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The Last Episode of #AskGaryVee, Political Marketing, & Dealing With Grief | #AskGaryVee Episode 219

Marketing mix in the business plan: Tips from HelloNina Expert Patrycja Pielaszek

Hello, everyone! I am Patrycja, I am a HelloNina Expert, and today we have… …a pingpong interview on the topic “marketing mix in your business plan”. We talk about the topic of the business plan. Why does the marketing plan play such an important role for the business plan? In the business plan, the marketing

Social Media Marketing for the Newbie

Social Media Marketing for the Newbie

hello my friends of the internet Lorri coming to you from making sense of social media today we are talking about social media marketing for the newcomer for the newbie I get so many questions almost daily on where do I start how do I do this what’s next I don’t so I thought I

How to Find Product Market Fit – CS183F

Today we have Peter Reinhardt, he’s the CEO of Segment, went through YC when?>>2011.>>2011, and now Segment is doing extremely well. Peter is going to talk about product market fit, sort of this magic concept or word people use. I don’t think they really understand it, certainly, the first job to get right in any

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FACEBOOK PRIVACY UPDATES, Dennis Shiao drops 7 tips for 2020, Databox SEO Datadive and more!
Why Women Rule the Network Marketing Profession – 2017 Episode #17

Why Women Rule the Network Marketing Profession – 2017 Episode #17

Today I want to talk about very important demographic that not many people are paying attention to and in my opinion it’s a big mistake and I want to talk about women. You heard Eric say that 77 percent of distributors in the United States are women. Globally this number is 76 percent. Give y