skincare hacks for winter

hi guys welcome back today I’m going to
talk you through some of my winter beauty essentials these are the things
that I absolutely cannot live without so I actually can’t stand winter I hate
being cold and so does my skin it gets so dry and disgusting so first up I’ve got
the Farsali volcanic elixir this stuff is honestly a lifesaver so it’s
made with a hundred percent tamanu oil which is supposed to be good for acne
prone skin my skin is kind of dry oily combination and so obviously when the
dry mixes with the oil it starts blocking your pores and causing absolute
mayhem so this is perfect because it prevents the dry skin and it’s also
really good for spots it does have a bit of a strange smell so be aware of that
if you can’t handle smells you won’t like this it’s got a kind of earthy cumin
sort of smell but I don’t mind it and I find it really great on my skin so it’s
definitely an essential I apply this at night so I let it sink in all night or you can
also drop it into foundation mix it on the back your hand and then apply it it
makes a matte foundation a little bit more dewy and I just love it so this
costs fifty pound which seems super expensive but it’s lasted me about a
whole year now so I’m nowhere near the end next up we have the Redken anti
snap leave-in treatment this is amazing if you’re lazy with hair like me I am so
not good at hair like this is the only hairstyle but I’m actually capable of I
don’t know why I’m just really bad at it like I think I find makeup so much
easier and hair I struggle with this means I don’t have to like make much
effort to do conditioner look after my hair that much I basically put it in
towel dried hair and then blow-dry it and it comes out really nice and smooth
it keeps it healthy and it prevents split ends so this is amazing
next I’ve got the REN keep young and beautiful instant firming beauty shot I
obviously don’t need to keep young because everybody already thinks I’m
like 12 it’s extremely frustrating but this stuff is great for dry skin so I
usually have a patch on my forehead that gets really dry and crusty
and when you put foundation on it, it looks like 7,000 times worse but when I
put this on it is smoothed plumped and hydrated it is amazing the only thing I
would say is definitely don’t apply this under foundation it’s kind of a
tightening sort of feel so when you put foundation on top
it just looks dry and nasty and it doesn’t blend trust me I did it once and
then it took me forever to get ready because I had to take it all off and redo
my whole face and then my skin was like bright red trust me don’t this cost 42
pounds you get 30 milliliters it’s lasted quite a while but this is
definitely an essential for a quick fix for dry skin up next I have the Holika
Holika good cera lip balm this stuff is amazing for dry lips honestly it’s fixed my
lips in like days this is packed with ceramides and oils to really like
re-plump rehydrate and smooth out the skin on your lips it’s petroleum free if
you’re one of those people that lives by Vaseline that’s fine but if you’re
finding that your lips are forever dry it’s because it’s creating a barrier but
not moisturizing whereas this does both this is 7 pounds and it’s such a bargain
but I do feel like I’m getting through it really fast however I think it’s
worth it because it’s just making my lips so smooth then another lip product
I have the jeffree star cosmetics velour lip scrub in root beer this stuff oh my god
so it smells amazing just to start oh my god
it smells exactly like root beer now root beer is my favorite drink which is
obviously why I’ve got this flavour so this is perfect
so say before you’ve done your makeup you give your lips a quick scrub it gets
rid of all the dead skin it hydrates them a little bit and makes them really
smooth and soft put some lip balm on and then get on with your makeup matte
liquid lipsticks will apply like a dream this stuff is ten out of ten so this costs 12-pound it’s lasting me forever a little bit goes a long way and
yeah I’m in love with it it also tastes really good so it’s a little bit
sweet and obviously root beer flavor but I don’t think you’re supposed to be eating it so like you know be careful but yeah I always end up eating a lot of it then
last but not least this is my favorite product of the bunch I am in love with
this stuff so this is the Neutrogena hydra boost Body Gel cream if your skin
like your body skin is dry AF this is amazing like I am obsessed with how good this is so basically when you get out the shower apply this like all over
your legs arms wherever you want and you will feel so smooth it’s amazing after
shaving your legs it’s so quick to apply because it’s got pump and it’s sinks in really quick it’s got kind of a sea sort of smell to it but you know when you get a shower
gel and it’s like sea mineral flavour it smells like that it’s packed with
hyaluronic acid it is honestly just amazing it costs five pound for 250
milliliters or you can get a bigger one it’s 400 milliliters I’m not sure how
much it costs but it will work out cheaper and yeah this is a lifesaver so
if I recommend anything out of all of these six products is definitely this
great value for money it really does what it says on the tin if you liked this
video please give me a thumbs up down below subscribe for new videos they come out every Thursday and hope see you next week

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