Web Design Trends - Typography

Web Design Trends – Typography

hey everyone pulled the web here in this web design trends video we're going to be talking about typography and how important it is to your website so typography traditionally has just been the font or the size of the font that you use for all your text on your website but it's become so

Web Design Trends - Scrolling

Web Design Trends – Scrolling

what's up everyone code the web here and in this latest web design trends video I'd like to show you what might be the most exciting web design trend out there right now it is scrolling or different types of scrolling one example of which is parallax scrolling or just utilizing the stroll method as

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Web Design Trends - Hero Images

Web Design Trends – Hero Images

what's up everyone my name is Garrett and this is code the web and in our final installment of web design trends at least for this year we're going to be talking about something really really cool and probably one of the bigger trends that's been sweeping the nation or the world really in terms

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