This Website Led Me To Time Travel Stories...

This Website Led Me To Time Travel Stories…

hello guys and gals me mood a horn welcome back to another episode of deep web browsing that part of the week where we take a look at that danker side of the internet now it's a little late at night ladies and gentlemen as you can tell you know I like to record in

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A simple guide to electronic components.

A simple guide to electronic components.

This video is just the basics of electronic components, what they look like and what they actually do – and how they work in fact So let's start with one of the most common, the one that I just picked up there the resistor So this is a one thousand Ohm resistor I can tell

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Photographer/Graphic Designer Setup -Setup Spotlight

welcome to set of spotlight today's spotlight is on Cyprian Cyprian is a photographer and graphic designer all of his links will be down below let's break a setup down piece by piece linked our product to see is in the description starting off with his displays he's rockin Adele 27-inch monitor in the middle