Teal Swan Answers To The Allegations Made Against Her (Exposed, Fraud, Fake, Scam)

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100 Replies to “Teal Swan Answers To The Allegations Made Against Her (Exposed, Fraud, Fake, Scam)”

  1. Did anyone catch that Teal genuinely smiled when he mention suicide? She smiled and liked the accusation. Then told us that's her goal. 90% of jokes are actually truths. Hope people take her with bound of salt. She is dangerous! And people DO understand abuse unlike she claims… no one understands but her…not true.

  2. Self Aware God Complex: Ability to turn on and off what a fundamentalist religious and or cult leader says to members/followers/believers and to outsiders, especially those in law enforcement or media.
    Manipulation: Uses the vulnerabilities of members into believing they're broken and need healing which only she can provide
    In ability to accept responsibility for those around her in regards to physical harm and suicide, but wants credit for good health for those around her.
    Accuser: Any criticism of her is always false and only the fault of those scared of her "truth"

  3. The issue I see with suicide (because I’ve held a gun to my head half a dozen times), is that the severe HELL we live in is way to much for most humans to take on. Most people can not deal with such a load of negativity, neglect, anger, fear, abandonment, frustration etc that makes up this “HELL”. People feel helpless so they ignore you, neglect you further like a plague. Of course the “trained” professionals only group your symptoms and shove pharmaceuticals on you to numb your life.

  4. Teal you in my book are the most logical and switched on healer I have ever followed ,
    When I need answers to my shitty day to day let downs or need inspiration ,something to kick start my day or find a different angle I watch you and learn,
    I have won deals and hearts by practicing what you preach.
    Thank you ……………………..To all of you who hate this woman I pity you and your shitty worthless lives. Get on with it humans we are not on this earth for ever and this life is not a dress rehearsal, enjoy learn and help others help others!

  5. Just started watching your vids overnight. I totally get you & agree with everything you've said. "I" will NOT be scared to let everyone know that I am aligned with your beliefs. So sorry for not all the ugly directed at you. They know not what they do. Much love…..

  6. That's so true gaslight by a so called professional today. I'm stopped my family from doing it so now their doing it through other's xx

  7. I admire this woman so much and wish I had the money to have her to myself for even just a day to first off say thank you for all she does. I have listened to many different people over the past two years and her words even though hard at times are true, and I feel so sad for her having to go through and experience so much more hate as I am sure she has suffered more then the majority. If you do not like her then do not listen, if she isn't helping you due to your views and limitations then again do not listen, but allow all of us that love her to continue to grow and be who she is meant to be. I do not tell you, you have to listen so don't tell me I have to stop.

  8. This video is very vulnerable for Teal, but also spot on in terms of understanding the intricacies of abuse. Only people who have experienced significant abuse are going to get it. Everyone else, the haters out there, are people who have not experienced the levels of abuse she understands. And healthy sceptism is normal and expected. Like she says, listen to content, and base it off that. Based on her content, I have so much respect.

  9. I knew nothing about this person before watching this. But after only 6 minutes I started picking up on some her tells. She believes a lot of what she says but there are some things that she knows she is not being truthful about. I think anyone that would go to someone like this for advice about mental wellness should take the advice with a large grain of salt. Buyer beware.

  10. what moves me the most is her saying she regretts, coming out with her story of abuse.

    hey Teal, please don't regret this,. It does so much more towards people having to accept light and darkness as one in a person. It does so much more towards giving victims back the access to their own divinity, it does so much more to promoting the actual truth versus the dualistic lyes we are used to, than anything anyone could formulate as a teaching. Your beeing there with your authentic truth is the foundation for your teachings to have the impact that they do have. it's what makes you a revolutionary. Please do not regret it. The people that love you for this just don't yell as loud as the haters. but their numbers are so much greater. Really. Please, be happy about this decision of yours. it may have been naive , but it was damm right. it came from the best part of you. It was a very good decision to make in my eyes. Do not dought any part of it. There is nothing like the naked truth and the whole truth when it comes to healing and change. In the long it always proofs itself to be the most powerful agent of transformation there is.

  11. One thing that is certain is that She is strong really really strong and I wanted to be that strong too and for that if I have to listen, spent time meditate I will do that and I believe that it's time to stop labelling person if you don't agree then don't spread negativity .don't waste your energy . you only gain a seed of stupidity,reckless, negativity behavior which you will admit at your last moment of your life which will sprout one day.

  12. She is honest about herself and for the peoples. She wouldn't talk about personal issues and her experiences in life if it was lies. She explains that she is there to help people not to harm them in her way. That is why some people do want to oppose her and her way. Cute, kind, tolerant, logic, and most of all a understanding of peoples who have motivations to change there lives. It is a will that she can offer. Most politicians have they way, but it is for a country not for peoples most of it. She is there, the light, the angel, the princess, the queen of all things, the brightness in our darkest hour. She teach us to talk to our soul, our shame, our fears, our sentiments and our tanks to this, is to follow her way. There are always someone who doesn't agree somewhere all the time, regrettable but prejudice and fear create those peoples. If all peoples around the world would follow her, they won't be war, differences, and fighting against each others. She is inspiration and love.

  13. Is it just some organized bullying or a conspiracy??!! It doesn't feel like some random acts of hatred! It looks like an organized crime paid by some obscure powerful people! I am a firm believer that there is a secret organization that keeps people in ignorance of everything that they need to be free, using criminal acts! Just like multiple revolutionary inventions that were meant to make peoples’ lives better for free were fought against, destroyed, and silenced, or miraculous medicines, or even truths about the world! I mean, I understand the seriousness of your situation and I sympathize entirely and I am sorry for not being able to help you. I am just an ordinary woman living in an underdeveloped country!! All I have is my “empath” ability to sense your sincerity and authenticity (I need no one to tell me, I just know by listening to you and your content.) I also, happen to be a researcher too! So, both on the level of feelings and critical thinking, I believe you. So, thank you for the free content, it helped me a lot! Thank you for your books. Be courageous sister! I know that you may not be a religious person, but I am certain that God helps truth seekers and truth spreaders, like you.

  14. Teal I have to be Straight with you ok, you don't HELP yourself out any by being so damn GOODLOOKN, don't you know them no will power having could be like there High school pics but then week HATEN BITCHES can't stand You being that far out of their league sooo to hate with 2 face Hypocrit tounges is all they can do is LIE about you and to there selves when they tell everyone there Glands make them over weight LMAO!!

  15. You are loved Teal. I Know this might affect you somehow but people just have to understand that you are human even though you are enlightened . You're having you're own growing up while you are helping others! <3 Thanks for you prespective ! I'm so sorry that your authenticy is making egos all around go crazy! I'm so gratefull that you're brave enought to keep helping us! I wish you were in Europe… I don't think that would happen here. 🙁
    It's so dangerous for you there

  16. Teal, is totally telling the truth on how sexual perpetrators and abusers work! I was sexually assaulted by my dad, I referred to him first as a mean shadow man because when it started I couldn’t see him and I was age 2-1/2 to 3 when this started, and when he came to me the first thing he did was changed his voice and threatened me that if I told my parents or anyone he’d kill them and I would be all alone and if I cried or screaming during his abuse, he’d will kill me by breaking my neck!? This was my “dad” doing this to get me scared enough to be submissive and allow him to do sick things to me. To cope I would check out and only come back when he was done with what he was doing, I know he started with rubbing me in my private area, but when he was done every part of my private area was very sore… he did more then rub!! Not too much later is when I learn this mean shadow man was my dad… but in my very young child mind, to cope due to being devastated that the “my nice daddy” who was so loving, nurturing and protective of his “Lil Princess” as he nick named me because I was his first child… hurt me so badly, so to cope I split him off as daytime daddy and nighttime daddy. I was happy and calm during the day, but afraid and terrified all during the night, I literally would try to stay awake all night hoping by doing so he wouldn’t come to my bedroom. After I found out it was my dad… I immediately went to my mom, who I thought would help me by getting him in trouble, obviously that didn’t happen! If my mom had words with him it didn’t make any difference because he still was hurting me sexually. My guess is she did talk to him, but he somehow made it out to be because that I so young, that I mistook him his help for example: “I accidentally touch her private area when I helped her wipe after going potty.” But after I told on him, nighttime daddy was more mean than the mean shadow man… and he made me feel ashamed for ratting him out, the abuse continued until age 10-11, when finally my mom got brave enough to turn him in and he went to prison for what he did, however, my mom didn’t divorce him over it, she actually forgave him and started treating me emotionally, mentally and verbally abusive to me… her comments made me feel as if I was his mistress!! Only our immediate family knows and most of them “don’t believe me!” He didn’t sexually abuse any of my 3 sisters or younger brother… and because he didn’t they can’t believe he would do something like that to any of us! I am made the liar and I was totally the victim!! It screwed me up during my young adult life, I had to spend hours in counseling and on depression medication for years due to both my parents abuse!! I truly don’t know what’s worse the one who sexually abused me or the one knowing I was being sexually abused and ignored that I was by treating me very mean due to what he did and to the point where she would even leave me alone with him for the entire weekend to watch my younger siblings and knowing he would continue his sexual abuse on me, so she could have a break!! I have dug deep and forgave them, but did so only so I can move forward with my life. However I am still expected to keep my mouth shut to other family members to save their face of embarrassment!! 🤨

  17. Teal you defend yourself very well you made a lot of sense I enjoy all your videos and you speak wisdom I thank you so much for all your wisdom as it gives me hope keep working hard you are a beautiful soul love Zak from Glasgow Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🖐️ 11:11

  18. I am so greatful for everything you do. U r amazing and ur videos helped me so much. Especially the suicide ones. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. I have not watched this video but I want to say to Teal, any force for light/good/positivity will face accusations darkness and negativity. It’s confirmation that the work you are doing is effective.

  20. How do you assume Elizabeth smart didn't try to escape? She probably thought and thought and though about how she could get away it's called fear of being caught and then killed for trying to escape

    I've been there actually

    It's all about self preservation of the illusion the physicality of it. We are non physical beings trapped in an illusion of societies lies

  21. OMG I just totally fell in love w/your story. I am in tears, thank you so much for your courage to talk about this!

  22. 🙏having gone thru trauma myself & also being a sensitive empath- I need to know, how do you know if your feeling intuition or paranoia from past trauma?😑

  23. It’s true that reality tv is primarily about demonstrating toxic relationship patterns. It would be great to see a reality tv show of how a conscious community works through conflicts.

  24. Her story is my story except for im still digesting everything. Im a bit late with 29 and at times i find myself incapacitated to do anything but suck up knowledge and see everything like im seeing it the first time, except critically this time. The part about the shampoo etc. is the kind of way my mind works right now and everything kind of speaks to me on that level. I believe in the overall tone existance is neutral, Teal paints it very black but i believe without suffering, there is no awakening or joy. That is because they are a mirror image of one another, created simultanously. What i agree on is that putting value on things creates suffering, but its a paradox: You want suffering to end and remove it from beings to make them enlightened but they need the suffering to awaken, just like evolution of matter needs environmental stress. There is peace to be found in between the line of pain and bliss. It is looking at the rollercoaster from an outside perspektive, instead of feeling every up and down like a never ending and accelerating joyride leading up to heaven and down to hell in one concept. It is interessting how she mentions the oneness and the need for teachers as one comes to the realisation because i too want to be a healer or teacher out of the exact same reasons.

    Picture following and try to envision to understand my point. Out of one notion life and existance came to be. Life is litterally the randomness of physics, chemistry and spacetime. It diversifies but nothing ever leaves the system, they simply modify it. One becomes an oxygen transmuter or a lung, another filters elements from the system, transforms it like a stomach and then gives it over to predators. Without each other, the system critically fails and resets. These systems are like our own bodily cellreduction systems like apopthosis or the bodily immunesystem attacking cancer cells (Most people dont realize but we constantly have little systemfailures in our DNA and our body is capable of identifing and destroying many forms of cancers before they replicate to much). The same concept works for different humans of different natures. Some are here to fight, some to scheme and plot other to build, fix and repair. Some become aware of these processess and how deep the root of it goes and want to teach such insights like an immunizer cell. But you cannot know what it is or was ever, it is often not even for the doer to know why he or she did what they have done.

    What people need to understand when they criticise about teachers is, that we are constanlty teaching each other useless and even harmfull things without even realizing. Our commercials are full with it: "Buys this and be happy!". Read it enough without being immunized and become infected with a path materialism and pleasures, because you dont have reference material to compare. People who are selfthought and care about lost individual will inevitable gain value, monetary and socially, because gratefullness works this way. One wants to display respect and gratitude to another and as long as the teachers teaching does not involve a need for spending money (She has a lot of uploaded videos and if you agree with her content or not is your own opinion but it is for free). Meeting people around the world is difficult and scary and i cant even begin to imagine how i would conjure such strength inside of me yet. It costs a lot of money and if you want to do it privately, not kneeling to an existing institution that can sponsor such feats. Commerce is allowed to teach us backhanded morals 24/7 asking money for products but a person trying to share insight while handeling finanzials and selling things is not allowed.

    In general i can see why she is feeling vicitmized and that she is suffering from consequenzes of her trying to shape reality but (And this i say directly to you, although you prob. wont read this) try not to put an evaluation on your situation and just stay calm to observe what happens. You are going to go through it one way or another: Relaxed and gratefull for whatever it means or scared, angry, confused, forced into a weak role of a victim. Try this perspektive also: All the people that want to attack you have already felt offended by you, you are already in the very sense inside of them and they struggle with you, without you being there. Hate is the back side of the coin of love and hate, so it is a chance to try and meet these people in person and convince them face to face of your goodness. If it fails, well everyone inculding yourself can see, you played your cards open and honestly, for trying to improve the world and ridding it of prejudice. Its not going to happen, but in the same sense, it is not the livers job to clean the body once and then die. It remains active until the system dies, as there is always going to be new minds emerging and new conflicts arrizing. Deying that, is deying the foundations of reality and how it has communicated itself to us.

    I wish anyone who took time to read and also Teal a pleasent day.

  25. The fact that you havn't abandoned your path because of these people and events, congratulations.
    I turned off all social media and barely interact with people, I never share anymore, I can't stand ignorant people's opinions.

  26. This is one of the most powerful videos I've seen.. I honestly believe people are jelous of her to take such abuse.. I can't believe what she's been through. I myself have lived through severe abuse so I totally understand alot of this.. I was abused as a child and have been in and out of relationships my whole life also. Your never going to be able to have normal relationships after abuse… I find teal so inspiring. I wish I could meet her.

  27. I don't think you should have ever made this video. I understand the frustration associated with gossip, slander and all of that, but once they put you on the defense they won because you acknowledged them.

  28. the first 5 minutes are enough to sit down and watch the whole video – what she says is RIGHT, but that doesn't give a way to make it STOP – she FEEDS the ego of the DNA (Dysfunctional Narcissistic Autiist) and the only thing society hears is what those narcissists want people to hear. It even doesn't matter where you are on the timeline, we live n a DNA-society with artificial layers and an overload of bullshit that has to keep you far away from the core problems … you have to dig deeper than therapy, it's all about MISSING A SAFE PLACE and ignoring the effect of stress and anxiety until it is too late just postpones the moment that NOTHING will work out the way you expected. WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING, that's the first question I ask when the investment has no effect and why do we still TRY to give men their own space when they only prove that women and children are left luggage in their Utopia. Women have to grow up IN PAIN and men LOVE it to death, because it makes them SUPERIOR … I REFUSE to step into that train anymore and I don't have her looks, so I keep it to writing my frustrations away. Women feed their children until they stand on their feet and can make choices for themselves – then, men undo it again with their rules, regulations, and DNA-attitude … there has been a moment THAT I HAD NO TIME FOR MY OWN WORK and it's too easy to say that this was my own fault, THE EXPECTATIONS WERE CLEAR, not the fact that I COULD NOT BE THE PERSON THEY OBLIGED ME TO BE. Acquiring knowledge comes in cycles and you can't stop the time to make priorities – from the moment I WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, they made me CINDERELLA and laughed about the idea that there would be a prince charming on reserve … everything is superficial and fast enough not to feel the pain, but inside you crumble – I've seen more than one woman drowning on dry ground after they had to choose between slavery and starvation. WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT, and do we still believe that those who have something on reserve will share it with us or that justice is done in courthouses? Well, I DON'T and I don't need the wrong kind of attention, there will be a time that people will thank me for my legacy, the words and thoughts I wrote down, but for now, it's swabbing when during the flood – this really makes no sense at all and everybody is free to do as he or she wishes – no need for more detached mentors with their own agendas … maybe in the time of Noa was an allegory for what happens now – STICK TO YOUR OWN PROBLEMS and give others the oxygen to do the same – IT'S SHAMEFUL HOW LITTLE WE GET DONE WITH SO MUCH IN HANDS!!!

  29. 17 minutes and I am BLAST AWAY – it takes one to know one … I even didn't have the ENERGY to commit suicide but had serious doubts about myself – at the deepest point I was sure that everything would turn to normal WHEN I WAS GONE in the most absolute way … it comes in waves and you feel losing your grip on life, I used the image of an elevator, most people feel bad when they are -1 and started at -11 … you still have the idea that you can climb up, but than something happens that throws you back into that pit – it can be compared with an illness, only when you are 'knock-out' you can cope with the burden and the responsibility, they WON'T GIVE YOU THE CHOICE TO LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND and they will use emotional blackmail to control you. On top of that, I didn't know that I had MPS, a very rare form with just one alternative personality, I called her Sofie. When my body was in clear and present danger, I had to LISTEN to my body AND NOT THE DOCTORS who would make the wrong assumptions and anyway, my heart would have not survived an equal amount of crash interventions, my intuition learned me how to generate an adrenaline uppercut and I used the parking meters to get just enough electric energy to go for it. At a certain point, it happened 10 to 20 times a day and my breast felt as if a car had hit me, but I CURED, at least that time. I can't describe the anxiety you have when you know that you have to count in seconds, but my environment thought that I was playing the drama queen. There came no end to it, no necessary relaxation and I got a second psychosis, the worst one, nobody believed me anymore because YOU CAN'T SHOW THEM THIS KIND OF PAIN … as a caretaker, DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE TO TAKE THE BURDEN ON YOUR SHOULDER, healing MUST be active, otherwise, it returns in a different form. I, indeed, needed someone who was other 24/7 and remember me calling Patrick in the middle of the night, just once – he wasn't angry at all, but I didn't speak a word, didn't ask him to save me – I was afraid that he would reject me for acting strange and finally, I broke with him, I'm rather alone, don't want to be saved, IT'S TOO HARD TO MANAGE and I've made friends with death. She is still in the energy, I understand her completely, I'm in the phase of the AUSCHWITZ EFFECT, those people didn't need guardians, the outside world would not give them a helping hand and when they were freed, the guardians were in the same condition – that's NEGLIGENCE – forget the heroes when you can get it for free. Watching this kind of video is double, I know in the meanwhile that your psyche is protecting you in its own way and psychiatrists or psychologists follow the wrong reasoning. I don't know if it really happened, but at a certain point I had the idea of being hospitalized and cred out loud that you NEVER may sedate people when they have a psychosis – YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FROM YOURSELF and your MND is the last shelter when all the rest has failed … it's time to TAKE THE RED PILL and start all over again, we don't need money, we need TO TALK WITHOUT SHAME … somewhere else, another person has experienced the same as you did – AND YOU'VE SHARED IT without knowing it … the INTERNET is our outside brain, let's use it with SENSIBILITY, not to play the soulless judge …

  30. 1 hour + … why should I still help people when I know they'll do this??? Exactly the same question I ask myself and only recently I can HATE people who do 'this' to me … nit in many ways her and my life cross, but this is certainly an issue I recognize and that means that IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING 'PUBLIC' … I live an isolated life and ONLY write comments on YouTube videos … why being jealous for something that never came from the ground? Of course, my ideas are new and sometimes 'exciting', having those memories to earlier must inspire some, but it's just NOT NORMAL to DEBUNK everything that hasn't been given with a spoon … I AM SO GLAD THAT I'M OLD AND UGLY, people don't even EXPECT that I get another person after I have 'dumped' Peter (who made me his personal slave) … I don't want her to be ugly at all, in fact, most people like to look at 'beautiful' examples of the human race and that's why I give her A GOOD MANTRA for free – when you feel that people try to create a monster out of you, say: YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ME, BUT ME TO BE YOU … let the sunshine in, 'LADY'…

  31. Oh teal what do you keep thinking, to still feel the need to make videos to justify your self cause of maybe a hand ful of l low life dip shits?!
    You have a HUGE following! & i know i speak for all when i say, you are SO adored! & so loved! I am not a fan, i am like one of your gals mate! No ones like you. You are very unique, & truely a special gift to us all!

    Thank you for you. I appreciate you alot.

  32. 🤗 can I visit you in Costa Rica?? 😁 🇨🇷 Have loved your content for a long time. People give you a hard time because they can’t keep up. I had to watch some videos a couple times and be humble to really get it. You are changing the world for the better. 🙏🏽

  33. people are also not ready to talk about individuals who use their status in the community to force other individuals to conform to their group.

  34. Bs . In her other old vids. She claims she was tortured by being put inside of a corpse. How do you do that? She claims she was ritually abused right under her parents nose at night while they slept. ( makes sense why they denied it ever happened)This doesnt ring true to me. Here she is taking the credit from the people that really were victims of ritual abuse by not being credible. What a slap in their face to the REAL VICTIMS. Her x husband exposed her as a narc too. She told people suicide is a reset button. Wake up ppl.!!!!

  35. No Teal,you are the double life,because you are a liar! I believe in ritual abuse,not in your case. Not only do you get caught confusing your own lies, you are showing ghe tell tale body language of lying. You sre using word salad to confuse and mislead your FOLLOWERS. You pray on volnurable ppl. You are nof Elizabeth Smart! How dare you?

  36. An amazingly big elephant does not escape because when it was little it could not break the chain. Although it could break it now, it does not because in its mind he never could. My POINT is Keep trying! THE ONLY THING You are in control of is the CHOICE OF HOW YOU ACT. Take care of that and you will SUCCEED! it includes ONLY YOU in control at all times!

  37. This "revolutuonary/&social media star" actually thought PPL were NOT ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrials or reincarnation.
    Truly Brilliant

  38. Thank you for being exactly who you are. You are one of the most authentic teachers I have ever seen. I am so glad I found your videos. Thank you so much ❤🦋🐞

  39. U made me feel uncomfortable on other video where I perceived something extremely sneaky
    What my seems to be perceived otherwise. What I only discovering by friends posting on Facebook. Teaching in school now in some EU countries about sexuality some strange movment .And precisely inspired by your expression and compassion.
    I have no doubt you are phenomenal sellers can and HIGHER performer.
    Then nex video I see with DIVINE DEEP IN INFINIT WATER that was strange.
    Because your video pedophilia seems dark and spouse to attract some dark side action INSPIRATION become Top topic and motivated more get in an become high achiver creating and inventing…🤔 By the tone of voice I have perception you have not been connected with the source.
    I have a feeling you know it all and use it all like revenge.🤑

  40. Dear Teal, for me you are soooo lovable and I feel with you. I even or even especially love that you are so straight on practicly everything.

  41. ⭕ what is extra sensory?
    U have been born with it❓❓
    If the answers comes after from you , that all that is developed through experience. Life processes, learning from and figuring out everything.
    U make it like its something.
    For someone like me who have awareness about you become what you think about. I believe you created it through your self defense or creative mechanism. And thats how it becomes true wich I would deny that.
    Instead make it foreign aliens staff that I believe don't exist at all.
    There is no evidence of that ,the wisdom can be seen nature.
    And the hell is don by people her and by their brainwash staff so lets not add extra terrestrial. Because its enough lies and deception among greedy Bankers and Religious Priest.
    It is all hear Positive and Negative
    Yes it is beautiful world just because there is a war doesn't mean the world is cruel. Why can't u understand that and other people then we have FREEDOM and relief straight from Nature.

  42. Hmh…🤔 who is call here heather❓❓
    I am captivated and alerted about dangerous teaching that I perceived double extremely high level if 🤑
    I think people don't belive there is so much abuse in the world. To make it such a rave perhaps see what I sens American Dream 10 X Privat Airplanes and Glamour Life . Since there is so much hatred why ,how out of helping people?🤔 Greig Braden Bruce Lipton or Vishen Lakhiani don't suffer that like you. I am not heter just GATEKEEPER and perhaps spot danger for society.

  43. I am in complete awe….. I have been on the quest for a spiritual awakening for quite some time now…and FINALLY …something that resignates with me….I don't want to be a "follower" of anyone…..so I can completely relate to the idea of needing some guidance to help myself become the awakening……..my eyes are opening to the aspect that is me…I can't be anyone but myself…I could say soooo much more, but I won't share my story right now…but please just know this Teal Swan…I am so grateful that your suicide attempt did not work so I can watch and learn from your brilliant perspective on life. Thank you….for just being you.

  44. I just want to say that I appreciate all that you are doing. There will always be old fogies who will try to stand in the way of truth.

  45. I want to like this 97 times, yo. Thank you for this and your authenticity. I’ve experienced these things myself. It’s the separation and empowering process.

    This is why I don’t desire the pedestal others try to put me on. They are the main ones trying to chop it down.

  46. I believe you Teal! Some people can't accept that there is such trauma in the world. But there is… brainwashing sadistic fu##s! Keep telling your story. You are loved, and your a beautiful soul.

  47. No Teal you being genuine about where you’re at spiritually gives you credibility. You have a lot of insight that is very helpful if you acted like a Satguru who is 100% pure when you’re not, you’d lose your ability. Amma came down from the Divine realm. Svami Purna came here from the Divine realm. We aren’t at that level yet so we look to them to help us grow. However we can still help others. Accepting payment is not a problem as long as you can provide real insight for clients which I’m sure you do. So long story short, it’s better to be honest about where you’re at

  48. I'm only up to the scuicide bit.. But I can't see anything but genuine genuine genuine. She is so courageous, so authentic, so real, so deep and in tune. Anyone who can't see this.. They need to check themselves.. Not Teal. Wow.

  49. Your pass was horrible but your still not physic!!!! You are still a cult leader. And I'll happily prove my point any time any day. Until u wake up to the fact that u have given bad advice that has caused people to kill them selfs!!!! This is really bad!!!! And until u stop acting like a cult leader who should absolutely not be a spiritual lead u will be treated as a harmful leader who should not be saying and doing so many harmful cult thing. So long story short your still wrong you need to step down get your head together and stop misleading people. But nice job on your denial of reality! Take responsibility for the deaths u cuased!!! Quite the cult!!!! Otherwise I promise eventual you will be taken down. U are responsible for Lesleys death u shouldn't have said what u said to her! U arnt not a professional therapist or psychologist! If you Were even remotely qualified to deal with a suicidal patient then she wouldn't have killed herself and that is a fact, that u will have to face one day very soon!! Quite while your ahead or continue to be a cult leader who is misleading and has caused death!!!!

  50. Nice try with your weak Jedi mind tricks, u are wrong you are hurting more people than u are helping! Step down while you can!

  51. 1:43:10 that hit me hard. Being an astrologer and a person who's awake and wants to help people, my goal is the same. To bring spiritual healing methods, because they are the true ones. It is hard for a scientific mind to believe, but I think we are shifting to a higher vibration, especially with Teal bringing these messages. It is very important to talk loud and make an influence. And that's what I am going to do in my little country Lithuania, as well as the rest of the world of course. We can change the world, slowly but surely.

  52. Absolutely true about the hospitals not able to deal with people going threw pain like this appropriately it's a huge issue, absolutely terrible!!!

  53. Oh lovely lady, hugs.
    I know a family where granddaughter in her 20's had a boyfriend who followed through on those threats. He killed 3 generations of one family in one summer evening.

  54. Wow, this is going to be awesome, and I haven't watched yet…so let's do this…unique insight and individual. She's free, besides, and that's the best part. Skeptics always attack something this disruptive to the paradigm. They think she's supposed to be always traumatized, but she's not. Transparency can be disruptive to some who watch and they aren't ready for such topics. Upsets their comfort zones, big time. She was meant for this life, to teach others how to find their way out of life trauma and thrive. Realist here…talking directly and frankly about things many know are real issues. Only very unique in her delivery which is very accessible and all can comprehend.

  55. I believe everything she says about haters. Other people like David Icke has said similar things happen to him all the time.

  56. What Teal says about incest is so TRUE. In fact, I dated someone who recounted her horrific story of childhood sexual abuse. It had been going on for years; Daddy dearest would quietly walk into little daughters' room in the wee hours of the nite. When she finally shored up the courage to tell mommy and siblings, they turned against her, called her CRAZY and delusional! She was faced with a critical choice; accept the scorn and denial and alienation of the WHOLE family OR accept and invite the layman definition of "CRAZY"…sadly, the later was what she did! It literally destroyed her whole life, the woman could not hold a j  job, a relationship, etc.. I taught her how to day trade from the comfort of home. Last I heard, she finally found peace, was able to commit to trading and was earning $200-300 a day trading about an hour a day. Thank you: Robert from daytradingwiththelight.com

  57. As great souls continually rise in the world there are those with nothing comparable to do, but perpetuate jealousy of them and grab at their ankles to pull them down. Teal, keep flying. Stay out of the haters' reach and in GOD'S Blessed Skies. It's your destiny to elevate members of humanity and yourself. And you're a wonderful blessing to all of us who value your courageous and insightful offerings. Thank you for being yourself. The most perfect people are those who make mistakes and decide to learn from them, and become better for it.

  58. I was abused & groomed over weeks to the point where I never run away from my abuser, performing at school & horse riding plus family life, I dissociate so much that I need to consciously learn about pain every day, my body still go through fits from the abuse & I qualified and graduated at school people don’t get what abuse are
    Thank Hollywood for it

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