Speakers Bureau Promotional Video

Speakers Bureau Promotional Video

Hello, my name is Anthony Jones I am the American Center director here in Prague and I would like to talk to you today about our Speakers Bureau program Our Speakers Bureau program connects
American diplomats to check schools where they talk about a range of topics
from American foreign policy to American culture. My name is Alena I’ve been working here
for a little bit over half a year and I think speakers bureau is a very interesting thing for teachers to
incorporate in their programs students can practice their English language listening and speaking skills they learn new things about the American culture and get a broader perspective of it and some of them even practice their presentation skills because they prepare presentations for the diplomats. Students often ask very personal things because they are very curious most of the time they want to know about what the diplomat likes about the Czech Republic. why is he or she here, and all kinds of things. We can absolutely visit the schools that cannot come to the American Center. It might take a little bit more planning when the school is far away but it can definitely be arranged. [Czech Song] I think schools should try and participate in the program because it is fun. It is something different than just regular teaching. Students learn a lot of new things, they meet new people they get a broader perspective of
American culture. I hope if you are interested you will invite an American speaker to your school today. Make sure to contact us and join us for the Speakers Bureau program.

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