Suwon never had a good memory when promoting as Sechskies [Happy Together/2020.02.13]

We’ve been talking to the four members of SECHSKIES. Suwon said this. They don’t have any memorable, – touching, or grateful moments. / – Really? They only got attached – because they got criticized together. / – Criticized. Why aren’t there any touching moments? – Why aren’t there? / – There are no beautiful stories. We are not that attached to each other. – We talk to each other / – It’s very strange. – through the messaging app. / – We are not like that. We only talk when we work on a new album and we start a new group chat. That’s where we talk about personal things as well. – So… / – We haven’t done that in a while. That’s why you became lonely and went to Tony. – The three of us meet often. / – No. We have never been to each other’s house. – Really? / – Yes. – That’s not true. / – This is an exposure. – I have. / – I’ve never been to Jaejin’s. I’ve been to Jaejin’s. I’ve been to yours too. – Not to Jaejin’s. / – Why would you come to mine? See? What do you mean by that? By the way, this is what I think. – We shouldn’t judge them for it. / – Of course not. It depends on people’s preferences. Some like visiting people’s homes to build a stronger bond. – Some don’t like it. / – They don’t like showing – their private space. / – They only meet for work. I understand that. But they’ve been working together for so long. It’s shocking that they never visited each other’s houses. – We mean we haven’t recently. / – Recently. Suwon didn’t come to mine, but I visited Suwon’s. I live in Yeouido. But he does everything in Gangnam. You wouldn’t drink in Gangnam and come all the way to Yeouido to sleep. I’ve stayed over at Suwon’s. I heard Jiwon sends a lot of messages to Jaeduck. – To Jaeduck. / – Yes. Jiwon expresses his love a lot. (Jiwon expresses his love a lot.) – How does he do that? / – He sends me a lot of hearts. (He sends me a lot of hearts.) But they are mostly game requests. He’s like an elementary school kid. That’s the worst. It surely is. I usually block people who send me game requests. I think you send game requests to only true friends. You don’t send it to just anyone. – They won’t get mad at you. / – I can’t. – Some people do that. / – They get upset. You send it to Jaeduck because he doesn’t get upset. There are people who I consider my true friends. Your true friends. I can only send those invites to my true friends. Right. Let’s start talking in earnest. According to Suwon, the members have had disagreements very often. – Will you ever say anything good? / – Until when do we have to fight? – I warned you. / – It’s going to be like this. This is why I warned you ahead of time. All of the questions are like this. – The questions are… / – They are all bad questions. Suwon, – it’s true, isn’t it? / – Actually, we never had major disagreements. – Small ones then? / – Yes. Small disagreements. – Jiwon and Jaejin often argue. / – Really? Jaeduck nags at Jiwon, so they often argue about that. I don’t consider it nagging. Isn’t this another disagreement? I consider it as giving advice. But Suwon thinks I’m nagging. I heard Jiwon always insists. Insisting is what Jiwon always does. You must’ve seen him on variety shows. – It’s natural to him. / – Right. We went to a salon to get our hair done. – We went there on time. / – And? Jiwon came late and said this. I came late to give you time to get ready. “Why are you still not done?” (I gave you a lot of time.) What? What does that mean? – He’s so shameless. / – Aren’t I right? What did you do wrong? – Aren’t I right? / – How are you right? You came late to give them more time? – You came late for them. / – Right. I wanted them to relax and get ready first. I was going to get my hair done when they were done. But when I go, they are not done. So I am always the last one, and I have to hurry. So I end up finishing last. – They make you late. / – What is he saying? Right. What if you arrive fast and get ready with them? That’s not possible. Are you regretting not going there even later? – Right. / – You would’ve if you knew. I would’ve arrived later if I had to wait. We would arrive on time and start our dance practice. Jiwon would come a little later and say this. “Why would you come so early and practice?” That’s the dignity of the leader. That’s what he would say. When the manager goes to pick you up, Jiwon’s the one who always comes out the latest. That’s from 20 years ago when we used to get picked up with one car. Whenever the manager went to pick Jaejin up, he was already outside. So he got in the car right away. I usually waited outside too. Whether it was a manager or another member, I didn’t want them to wait, so I tried to get ready fast and go outside. Jaeduck was a little slow, but he still came out pretty fast. After picking all of us up, the car went to Yeouido to pick Jiwon up. When we called him, he was still in bed. He said he would come down. He got up and started washing. In that situation, most people – You would hurry. / – would wash quickly. He took his time. As he’s ready to leave, his mother would tell him to eat breakfast. He could tell her that he’s late – and that he has to go. / – Right. But feeling sorry for her, he ate some and then came out. When we asked him why he was so late, he’d say, “How can you say no to the food your mom cooks?” He’s right. (He’s the man with the miraculous logic.) – That’s… / – My mom cooked with love. – How could I… / – We can’t say anything to that. My goodness. We just said, “Well done.” I remember this. I got in the car first. Then I went straight to sleep. I could sleep for about two hours. Because of Jiwon, I could sleep more. We didn’t live together. So the manager had to pick all of us up to go to work. That took three hours. All the TV stations were in Yeouido back then. Jiwon was the last one to get picked up. In the past, they dropped Jiwon off, went around the houses, and picked him up again. So he only got to sleep – for two hours. / – I feel bad for him. To the manager who came to wake him up, he yelled, “Would you wake up if you were me?” He did that. – It’s a famous story. / – He nagged. “Would you wake up if you were me?” He’s got a strong mentality. – He’s amazing. / – I… I said that while I was half-asleep. – I didn’t do it deliberately. / – It just happened. – I thought I was dreaming. / – What did you say? – Wake up. / – He was much older than me. Wake up, Jiwon. Would you wake up if you were me? – I said that in my sleep. / – But he was older. – You didn’t realize. / – I thought he was one of them.

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