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Thầy Park Hang Seo giận “tím người” trọng tài OMAN  khiến Việt Nam bị cầm hòa

Thầy Park Hang Seo giận “tím người” trọng tài OMAN khiến Việt Nam bị cầm hòa

The clip is for entertainment purposes only, mentioning funny moments on the pitch. It’s not our intent to offend any
HARAJUKUN OSTOKSET | 6% DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, Listen Flavor…

62 Replies to “Social Media for Photographers Part 2 – How to Market your Photography Business”

  1. so glad I discovered and subscribed to you. . your like a cartoon character filled with awesome advice and skills.. fab video edit style too. I'd love to send you some image for you to critique if you had time.?

  2. But what about export settings for lightroom you mentioned?
    Great job as usual, you are my favorite content provider and I follow many chanells.You could get your tv station easilly 😉

  3. I've watched several of your videos over the last week and love you outlook and advice on all things photography related, you sir have earned a new subscriber 👍

  4. Lots of good information and a lot of content. Jam packed, fast pace. These easily could be expanded into additional videos. Good going!

  5. Thanks Joe, very informative. I cannot find the blog about the LR settings you suggested Could you please put a link. I would like to compare what I'm using. Thank you very much.

  6. Another great video! Either I am overlooking something or I misunderstood but I don't see a link for the LR export settings, I have a pretty good idea based on the PS settings you talked about but I wanted to see what you had to say. Thanks!!

  7. Priceless information. Thanks for breaking it down Joe! I'm not sure if you've already addressed pricing for clients, but as someone who is just breaking into the world of photo business, I would really appreciate you breaking down different scenarios for pricing; perhaps several scenarios that include print and non-print work. Cheers!

  8. Thanks Joe. Do you have any suggestions for Fine Art America to get more visibility there? I feel like a needle in a haystack! Oh, and FWIW the 72ppi setting in image size is irrelevant for device viewing. You could literally make it 1 or 1000 and it would all look the same online. The only discerning criteria is the pixel dimensions. That's only applicable for printing. Thanks again for the informative video!

  9. A MUST WATCH TUTORIAL-this title is misleading though it encompasses more than just marketing tips- i'm an amateur who don't care about marketing but i watched it anyways cause i like your tutorials….i'm glad i did, this tutorial is packed with valuable info and shared experiences i had to pause it and take notes! no one summed up social media half as good and the part about saving images and adding sharpening tip…priceless!! thank you Joe you are very generous 😊

  10. A lot of great info as usual Joe. Thank you. I had tried HootSuite once before but found it too confusing to use. Guess I'll try it again.

  11. Arrrgh! Your hand are confusing the autofocus… it's annoying. :-/
    I like your vids! Subscribed. 🙂
    Greetings from the Czech Republic 🙂

  12. Question….I am a "street photographer" (my passion) along with nature. Which platform would you recommend..? Thanks for you vids!

  13. Hi Joe, i love your videos, very helpful and inspirational. I would like to ask for your opinion about Nikon D5300 as camera for beginning in professional photography. I am also considering D7100 but it cost almost twice much money in my country, which i could use in other gear like better lenses, lighting etc. what i have read about both cameras they have similar image quality so difference is mostly in ergonomics. do you think d5300 is in clients eyes acceptable or should i get d7100?

  14. Hey Joe, do you use a teleprompter? I wonder how you remember this much information.. You are extremely good with your dialogue.. I want to begin a channel but I have to be honest, I am a little nervous..

  15. Hey Joe! Thank you for the excellent and comprehensive information in this video. I really appreciate the effort you put into it and all of your videos. I do have one thing that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to Tumblr.

    Many of the people on it are young and tend to fall in one or more (usually more) "fandoms" – they are huge fans of something, whether it be a TV show, book series, band or musician, actor, author, movie, or even company (Disney, Studio Ghibli, and Pixar come to mind). This can make Tumblr an incredible place for your work to get noticed by people and spread around like wildfire among fans of whatever you shoot, as long as what or who you shoot falls in one of those fandoms.

    This can be wonderful if you regularly photograph cosplay or celebrities, or are involved with the creation of or doing behind the scenes work for some of these properties, people, and companies. Or, like in my case, if you regularly shoot bands and musicians. I can't tell you the number of views I've garnered on my Flickr page from fans of a band constantly hounding the net for photos of them and sharing my images on their Tumblr pages, sometimes as soon as they're up on Flickr and before I've even put them on Tumblr myself!

    When I was just starting out in music photography, I went and photographed a popular festival by sneaking my camera in, getting as close as I could to the front, and shooting from the crowd. When I got my images online, fans of the bands I'd shot shared them on Tumblr and the photos received thousands of views very quickly. This led to several publications finding me, and is the reason I was able to get on their staff and have now been shooting shows for several years. I've heard similar stories (though not involving publications) from people who photograph cosplay. Sometimes you just shoot a popular cosplayer or a character from a popular fandom and that's all you need to get people talking.

    Just wanted to share that with you so that it may help you put Tumblr in better context. It can be extremely useful and even career changing if you're shooting the right thing and get it in front of the people who are most obsessed with it.

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work! Here's to a great 2017.

  16. Joe – I watched this at your suggestion last week and I again I owe you big-time for your effort – particularly for explaining social media automation. I got a Hootsuite account and boy was that the itch that I needed scratched! I was reluctant to jump into the whole social-media-for-business thing because I didn't want the chore of having to not only post stuff but keep the posts synchronized – and Hootsuite totally nails that down. Also didn't realize how much searching of these sites I could do from Hootsuite's dashboard without needing to directly log into each one. …thanks for all you do – you've been a real help.

  17. Thank you Joe, New subscriber here. This is so far the best tutorial series I have found on YouTube in my quest for tips to escalate my new photography business

  18. Hey Joe, your links are for some reason blocked by my schools network and it makes it hard to find a lot of your stuff(like the lightroom article you mentioned in the video).

  19. Thank you, Joe! I think I will never catch up with all of your videos! Your down-to-earth presentation and decades of experience are extremely valuable. I appreciate your dedication to the craft.

  20. Thanks for this series Joe, only subscribed a month or so ago but am learning loads, your presentation is clear, simple and to the point. Thanks.

  21. WOW thank you. Great info I am learning so much and have been a professional photographer for years. Appreciate your info.

  22. Hey Joe! I just recently discovered your channel and I must say, wow! So much valuable info. You cover so many aspects to the game. I had to subscribe.
    So I really don’t know where I fit in with all the different genres of photographers. I am more on the darker, theatrical, artistic side. My target audience are other creatives such as fashion designers and musicians. Which platform do you think would be best for me?

  23. Thanks very much for this video, Joe. It was ideal for a social media beginner like me. Looking forward to watching more videos from you.

  24. hi Joe you convinced me to open a instagram account. the application wants me to choose a user name should it be my real name or company name or something else thank you i have been watch u for a while now

  25. Hello Joe. Thank you for your vidio. I am beginner in photographer business. I share my video in facebook but I only get thumb. Or the last conversation "I let you know if I need you" and that's it. My question is how to get costumer in single conversation?

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