SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020”

  1. can you copy-spy or reverse engineer the tactics of other web pages by viewing source code html title tags and get the same or similar rank results?

  2. To be frank, I have seen advice monkey, use it a few times then changed to google because everyone was talking about it. I was using yahoo search at that time. Those were the days.

  3. I love your videos Neil and I am going to follow your tips! I will add a new post in 45 days with my results.

  4. i put keywords in Meta Title and description but i am not getting ranks in Google. Can u tel me what is the problem. Neil

  5. Hi Neil,
    I have always write an article in my native language.
    Is it going for me to write it in English as well? With the same – translate it from my native language?
    If it so, I will have two same article but with different language in my blog.
    Don't you think it will be messy?

  6. Thank you. It really helps!

    Can you please tell me if my company has not done anything in SEO, from where do I start?

  7. hi neil

    i'm so happy i learned and my site has rank in google

    but i wanna know how i can become expert and professional to seo

    what steps ?

  8. Very informative, helpful and well explained video about Leeds SEO services. Thanks for sharing this helpful review. I really love it.💖

  9. Hi Neil, really an amazing session but the only problem which I faced is your speaking pace is too fast apart from that rest all is great. Good job keep it up.

  10. Hi Neil, a humble request can you make a video on how to rank for a specific country being in some other company !

  11. dude, this video is so educational, will implement the steps and hopefully will remember to come back and do an updates comment. thanks

  12. Love that line, "you would just have to go to a bar and talk to them"! 😀

  13. Hey great content Niel (can't believe it's free) and great timing for me.. as I'm rebooting my digi-marketing Agency with help from a great mentor Paul Ponna. Your content confirms I'm heading in the right direction.. I didn't take you up on your offer to help me (last 2 years) because my website and collateral were a mess.. I've cleaned it up now with Paul's help and right now I'm fine-tuning for the market. Your vlogs will help me now as I've sub'ed and more importantly I'm receptive, Thanks!

  14. I’m a real estate agent trying to get high in search results for my smaller town in New Jersey. I feel like I’ve done so much to rank but I’m not getting any website traffic. I’ve done almost 40 high quality blog posts with keyword targeting but no luck. Any tips for me?

  15. Hi Neil. I am a newbie. Doing tons of research right now, I have viewed several webinars on everything from kindle publishing to building sites that generate leads for business owners. I have watched several of your videos (including viewing you as a main speaker at large events such as the affiliate conferences). I very much appreciate your expert advice. What online business would you advise for someone just getting started? and why? Thanks!

  16. This is the second time I'm reading about these tactics. In fact, not all of them but especially the third one. Listening to your short videos is like building up wisdom through proverbs. Thank you always.

  17. I viewed your video.. hope this works will be trying this out and if it works well yes definitely you will see another comment by me..

  18. Thank you for your video, very informative. Please can I make a suggestion? Sound deadening and a better microphone. Content is great and practical. Listening to it, not so much. Thanks again.

  19. Thank you Neil, you're the God of Digital Marketing. Now I understand the reason of see a new Tutorial every single day on YouTube

  20. It is hard to find any one giving such free knowledge as Neil Patel does. I started to learn online marketing 9 years before and learned by all means, by paying and through free resources. I must admit that it is through Neil Patel's blog I learned most of the stuff. The first job I landed up was a US-based agency and since then I have been working at various firms and this was possible due to the knowledge I gained through the free resources like Neil Patel's. I take this opportunity to thank him for his contributions.

  21. I am going to implement your 3 techniques to increase traffic to my website and will let you know the progress after 45 days

  22. Hi Niel! Thanks for the video. I recently built a new website and not getting any clicks and it is not even showing on 12th page of google search. I already done indexing via google console, added keywords, done all possible things. Don't know how can i get more clicks..

  23. Martin Split rated meta tags in the second place of importance where webmasters need to pay more attention as Neil did.

    Content is the number one priority wherein content needs to satisfy users' intent asap. 76% of users told that wanna see content that saves their time than awesome design ))

    Google Console is the tool that everybody must-have. Check out and fix data than use other tools.

  24. The truth is Being a blogger is not that simple..
    You must know how to start and what things can bring interests in your blog

  25. Thank you Neil. Just starting out in seo writing. Though I did take an online class but they were not as through as your few minutes video. Thanks once again. Love from india❤

  26. Hi Niel I would llove to focus on SEO, as i am still new to SEO. I know the basics of SEO a lil bit, but i am not sure how do i start. I have tools for Keywords research as well as wordpress.
    So, should i start with writting articles first? I dont have any videos at the moment as well.

  27. Hey Neil, as always very informative thanks. I have learned quite a bit from you with regards to SEO with both blogging and videos. Currently have one video 4 positions down from this video for the keyword "seo" among others. The video title is "google search – google blog seo – start a blog – google blog search – search google seo – google seo". However I still seem not to get too many views. Your thoughts on that if I may?

  28. How do I do On-Page SEO of a page I don't own? Maybe a client is hiring me to do their SEO but they got their website created by somebody else…

  29. I made my blog about an year ago…. never really got much traffic, but I wasn’t desperate for it either. Lately though o told my self “let’s make it amazing”. So I started watching your videos and following the tips. Hopefully it will jump up a little after all the hard work I’ve put into making the videos and articles.

  30. Thanks so much Neil!!! I implemented #2 right after the watching. Checked out Google Console – tried to incorporate the search phrases when doing my name and descriptions. At least I was mindful of how I wanted to drive traffic. Planning how to attack #1 – will take some time. Q: Should we try to influence traffic based on key words we want to found by, or do we further strengthen the pathways already used to find our site? hmmmmm … BTW – I am being solicited by a SEO marketing company – thanks for the first step in learning how to take control on my own!

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