Tanıtım Yaparken Nelerden Sakınmalıyım? (Network Marketing Soruları)

Tanıtım Yaparken Nelerden Sakınmalıyım? (Network Marketing Soruları)

We do not forget the presentation
the subject is; People don’t know something
about, they sit at the table with prejudice. So, as much as you can
simple to say when people listen to your presentation; ” And I can’t do that. This
not for me, ” he does not think. Also, detail your earnings plans
tell up, does not affect the other side,
on the contrary it scares. Because people do it for themselves.
He can not do, very complex
They may think that. And most people, all features of its products,
explain all the details, some of us also exaggerate
loves it. Friends people, full details of products
Don’t overwhelm the information. Save some things for later. People wonder about 3 things: Can I win? Is it worth it? Is this product good for me? So to answer these 3 questions, have a simple and effective promotion
is sufficient.

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