SEO (search engine optimization):: Good Morning Marketers:: thunder::tech (ep 102)

SEO (search engine optimization):: Good Morning Marketers:: thunder::tech (ep 102)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Good morning, and welcome to
Good Morning Marketers. Today’s topic is search engine
optimization, or SEO. And today we have Andy and
Christina, two marketing professionals that are here to
talk with us about how you can boost your online
web presence. Good morning. Thanks for coming, guys. Good morning. Thanks for having us. So, Andy, can you define what
search engine optimization is? Search engine optimization is
getting a website to rank highly in the search engines
like MSN, Yahoo, and Google. What you want to do is get a
list of relevant keywords, make sure those are in the
content and the site description, and that way the
search engines can recognize those keywords and make your
website come up highly in the search engines for them. And why is SEO important? SEO is important because you
want your site to rank highly for that list of keywords
that you’ve determined. If your site didn’t rank highly,
web users wouldn’t be able to find your site. Christina, can you give us a few
suggestions on how you can enhance your website
using SEO? Sure, Misty. The first thing you can do is
have good internal links. So making sure that you have
several links from your home page, such as a careers page or
an about me page, will help a search engine recognize that
your site is easy to use. The second thing you can do is
gain lots of external links by having a business partner link
to your site or by generating some online press coverage
or blog coverage. If another blog or a newspaper
links to your site, that will also help your ranking. The last thing you can do is
constantly update your news updates and press room
with current and up-to-date press releases. By using good content that is
filled with your keywords, that can also help your SEO. Let’s take a look at
thunder::tech’s website. As you can see, when you click
on our home page our content includes teasers that lead
to our news page. These one-sentence phrases act
as a preview, and provide additional keywords, such as
public relations and web developer, that all improve
our search ranking. These terms are relevant words
a user might try when searching for a marketing
agency. So, Andy, do you have any
closing suggestions? It’s important to keep your
content relevant and not to use too many of the keywords
so that the content looks unnatural. You want to make sure your
website stays authentic and actually provides content that’s
relevant to the people who are going to be
using the site. Thank you for joining us
for this segment of Good Morning Marketers. Look for us next month
as we further explore hot marketing topics. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] So thanks for coming
today, guys. Thanks for having us. OK, try that again. Is this everybody? Good morning. Thanks for coming, guys. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Thanks for having us. [LAUGHTER] OK, you cannot keep laughing. So– Could you not make faces
at me this time? I’ll try not to. Did I, really? Oh, define SEO please. Start with search engine
optimization. Yeah, that’s what I just– So, Andy– You did that to me. That’s not even right. What? That is all– Yes. –you have to do. That was it.

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