Soompi Awards 2015 Drama Winners: Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, Ji Soo, Lee Won Geun, Eunji & More

Soompi Awards 2015 Drama Winners: Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, Ji Soo, Lee Won Geun, Eunji & More

We’re your special MCs for Soompi Awards 2015! Thanks to all of your support, Soompi Awards has come to an amazing end. This year Soompi received over 40 million votes! Most amazingly, #SoompiAwards2015 trended in more than 16 countries and worldwide on Twitter! Are you ready to see the winners? Let’s see them! Hello, I’m Park Seo Joon. I want to thank all of you Soompiers for giving me the Soompi Awards 2015 Best Bromance Award! Thanks to meeting you through great shows like “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She Was Pretty,” I received a lot of love last year. I’ll work hard to show you an even better side of me. And please anticipate my upcoming summer drama “Hwarang: The Beginning” as well! Thank you! Hello, I’m Ji Soo! I won the Second Lead Syndrome Award in the Soompi Awards 2015! This is actually the first award I’ve received since debut. I heard that this award was voted on by Hallyu fans located around the world! This is especially meaningful because I was chosen by fans! In 2015, I was able to meet you all through “Angry Mom” and “Sassy Go Go.” I’m really thankful for all of the love you all gave those dramas. Go Bok Dong, Seo Ha Joon, I really won’t forget these two characters that were like my other selves. In 2016, through the movie “One Way Trip,” dramas “Page Turner” and “Scarlet Heart,” I’ll be meeting you all again. In return for the award you all gave me in 2015, I’ll continue to show you great acting in 2016. Soompiers, please continue loving Korean movies, Korean dramas, and K-pop. Please continue supporting me, Ji Soo, as well. I wish you only good things and happiness in 2016! Soompi Chaego! Hello, I’m Lee Won Geun! From the Soompi Awards 2015, this is my first award in my life, I won the Best Couple award with Jung Eunji! Thank you so much! I really treasure this award and I hope that all of you who voted in the Soompi Awards 2015 have even more happiness in 2016. Thank you so much Soompi Awards. I hope that that 2016 is a very happy year for you! I love you! Hi Soompiers, this is A Pink’s Eunji! I’ve received the Best Couple award in Soompi Awards 2015!! Thank you so much! To all of the fans who love “Sassy Go Go,” and to all the fans who voted for me, I sincerely thank you! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve heard the name “Sassy Go Go,” I’m really happy to hear it and thankful to receive an award for it! I’ll work hard to become a better Eunji! And I also want to extend this honor to Won Geun-oppa who won this award with me! Thank you! I’ll continue working hard! Soompi Chaego~ Soompi Awards 2015 Best Drama OST Award goes to… Tiger JK Featuring Jinshil – “Reset” Thank you! What’s up Soompi! Tiger JK in your area~ This is Tiger JK, Bizzy B and MFBTY is in the hizz-ouse! Thank you for the Best Drama OST, “Reset.” Good to know that, you know, our music is connecting with some people and reaching out, Whoever you are, wherever you are. You know, it’s the first award and probably the last one. I love it! Thank you Soompi for this great gift. Awesome! One love! Soompi! S-double-O-M-P-I! – Happy New Year!
– Reset! Hi, this is Lee Min Ho, the actor who played Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Nice to meet you. I am sending this congratulatory message because I heard that Boys Over Flowers has received “Hallyu Special Award” in Soompi Awards 2015. Boys Over Flowers was a very special piece that has received a lot of love and allowed me to be where I am today. Although a lot of time has passed, even to this day, there are still a lot of people who watch and show love for the drama. I want to sincerely say thank you to all of those people. I feel really happy about it. Again, thank you for selecting Boys Over Flowers for this special award. Also, I want to sincerely say congratulations to Group 8, who made this great project Please continue to show love and support to new Korean dramas and content. I, Lee Min Ho, look forward to meeting you all in more great projects in the future. Please stay happy and healthy. Thank you!

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100 Replies to “Soompi Awards 2015 Drama Winners: Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, Ji Soo, Lee Won Geun, Eunji & More”

  1. Jisooo 😍😍 he deserve the award and I know he'll receive more awards in the future not only here on Soompi. such a great and promising actor. 😊👍

  2. Thanks to all!!! I love everyone!!! Unfortunately, the winner can be only one, although many of the nominees deserve awards no less !!!

  3. Top comments = Sassy Go Go team <33 I hope they have another drama but this time Jisoo is the lead with Eunji <3 like how Seojoon went from second lead in KMHM to lead in She Was Pretty and how is School 2015 a supernatural drama?? LOL I really hoped that Oh My Ghostess got that award (can't deny that Seulgi & Boyoung had the the cutest friendship and the plot was amazing till the end) and why no webdrama awards?? If there was, I think Splash Splash Love would've totally got it <3 damn Seulgi is on a roll, anyway congrats to the winners ^^ #PinkPanda #Jisoofan #SGG #OMG #SSL

  4. Si won got two would be nice if he can give speech too..but it's okay..ELF will wait for you..Si Won Fighting!!!..

  5. Props to all the people that gave speech clips to Soompi. Lots of winners are busy and there's nothing wrong with that but the people who sent in videos while being pretty busy are great. Special shout out to the Sassy Go Go cast, they all looked extremely happy and they all sent in a video. Some of them winning their first awards from here was awesome. I'm so glad they won! Go Apink & Eunji <3

  6. Congratulations, Lee Minho & Boys Over Flowers, well deserved, its been 7 years & it still got the special award <3 <3 Lee Minho looking hot in red <3 _ <3

  7. WHOOOO SHE WAS PRETTY!!! And Im so happy Ji Sung won best transformation. Yo na and Shin Se Gi and Perry Park gives me life!!!!!!!

  8. ALSO The drama that spread Hallyu across the world was Full House. And before that, Winter Sonata. Not that crap Boys Over Flowers, the worst drama ever.

  9. Omg I really wasn't expecting Ji Soo to give an acceptance speech. When I saw the nominees I was like "okay Ji Soo ha to win" then he won and I was like "OMG yes yes yes" and then I saw him saying hi and I just went nuts
    I will continue supporting and loving you Ji Soo ♥

  10. Siwon FTW!!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 He sure deserved it well 😄😄👏 but I have to say, a little bit disappointed of Healer not having even a single award. I guess the comments were true that it seems like the dramas who won were the later ones. Healer def deserved the Drama Award. 😊😊😊😊

  11. Kill Me Heal Me should have won more than just best transformation. that drama had some of the best acting of the year. however, I'm not too upset that She Was Pretty won best drama because the two dramas and 2/3 of the same leads…

  12. I love School 2015 but how is it a Supernatural drama? x3 And omg Ji Soo looks so genuinely happy I'm so happy for him! 💕 There's so many really good dramas in 2015~~

  13. i love orange marmalde , who are you school 2015 ,sassy go go , healer , kill me hill me ,blood. So i can't vote becouse i realy love that drama.I realy sorry if in that drama not win becouse me not vote

  14. when i see sassy go go's character won an award i screamed i miss them so much ;_; it's unfair that the drama only have 12 episodes…
    jisoo is so cute hehehe

  15. Ok I'm confused … I still haven't seen 'Who are you school 2015'(So please avoid giving spoilers) , it's on my 'to watch soon' list.

    The info I've read about it mentions nothing supernatural at all !~

  16. i'm only with two category best transformation and best kiss
    Kill me Heal me the best of 2015
    best drama
    best actor ( Ji Sung)
    best OST
    Park Yoochun best acting idol infact you can't put him at this category anymore he is now professional actor and the main lead for many dramas and movies

  17. I was so nicely and peacefully watching it but then I lost it when suddenly BOF ost and snippets came on LIKE OMF SO MUCH FEELS CAUSE IT WAS MY FIRST KDRAMA AND HELL YEAH IT DESERVES THAT AWARD SO MUCH AND I AM SO GONNA START IT AGAIN TOMORROW LIKR WHAT IS LIFE? 😭😭😭💖💖💖😂

  18. i love jisoo to death but sungjaae shouldve been nominated and won SLS haha, cuz majority ships the lead girl with him in school 2015 even knetz

  19. This year was so hard to vote because honestly, all these dramas were so good and the actors were even more amazing. but for me Kill Me, Heal Me probably had the most impact on me. like Ji Sung should've won best actor in my opinion because to be able to bring to light all those different personalities and nail each one of them is a feat that most actors can't accomplish. Healer, Oh My Ghostess, oh my venus, sassy go go, kill me heal me, she was pretty…. the list is endless.

  20. T.T para mi el mejor actor fue Seo In Guk <3 ABSOLUTAMENTE DE ACUERDO D.O. FUE EL MEJOR :3 mi psico favorito…BOF sin Jihoo no es BOF :v

  21. AWWWWW JISUNG WON BEST TRANSFORMATION! but seriously "Kill Me Heal Me" is like one of the best drama in 2015, he deserve it!! CONGRATSS ^^

  22. me dió pena cuando Jisoo y Lee Won Geum dijeron que era la primera vez que ganaban un premio desde su debut n.n poco irán teniendo mas reconocimiento y feliz por Eunji ya quisiera verla nuevamente en un drama <3

  23. Congrats oppa Siwon.,your always the best.,,you will recieve more awards.,,,God bless you more…success..

  24. Only one award for kill me heal me!!!!!😢😢😢
    BTW quite happy for bof all the characters were awesome

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