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100 Replies to “Should celebrities who promoted Fyre Festival be held responsible?”

  1. Wrong unless the models knew it was a setup, it's not ther fault. That would be like anyone of us doing a job for somebody and they get busted and going to jail for something they did. Or you too judge Laura Ingram that would be like you getting a job for Fox and only to find out they're getting busted for something and you go to jail or get a fine.

  2. No they should not be held responsible. They were used for their celebrity status. They were not part of the scheme. BUT ignorance is not an excuse right? I mean we get fined $500 for 1st offense for having a plastic straw at the beach no signs warnings or notifications just some slick local politician passing BS under the radar so … but what a slippery slope of tick tack.

  3. the models are are the lure, the bait…for the switch… how many lured and baited were drugged and assaulted, photographed and blackmailed ….maybe that call needs to go out

  4. Bunny slope can't get enough speed??? Are you high? Age 10 i was slammed from behind causing nerve damage in my back that still ti this day, 30 years later i suffer from!! The grown man jumped up and left, no clue who he was. Just left me! When dealing with possible concussion, brain injury, that lasts a lifetime, unclear exactly how badly one is affected because everyone is different. Love you Laura, but the acting lessons comment was really rude especially when the man is saying he's had a concussion!! Exactly the point, often people don't talk right, incapable of making complete sense, seem unemotional, overly emotional- considering how little we know about the human brain- he could be dealing with any number of issues that could affect him and his ability to provide for himself and his family for the rest of his life! Also the fact she just left him and didn't even see if he was ok…. sounds too be like she was in the wrong and bolted!! If he has neurologists backing this claim, doesn't matter what our opinions are. As for financial amount, if he's affected for life involving his brain- honestly how much would that be worth to you if it happened to you or someone you loved? I hate taking legal actions- americans are way too sure happy. But if someone is at fault resulting in a life altering injury- do they not deserve justice?

  5. Young women who truthfully exploit them selves,,,,
    Takes no talent to look like a whore pretty whore or not still look like whores,,,,

  6. If u sell fake weed u still get arrested for selling weed. So I say yep why is anyone above the law they should have researched before promoting. False advertisement

  7. Laura, This was a dumb segment wherein you shamelessly appear to be trying to elevate yourself. I’ll take Raymond Arroyo and you over this Judge Laura any and every evening; he’s witty and you two have a fun time.

  8. Sorry but I can't take them seriously in a checkered suit that Don Cherry might covet and that pilgrim outfit talking about fashion.

  9. WHOOOO Wait a minute the models have agencies , who act on their behalf surely they were booked through their agency, anyone with half a brain would have smelt a rat with this whole deal right from the start and advised them of such, and the agencies would have taken their cut as well , that is if anyone got paid on this whole ridiculous venture.

  10. I'm guessing this was for fun but it sounded like the attorneys were assuming quite a bit I almost thought I was listening to CNN

  11. Is this interviewer lady drunk. His getting 6 years not 5…and it's FYRE Festival 😂😔. Also its mad she only mentioned kendall and not Hayley or Bella when kendall wasn't even in the commercial.

  12. Bunch of LGBTQ promoting degenerates the lot of them. They represent everything wrong with today's society. Lock them up and throw away the key.

  13. No, they were approached to do an ad and they did and were paid. They had no idea what was going on or that it was a sham. They did their job and that is it. If I was hired to make a video of a new detergent that my agent set up and then I was paid, but later the detergent never happened and was a fraud…how is that my fault?????

  14. I’m glad I don’t have to rule on these celeb cases. You know the court is packed with ambulance chasers, slip and fall perpetual victims, then add in an ignorant narcissistic celeb that would have done the same thing driving as she did skiing..

  15. If anyone who coordinated the event and had been involved in a previously fraudulent business prior to fyre fest, I would say yes they should be included in the punishment considering they had something to gauge whether it was a risk or not promoting the festival. Also, if they promoted the event during the middle or the end just prior to the event's opening, knowing full well what was going on, then yes they should be punished. Neither of those things happened. They had no reason to doubt that the festival was real, so in this case, I don't think they could be held responsible for misleading people. They were just as mislead as the others involved.

  16. They each acted to represent the event. They should at least have to give monies paid to the Bahamian people that did the work for no pay.

  17. Of course not….thats like saying if a model does a commercial for Pepsi and drinking pepsi makes someone sick is the model to blame….no.

  18. Yes, they should be prosecuted and impressoned for false advertisments. Celebrities should be treated as regular people no matter where they are, EVEN when being taking in for prosecution. They are litterally paid to Lie to people.

  19. Yes…its time they are held responsible for what they promote..thats what happens when they put profits in front of truth…its about time ..celebs can suck on

  20. There are some real ding bats in this world. If you don't know what you are promoting one should get eggs in thier face!

  21. I think anyone who simply MENTIONED Fyre Festival should have to apologize. It is painfully obvious that nobody involved bothered to research the Company they chose to endorse, and I think we should be able to expect some level of accountability from public figures and celebrities. If you accepted money to promote the brand, then you're just about as bad as the brand itself for being part of such a disrespectful waste of time and energy.

  22. No. They were made the same promises and worked under the same presumption as the attendees. They were hired to do a job, they did the job. They were lied to just as much as everyone else.

  23. Well, i think those gullible dumbasses who fell for this fraudulent event are at fault, but models who promoted the event with compensation are also guilty

  24. They should be held accountable for participating in this huge scam. If you're going to dance to the music, you're going to have to pay the piper. Pay up!!!

  25. SUPER MODELS…so glad I am impervious to their wanton behaviors. They are shallow and without substance. Pretty and vain….and hell bound.

  26. Wait, skiing? Two people have an accident skiing and now you can be sued for this? Holy Hell people! It's a "enter at your own risk" dangerous entertainment. This is BS, grown adults ruining the rated "E" fun things in life. Grow up adults. If you're too old to be in a contact event then why did you go?

  27. Should celebrities who don't pay their bills, declare bankruptcy stiffing everyone, cheat on their taxes and
    sexually assault women be held responsible ?

  28. Who the biggest fool ,who ever thought it would be a good idea to dress Laura as a judge ,or Laura for going along with it ?

  29. Seriously has anyone ever actually heard a model speak? lol. The idea they had any clue what was going on is more ludicrous than trying to sue them over it.

    With that being said if you have any proof they were complicit or at least became aware at some point it may be a fraud than yes sue them.

  30. She left the scene of a accident she caused if she did that in a car she might even be sent to jail,as for injuries that seemed to draw a smile from these three.A woman in England was run into by a child cyclist and killed in a park, you should have heard the law courts trying to sort that mess out

  31. what's with that timer not being reset when the one guy was done speaking and the other guy starting? lol.
    And the guy who sued Gweneth Paltrow is a fraud. He wants the money. He should be in jail. I'd put him in jail for wasting people's time

  32. on the surface it sounds kind of crazy that models would be held responsible, but the only relevant factor is that the models did their own advertising on social media so in that way they are not really being held responsible for their work as a "model" but as an "advertiser"

  33. Why those promoters (models) who received any kind of money 💰 give it back to the ALL EMPLOYEES especially who did the labor it’s not like they needed made they all waste it all in their clothing, cars, make a new face and buying plastic to put inside their bodies.

  34. If they don’t give ALL of the money back for literally posting a picture, yes they def should. They’re just as responsible as everyone included.

  35. That one attorney made it seem like they were stupid. Meanwhile they make more money with one gig than him with 40 cases. That’s why he lost the case

  36. Honesty they had no idea what was going on they just seen these awesome adds and if u watched the Netflix doc like they where being yeled at to do such as jump in the water

  37. I tend to believe Paltrow's story, because the guy acts like he hit a million ✊😆💰 jackpot. People blinded by greed can be dangerous.

  38. Every one that wasn't a celebrity got hoodwinked financially by this motherfucker. They should at least give the money back and to the people who got ripped off like the customers and the employees.

  39. hard to say. if they knew it wasn't what they were promoting, yes. otherwise, probably not. though measures should be taken to make them legally accountable in the future for such promotions

  40. The models got paid for advertising an event, they didn't know it was a scam. I do think that it's in the public interest that people mention in tweets/posts when they're being paid to mention/show the product/service they're talking about. Because when you see advertising on TV, you know the models got paid to show off these clothes. It would be nice to know if a model got paid for wearing those clothes or attending a certain event.

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