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The personal Helicopter that is surprisingly affordable!

The personal Helicopter that is surprisingly affordable!

welcome back to guys like us gifts gadgets in gear today we will take a look at something almost everyone could use your own personal helicopter and when I say personal I really mean it because this little devil only has room for one now the downside of impressing girls with your own personal helicopter

Google Tricks You Have To Try! (Works Instantly)

yo what's up guys welcome to reaction time and today we're gonna be trying some google tricks I mean we all know Google is the most used search engine of all time but did you also know that it has some hidden tricks and games you can actually try no you didn't watch it either

The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

in the Year 1960 I discovered a wonderful almost immoral animal that possessed characteristics soon to astound even the most worded scientists although it sounds like science fiction these animals live for years perhaps centuries in suspended animation sealed in magic crystals time travelers journeying through the fourth dimension when you witness the miracle of

Art – Using sketching effectively in design: Drawing, sketching and designing (1/19)

activity 18s called sketching complex objects and the complex object I've chosen to represent is this child's toy it's not so complicated that it makes it very difficult to draw but it does give me a chance to represent much of the things we've looked at the creating the ovals the use of outlining and

Anal Toy Unboxing

hi i'm dr. lindsey doe a doctor of human sexuality clinical sexologist and your internet accessible sex educator okay I'm gonna do something I've never done before which is an unboxing video the user from Adam and Eve calm I'm going to unbox them so you can see my authentic response to each of these