Should You Follow Marketing Trends?

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for watching another fascinating episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks I’m
Mike Keiser along with famous human cannonball Maria Keiser how are you
Harriette Bruce and Bruce your hair looks amazing and we’ll post video of
this one day but for now you’ll have to take my word years ago we had a video
about speaking with integrity and that last comment was totally lacked any form
of integrity we want to keep them wanting more that’s the idea right hey
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actually really makes me happy when I hear people say hey I loved your video
last week or that was a really good subject or even when they say I hear you
but I disagreed with what you said so that’s perfectly fine too but I really
want to get to it because I am just looking i I study things I read up on
things I try to keep current and I just felt like in the last couple days I was
seeing a million articles like what would it be like forty one marketing
trends you can’t ignore in 2020 or 2024 2020 in marketing or and I started and
some of them would talk about things like artificial intelligence and what
chatbots and influence or marketing saw something called geofencing I don’t
honestly know what that means what was in micro-moments if anybody knows what
I’m like Roman is please feel free to let me know
and yes I’m being silly those things you do Wow Wow I’m just the pretty face in
the company uh-huh and yes there are certainly things we want you to do to be
current video social media search engine optimization and up-to-date website
those feel obvious but they’re obvious to us but most of our clients as you
know I don’t have to tell you you work with our clients for you guys most of
our clients are small ish privately held businesses and if you are one of those
Maria do they need chat BOTS and geofencing well I mean I’m gonna be
cagey right now may be I mean it’s very possible but a lot of times these all
these marketing things that you think you need to do is just a way to avoid
selling so we need to hammer down that you need to have a sales plan you need
to have a sales process the rest of it the marketing side of it will help you
leverage your sales plan it will bring those bears out of the woods and so if
geofencing is going to truly help you bring bears out of the woods so you can
close a deal yes use that but but marketing doesn’t have to be that
complicated it just has to be chocolate and peanut butter come together and it’s
it’s about creating a plan understanding your audience focusing on your message
getting that message out that resonates with your end user right and you’re
right a lot of that would maybe depend on the kind of business a lot of let’s
say a lot of the industrial type of businesses we work with the owners of
those companies couldn’t give a rat’s butt about whatever micro-moments
mean but what they do want to know is I need to communicate with my target
audience and I think that’s probably the bottom line first and foremost you’re
right understand the sales process but in conjunction understand the audience
understand the message understand how they need to
be communicated with and I guess my point is don’t necessarily worry about
those 41 marketing trends that you can sometimes you can make your head explode
you know I could do this and I could do this yeah you can do a lot of things and
you can spend a lot of money and you can spend a lot of time but if
you have a solid sales plan and you understand the habits of your customer
then take that and then put that into your marketing and just talk to your end
user through your marketing there you go very well said so point being don’t over
complicate right there you go all right that was great anything else you want to
have okay all right hey everybody thanks a million hope you got a one or two
things that resonate with you out of this we love having you along you’ve
been watching duct tape and popsicle sticks where we make your business
better just a few minutes at a time ciao for now hey you want to tell me about
this geofencing thing know you’re watching duct tape and popsicle sticks
with Mike and Maria Keiser

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