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BEST OF Sascha LKW Fahrnuenftig (Angry German Truck Driver) #Part 2/2 [activate Subtitles!]
POLICE CHASES  [Netherlands]

POLICE CHASES [Netherlands]

*The suspect is trying everything to escape* *While sparks fly off his car he turns over the center divider.* He is now driving on his rim, sparks are flying. We are going towards…hang on. Yes, against traffic towards the highway, this isn’t going well. God damn. [Radio:] Can you do something considering the danger? Yes,

The Fatal Flaw of Mazda’s Rotary Engine
Introducing Smartdogs Cut Down – GEICO Insurance

Introducing Smartdogs Cut Down – GEICO Insurance

Drivers just wont put their phones down. We need a solution. Introducing… Smartdogs. The first dogs trained to train humans. Stopping drivers from: Liking. Selfie-ing. And whatever this is. Available to the public… never. Smartdogs are not the answer. But GEICO has a simple tip. Turn on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. Brought to

20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу №40
Walrus Goalie – GEICO Insurance

Walrus Goalie – GEICO Insurance

GEICO makes it easy to get help when you need it. With licensed agents available 24/7. It’s not just easy. It’s having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! ROOOAAAAR! It’s a walrus! Ridiculous! Yes! Nice save, big guy! Good job Duncan! Way to go! [chanting] It’s not just easy. It’s GEICO easy. Oh, Duncan. Stay up. No sleepies.