The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 81- Alberta & Puerto Rico can become US states, mindless voting

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 81- Alberta & Puerto Rico can become US states, mindless voting

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I want to thank well I want to say hello to my lead friends that are there in the
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world series yeah it’s Saturday night back where you
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John and Hass and everyone in in Sydney it was a good time so let’s let’s move
on let’s start with an inspirational quote for everyone because this is the
beyond Bitcoin show navel navel this is from the navel bot this is from navel
who is just a genius become the best in the world at what you do keep redefining
what you do until this is true so gay compete against yourself right there
but yeah everyone is unique you can become the best at what you do and
everyone can do something that’s very unique so that’s if you’re the only
person doing something you’ll be the best at the world at doing that one
thing so I like the tweet it’s inspirational I’m a positive guy
Mabel’s a positive guy thanks for inspiring me to become a strong hand
says one two three noscope I have so many friends you have so many friends
that is good and it’s good to have it to be a strong now you don’t have need to
have a million friends or anything like that having a close circle of friends
that’s good having uh internet friends good real life friends whatever it’s all
good and one two three said you said I have so many friends that admire you and
help us to you helped us to acquire Bitcoin yes awesome Dancing with the
Stars is on hurry up says vention that’s a joke on his part
but yes and by the way what you three dope you have you said that in two
different sentences there that’s why I you might have a lot of friends you were
trying to say you have a lot of friends that that also follow me I guess very
cool but people yeah it’s good to have
friends that’s stuff in common with you but you have one two three four friends
that’s you don’t have to have 200 friends and show them all off on
Instagram or whatever one two three four friends as long as
you get a couple people to talk to you could be a loner and everything to be
happy also but have some family whatever because eventually you do I think I
think it’s very difficult just to be the solitaire solitaire person never talking
to anyone I wouldn’t want to be that again I’m on I’m on my own all the time
traveling around but I’ve got the Internet I talk to you dudes everyday I
can talk to my family every day the Internet is so amazing just connecting
you the people all right that was a little off topic there and you got me
off topped at one two three noscope but I wonder also speaking of friends and
family yesterday I knew I don’t you know we’re not gonna
get the days confused here but it’s something here Saturday where you are
but Bitcoin had a a surge okay interpret you Fiat freaks out there and you want
me to talk about that but I’ll talk about that on tomorrow’s show but I’ll
talk about it a little bit now now what would some people on the
internet got a little confused about and I and this is your reminder um I do my
this week in Bitcoin show before sundown on Friday wherever I am because my
little thing is I don’t do my shows during Shabbat Shabbat is from Friday
sundown the Saturday sundown okay there you go
now I’ve said this before so I am off the internet during Shabbat so all you
people who try to contact me then please just try to think Adams and Adelaide let
me do the math oh that’s why he’s not tweeting about this price thing
oh that’s Mike he’s not doing the show now it’s Shabbat so where he is that
might not be sure about where you are but I’m gonna be in Adelaide for the
next month I’ve been on in Australia for a week over a week now so I know people
were confused at all why do you say anything because Adam
didn’t get your message until after so and I gave you all the people that
send mediums and stuff that I haven’t gotten back to you yet so I I’d
appreciate it if people realized you know if something big happens during
Shabbat where I am there you go that’s why you Adam this is
not making a show about it or Adams not tweeting about it and giving you for me
because he’s not on the Internet he’s shul or something now again a lot
of you gonna forget that because you forgot that the last time I said this
same exact thing basically but it’s funny it’s funny for the Fiat freaks out
there that there there were some dude that was a bragging about holla because
of the death cross or whatever that I was joking us if you have this death
cross thingy who cares if there was a death cross in a day in October and the
price went down to seventy two hundred dollars I said who cares when you’re
thinking about long-term what the price is going to be after the the in 2021 in
2020 what why do you care away when it did the death cross day and the person
was bragging saying oh he put his money into tether oh my god what a horrifying
horrifying situation to be in when all of a sudden the president’s GE or
whatever or whatever happened the price went up by $1,000 for the Fiat freaks
okay and so you suddenly didn’t have you had tether instead of Bitcoin which was
worth a lot more money what a horrible horrible situation to be
in so again this is why we say value rot
the Bitcoin this is why you don’t time crosses and do all but you don’t know
when something like that is going to happen and we have lived through that
show many times and I have said this so II it’ll go down by a thousand some days
it’ll go up by a thousand now it just it went up by for a moment it was up by
three decals in and it ended up being up by 2000 and there are a lot of reasons
this would be on Bitcoin show we’re not gonna get into that but I did
want to use this as a reminder of why you know I wasn’t I’m not talking about
it until now because I wish about so and that’s my thing and for him it’s just
funny all the other it’s so typical after we have we’ve also had the Libra
Fudd this is the third time Lidl it with something libra Fudd hearings were the
price drops and then once it’s all out of the system it goes back up again
we’ve done this so many times and yet we still have people who panic who think
something’s wrong when Zuckerberg or whoever they send up there gets grilled
by these morons there’s something wrong with Bitcoin it is it’s just people
can’t connect reality that’s not that has nothing to do with Bitcoin when AOC
is yelling at her Presley is yelling at it Zuckerberg it has nothing to do with
Bitcoin and but but people play on that they play on that and they sell sell
sell and then when it’s over they buy back yeah I’m not I’m not gonna give
reasons why all this all this price fluctuation happens but we’ve seen it
happen around we’ve seen it happen around via the Facebook stuff before
will see it happen around and again this is why you buy and hope you don’t you do
not sell do not go into tether because you think it’s some a death cross does
the death cross know about what would the Chinese premier says does the death
cross no no the Deaf Cross has not is not is no knowledge of anything it’s
it’s not a brain and you can’t predict it doesn’t it does not predict what so
what a communist in China makes an announcement it doesn’t or a pseudo
cotton economist whatever he is all right we got a lot of people jumping in
here too but no questions good so it says Adam when Baltimore Bitcoin
conference never and dude I don’t live in Baltimore I travel around the whole
world from there originally so there’s like no bottom
a Bitcoin community basically it’s ridiculous and no I’m not I wouldn’t put
on anything there at this point it’s it’s for date this isn’t it there were
there the people bottom are interested in invert your signaling and having been
you know having more drug addicts on the streets just ridiculous is spending
government money that’s not the Bitcoin is that’s not what I am um it’s not it’s
at a place and again they should have known about they everyone’s had a chance
to get big in Bitcoin but they just become four and four and more complaints
and more and more relying on the government more funerals to avert your
signal add of the leaders who die you know just living their lies through
these vicious corrupt leaders in Baltimore City and that’s so ok here so
what is this global news of an idea of mine here’s an idea there’s a lot of
people that think Puerto Rico should become a state but then there are
certain leaders that don’t want Porto Rico to become a statement although
it’ll be it’ll be a democratic state it’ll help them in the electoral college
and will help them in the Senate and the Congress well now we have this news and
this is news to me as an American I think Canadians have known about this
much longer I mean I’d link to a story about Alberta
wanting to secede Alberta there’s just a lot of lections in in Canada and Alberta
is really leaning conservative compared to the rest of Canada and Albert that
people in Alberta who want to secede and want to leave so Alberta has about 4
million people in it Puerto Rico has about 3 million people in it if they
both join the United States now gave the Alberta is I know you’re saying you’re
saying that we want to secede from Canada but hey I’m giving you another
idea give you another option Alberta Berto Rico become the 51st and 52nd
state at the same exact time each one gets two senators each one will get
three or four congressmen cuz they’re very similar in popular will make sure
they’ll get the same amount of electoral college votes which will be five or – yeah five or six or four or five
whatever it is I’m not doing the math on that right now yeah and but but so
there’ll be no and one would be conservative one will be liberal and hey
no one no one have complained dissenters they’ll be accepted now there’s a lot of
other issues also but I want to toss that one out on the table to you
political freaks out there because that would be a compromise that would be an
interesting compromise but and again Albert people are wasting our burden
Berto Rico have the same look same say well they yeah they have basically the
same type of number of people I burn us a gigantic form it’s four million people
and three million people is very similar so now it would be three or four elected
who care three or four or five electoral college I’m not going to get into it I’m
not doing the math but oh yeah they would either have I don’t know the I’m
trying to capture compare their populations to the population of Wyoming
which has three electoral votes one congressman said and I don’t know the
population of Wyoming and I don’t know the population of Hawaii they would
probably be whatever Hawaii has right now this Hawaii have four electoral has
four electoral votes if you have four electoral votes they have two that
you’ve two congressmen and two senators everybody gets two senators that’s the
thing okay enough I got wasted way too much
time on us politics that would be interesting though 51st and 52nd states
there III be up for that compromise I hey I had fun in San Juan and I love
Calgary I love Calgary Edmonton Red Deer I love them all I love I love opera love
the people in Alberta but they’re different than the people in Puerto Rico
and and I don’t think canna would want to give up their the oil riches in the
natural resources of Alberta Bryan the UK big
master is up it’s the middle of the night here and I can’t sleep so turning
in at 4:00 again found out like button tower comics says bitcoinmeister I live
in Alberta and separated is not realistically feasible maybe did you
maybe joy to the USA though oh dude well I’m glad Towers Kovac I’m glad you you
think it’s work it’s you think it’s more realistic to join the USA that you just
uh become your own independent country and logically we’re thinking about that
yet probably maybe that gives them more leverage to get out of Canada but with
it with a the Canadian federal authorities would they be more offended
by joining the US or but be more offended by just becoming your own
independent country but would they be harder at trying to keep you in there or
me or where they’d be equal with their claws be equally as strong with their
hands be equally as strong now I don’t like that kind of strong hands I don’t
like what a federal government straw has strong hands on a on a state or on a
province I don’t like that although it would be nice if federal governments
were to wise up by Bitcoin and have strong hands that way and that’s what
people were freaking out that G in China was implied now if G is really buying
Bitcoin and then he did not say that he said the words blockchain but if he’s
really buying if China is really buying vodka Bitcoin well that’s really good
for China and the price of Bitcoin was well you think it just skyrocketed in
terms of Fiat and okay no on the next show we’re gonna go they were kind of
two steps to that Fiat a free jump yesterday or whenever it was there there
was definitely one that had something to do with the news and then there were
there was one that might have been overcompensation might been something
weird but we’ll talk about that tomorrow Alaska has two centers of one House Rep
yeah but I think if and so yes Hawaii is not too into so I think populate and
Wyoming is two in one so I I believe Alberta and Puerto Rico if you look at
the chart where they would fit in they would be
chewing too and they might even be two and three and I don’t have the choice
should have looked into that beforehand you you guys could just there’s a
Wikipedia page that shows all the United’s all the states how many
senators and congressmen they have and that’s the senator plus congressman
numbers how many electoral college votes you have and I should explain that a
little bit better before her all right now let’s let’s talk a little bit more
about let’s talk about Baltimore real quick someone brought up Baltimore and I
stumbled upon videos of a guy his name is Frank Conway his father was also
named Frank Conway and the reason this Frank Conley jr. even got elected was
because people were familiar with his father’s name and the dude doesn’t make
much sense to put it nicely he is a in the house of
what’s occurred in the local not the state Senate he’s in the I can’t think
of it now that the house it’s the house equivalent in the state of Maryland
House of Delegates he’s in the House of Delegates in the state of Maryland he
represents Baltimore’s 40th one of the one of the representatives of
Baltimore’s 40th district which is a lot of West Baltimore which Elijah Cummings
actually representing United States Congress there’s overlap my point in
saying this I have link to the videos so you can see for yourself this guy named
Frank Conway jr. and you can watch these videos and they’re all videos now
someone uploaded them a few years ago and they’re still out there though and
you’re gonna say to yourself wait a sec how does anyone vote for this person as
a representative because he literally in the videos he makes their cents and he
has written books that also make no sense and so link to below
him name of one of his books is Baptist Gnostic Christian you banach Kundalini
and spiritual key do her magnetic metaphysics : the word :
Mannu dicks now that’s really the name of the book and it makes as much sense
as the title check it out yourself it is linked to below and it just shows you
how mindless voters can be okay and it’s the voting class is not an intelligent
class and people are depending on their leaders and if you’re if you’re a big
fan of the people I mean it shows you the pitfalls of the low-level politics
when it just devolves into democracy when is it we’re gonna vote we’re gonna
vote for this representative he’s gonna he’s gonna fix everything for us and
there there’s not smart decisions and this translates into many of the people
and again if Frank Conway isn’t supposed to solve these people’s problems I think
they think he’s going to I think well they there’s a mentality that the
leaders like Elijah are supposed to do but you can see them people don’t put
much thought in their leaders they don’t put much thought on this process when
their leader is makes no sense so how much thought do they put in their own
lives probably not very much because a lot of them aren’t doing too well and
the the West Baltimore he’s falling apart and it’s quite unfortunate but
you’ll get a little insight into Baltimore if you watch this dudes video
and then you’ll be like whoa what is this this really can’t be real now it’s
not just a Baltimore thing in Argentina here’s an article from foreign affairs kerchner
facing nearly a dozen criminal charges charges poised to become Argentina’s
next vice president yet Cristina Fernandez Kirchner is about to become
the next vice president of Argentina after she you know was part of the
socialist policies over there implemented all sorts of horrifying
financial policies and she got voted out she’s also as involved with criminal
cases but hey they know the name and they’re gonna vote her back in again and
this is similar to the Conway thing and it just shows you the mount Allen II of
the eighty percent voting class these are there this is their decision-making
process I don’t know if it can be fixed when they vote for people that make no
sense that make their sense on a lot of different levels so guys don’t rely on
leaders try to get out of communities and situations where politics plays Oh
too much of a role and decide your own fate and don’t put all your don’t value
your wealth and voting and okay we’ve got moving on
so that’s Argentina now I’ve been watching this Edward Snowden interview
by Joe Rogan over a few days it’s it’s long and what I’ve gathered so far is
that and I’m playing it at two acts just I’ve been you know how to move from
Sydney to a delay that that took up some time it was Shabbat M word Snowden has
said that the many in the government are completely self-serving they are corrupt
and they’re definitely not working for the people and say they’re not very this
is a thing they’re not a lot of you out there put
so much stuff II but the government’s so powerful the government can do can can
they control everything they’re so smart these people aren’t smart I mean the
insight that he’s giving in if there’s a lot of corruption there’s no doubt about
that but yeah the amount of damage that they can do there’s only so much damage
they can do to because they’re trying to save their own butts at the same time so
it’s it’s an insightful video it’s linked to below but it turn it even says
the people who think they’re there no mass conspiracies or anything like that
now they need more they definitely are their problems that whistleblowers
it’s a shame what’s what’s happened to him people don’t want to go people are
scared they know what they know that the government is corrupt and self-serving
and they don’t want to tell them the government is they don’t want to lose
their job they’re connected they’re too hooked up in into the whole circuit so
procs to him for willing to you know be willing to give it all up to expose some
of the nonsense that’s going on over there
but the federal government and the deep state whatever you want to call it
always so much damage they can they can do they don’t control you you control
yourself Pam that like button and they’re corrupt as anything and that
corruption really and the corruption and stupidity of the government prevents
them from really really getting just really changing things in a massive or a
horrifying way and just imprisoning everyone or something horrible like that
alright what is this next thing here Oh rich kids and poor kids now grow up in
separate America’s growing up with two parents is now unusual in the working
class while two-parent families are normal and becoming more common among
the upper-middle class so yeah people are guilting up you’re rich you have two
parents you’re horrible you’re your myth no yes you kind of be looking at it from
a different perspective it’s the single mother thing it’s not working at all
it’s keeping people down is keeping people poor it’s if you’ve got two
loving parents you’re you’re likely to be on a path toward middle-class thumb
or up upper upper middle class upper class it really starts you out in the
right it shouldn’t be vilified it shouldn’t be said it’s old-fashioned
people shouldn’t be you should feel bad that you have two
parents they’ve raised you the right way and now you’re rich or you’re in the
middle class you shouldn’t try that it’s it’s pretty simple dudes you create your
own problems when you become a single mother all right and I know some people
didn’t choose that path obviously that there’s tragic situations out there but
there’s a bunch of people out there think they can have the government as
their father and it’s really not working out and we’re creating two separate
societies here where people are you know you’ve got two parents and it’s really
happy it’s really nice I mean I kind of tell you seeing my my siblings the way
they raised their kids there to pick they’re they’re doing great the way I
was raised with my two parents my father my mother what a great what a great
foundation just and I see the success of our siblings myself and other people
that I grew up with the Hannah you know and there are obviously are exceptions
they’re plenty people their parents were divorced they’ve got fine they’ve done
great but you are it’s like two separate societies now and when you have that cue
parent base I mean you get a look you just you get along with more people with
people who are more successful who are happier and you just you live off of it
you eat that vibe that you get from other two-parent household people it’s
very positive and you become more positive you become more successful and
then these people that are down and dumps in the gutter with living off the
government living off the one thing they’re getting worse and worse it’s
we’re going in two different directions here and I think the answer is quite
it’s it’s simple it’s simple if you’re if you’re not ready to have kids don’t
have kids have when you’re have if you’re ready to have kids when you’ve
got a good good male/female well ok looks like it hey when you got a good
mom and a dad whatever that may be when you’re ready to be a good mom and a
dad you already got your finances in order and stuff and again I say go buy
your wealth and women and everything like that I’m not married but it is it’s
a good having kids so that’s that’s real important right there too but yeah if
you want to have kids have a partner and know that you’re and and you’re not
doing it just to fit in you know it’s gonna last
alright enough of that we had some gonna have some comments their own okay single
mom you know someone says it takes a village know it takes a mom and a dad it
takes a mom and a dad the village name not working the village it’s the to him
the one parent household the mom I’m depending on the village of Baltimore oh
my god you should see all the kids that are
raised by the single moms and the village of Baltimore yeah it’s it’s
really tragic it’s really tragic it’s it’s go to Baltimore to see in a second we got snow didn’t we talked about rich
kids and poor kids now grew up in separate Americas yeah it’s separate is
its separate Americas it’s unfortunate for those poor kids it really is but a
lot a lot of them would not be a lot of proud wouldn’t exist but a lot of them
one before that just had parents all right here Steve Hankey retweeted
this quote of Ron Paul our country’s founders cherished Liberty not democracy
Tom out like button our country’s founders cherished Liberty not democracy
I’m not a Ron Paul fan really but I’m a fan of that quote dude definitely a fan
that causes people the whole Ron Paul think people put him up on the pedestal
start worshipping him he’s got issues himself but our country if you go back
we just did the founders just didn’t want people they want people to leave
them alone let them do go their own way
and democracy doesn’t leave people alone with democracy 51% can vote to invade
your life and tell you what you could have to do in your bedroom what you have
to do inside of your house who you else you have to support that’s what
democracy is Liberty is freedom liberty is you doing whatever is you as long as
not hurting anyone else you’re free to do what you want okay that’s what they
they wanted a system where people would be free to do what they want if it
didn’t mess with other people’s lives that’s not what democracy is that
democracy is really the path to freedom all right I gave some of my mouth I had
a hair in my mouth that was gross had to take it in one you got to see that can
you still see my shirt let me check out the podcast people are like no I don’t
gonna see your shirt all right yeah there you go it’s a
nice-looking shirt again I don’t have a hero that was one of the things I said I
said it on my father so funeral actually I said I had a father I had a thought
man that that was uh you don’t you don’t need heroes when you have a father that
I’ll say that a blessed memory my father all right moving on Jimi song says the
biggest the biggest wins are all cutting out the worst things in your life sugar
processed foods drugs and alcohol news / propaganda toxic people yeah that’s a
good thing man it’s a big win when you can cut out waste or as you said the
worst things in your life and something everyone here can do really easily sugar
processed foods right there I cut that that’s a win you’ll feel like you
accomplished quite so so much and maybe it’s just one aspect of sugar and
processed foods like I got rid of soda and you’ll be you’ll be like yeah that’s
a big win man that’s a big win right there toxic people is harder because
lot of people news and propaganda that’s easy
drugs and alcohol that’s easy for me to cut out but a lot of people that’s hard
to cut out of their lives all right James clear this is one oh
this is great systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly goals are
for people who care about winning once that is an awesome breakdown of the
goals versus systems lifestyle right you have a goal you want to be rich well
that’s a good goal and then once you’re rich then what you won you won once
which is it’s good to become rich you no doubt about it telling that like bond
but with a system you’re you’re doing something every day
you’re meeting get-getting about the new endeavors every day meeting new people
and so my system as everybody knows is a new show every day that is Adam Meister
system a new show every day about Bitcoin or beyond the core whatever and
Wow so it’s not just about winning once
every day I’m winning and every day who knows these shows have brought up so
much good in my life whether it’s you know I’m content people all over the
world watch this and have given me so many opportunities allowed me to stay
places allow me to speak places and so the tweet really rings true with me
their systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly goals I’m you
know winning and I don’t exactly like that word but being successful
repeatedly a goals are for people who care about winning once so it’s it’s the
whole successful it’s a successful lifestyle is is the system it’s just a
lifestyle of success and it’s being in motion you never know what you’re what
you’re gonna stumble on with with the system but the goal you can become too
fixated on it and you will it perhaps you will get it eventually and get that
one win but then one all right so and sky and talks a lot about that what
is yeah James player made it very clear there now I don’t know if this is true
this is from pair by London the average American watches nearly five hours of
television every day that’s a hundred fifty hours a month just shy of four
full full-time work weeks on average sorry to be just mental but that’s
insane yeah ban for full I think he means for
full time work weeks a year if true that is insane and no wonder people are so
Abby’s in America how can that be true the average American watches nearly five
hours of television every day that cannot be true that is just not being
emotional right there I I will say that 150 hours on month dudes let’s pray that
isn’t true please tell me that isn’t true people all right but all on a
similar note and this is not as bad as sitting your butt watching TV five hours
it’s nearly five hours a day I mean I guess some people on the weekend they
watched it for eight hours a day and then it blends into the and then some
people are unemployed and they just watched it eight hours everyday and that
becomes your average I I don’t it’s horrifying absolutely horrifying to me
but the people are living their lives to TV like that but here’s an article from
AOL of all places I guess this is Huffington or whatever East Rutherford
New Jersey this is coming from which is west of on New York City American
American Dreams three million plus square foot combined theme park water
park ice rink ski hill cinema and live performance center shopping and dining
destination share similar concepts with triple fives other marquee
properties Minneapolis is Metro Mall of America I’ve been there before and
Edmonton’s West Edmonton Mall I didn’t go there with the exception of its
entertainment to retail ratio while those two establishment laws established
malls offer 20% entertainment and 80 percent retail American Dream is 55
percent entertainment and 45 percent retail American Dreams currently open
entertainment options include more than 35 rides along with multiple roller
coasters and a skating rink okay now why am i bringing this up taking your kids
to amusement parks I think they can be fun III think that can be fun I and
water parks it can be fun it could be a great way to spend but they’re at these
I remember uh being a ball America I mean this is a lot of rough the shopping
and I’m glad this one that’s in East Rutherford I guess that’s the
Meadowlands out there it’s near the stadiums I assume with Giants play and
Jets but there’s there’s only getting them hooked on shopping you know I’m not
a my I’m a saver now that not a spender so America has gotten just the whole
Western world it’s just so spending oriented that they’ve created these huge places where you can worship the the
almighty consumerism and again it’s not something I worship and it’s not
almighty to me but to America it is and to to the Western world it is because at
West Edmonton Mall is obviously Canada now and it becomes a tourist spot too so
I I had to see I’d have to see it but it was a great performance at the airport
that day in Minneapolis this is 2015 ice I saw that thing it’s also historical
it’s also where the stadium used to be where the twins played where the Orioles
defeated the twins in the 1969 and 1970 ALCS oh that’s
too much baseball knowledge No so it’s it’s a bit extreme hyper
consumerism to the max there but it’s a free world if people want to do that if
80 percent doesn’t want to go they’re fine and it’s fun to take your kids
there fine don’t become addicted to it Joe put
shopping on a pedestal so many spenders so many spend your save don’t spend it’s
a telling you a little spend story out there but hey don’t get too intrigued by
this stuff okay don’t don’t end up you know you take it to the kids to the
waterpark there in New Jersey and then a I’ll let them play over there and I’m
gonna go to every single place to go shopping come on people
beebeep being could you you have self-control you don’t need the latest
and greatest designer jeans and these huge mega mall places hey don’t don’t
complain to me and say you have no savings when you’ve been going there for
so long okay first responsibility is a new
counterculture sure it can be fun to shop it is definitely fun to take the
kids to the water mall to the walk through the water park and to go ice
skating I’ve been ice skating in a while I’d like to do that I guess it’s fun but
hey if you end up going broke from these things it’s your fault sure it’s
tempting it’s not their fault that you were tempted that you ended up at the at
the water park or at the a–they the mega shopping center
it does say a lot about the Western world we keep building them bigger and
more complex this whole shopping thing you can shop and go to the water park at
the same time and and go to the ice rink I mean the water and ice a place so the
80% there are people out there that are getting really angry that they think
that since Russian organizations and Iranian organizations apparently have
wasted money by buying advertisements on Facebook that they’re manipulating that
they’re manipulating the elections our people are not that stupid those
acts I date you think that’s gonna change so it’s mine to vote for Trump
instead instead of Clinton or whoever these way who find a foreign
interference entities one of my ads on on private entities why who cares it’s
so ridiculous the reason that some people are up in arms well some people
just want to its outrage theater obviously but there’s some manipulated
some organizations that that are used to the old way you know when there were
three teen three TV stations and it was easy to manipulate people through the
news and through abaca people just didn’t get a lot of information the
eighty percent manipulators the people who had a really easy time at shaping
the my set of 80 percenters for years and years are really threatened they no
longer have a monopoly on what they used to do so when even silly things like
this happen they are threatened they are threatened
you’re throwing your money away with most of those Facebook advertisements
okay you’re just making that Zuckerberg richer in terms of the shaping people’s
political views I mean I know 80 percenters some of them aren’t very
smart but some of the stuff that apparently foreign entities have paid
for it’s ridiculous this is it’s a total it’s a total waste of money
compete don’t complain you people who are had advertising agencies or whatever
you had in the old world things are changing anyone can buy uh
advertisements now and there’s so many different types of targeting and go to
compete don’t complain don’t why are you threatened by Russian
BOTS or from it’s so ridiculous all right someone asked we’re talking about
a travel frequent flyer miles I forgot to mention you suck some credit
cards like city credit cards offer better points I got points back from
city credit cards in the past and those were easier to use for travel then like
the the travel points directly from the airlines from the airline points the
frequent flyer points it was easier you and again there’s bureaucracy with the
city points too but it was much it was easier to set up city you know I I spent
uh spent some money over a long period of time on that city card message what
are these city points I’m like oh this will be able to get me to Japan it was
when I is in 2016 when I I forgot where did I where was that before I was in
Japan well when I bought the ticket from Singapore to Japan yes Singapore to
Tokyo I bought it through the city the city card site and because I ate it was
free because I had these points and it was easier than the frequent flyer miles
so someone asked about frequent flyer miles before for those of you who spend
on your credit cards and for various reasons we all do pay off your credit
card to see you do when I spend on my credit card I don’t have interest accrue
god forbid god forbid but he earned some of these give you these points that you
can use on travel and i’d say the city the city cards easier to do traveling
with free travel with them the freaking airline miles through the airline’s
themselves and i was going to talk about two more things
black pill economic invincibility has a video on the black pill which I believe
is people take the black belt they just see how oh the world is ending soon or
how how down things are and he and this is all my doom my doom he’s on the same
page as me I’m talking about doom but he cause a black pill the economic and
disability dude he says people some things are never going to change okay so
don’t don’t worry about it don’t wait for the end of the world okay
don’t wait for the end world waiting for something to change
waiting for the big economic collapse it’s that you’ve taken the black pill
and you realize the economic collapse is already on the way he messes people to
believe since the seventies I said the same thing check out the video it
reinforces some of the deep he says it from a different perspective he combines
the black pail thing into it alright I’m gonna talk very quickly about the Jewish
holiday of Sukkot that we just had it’s basically eight days but if you can’t if
you can’t if you count some meaning out sarin as part of it and then the next
and the ninth day you can then a separate holiday is simplest Torah
during Dora’s coat basically Jewish people eat meals in a hut that a Hut I
wouldn’t say they set up a building four walls or three walls connected to
another building and thatched roof with branches on top you can see it so the
religious some of the room religious they sleep in it and it’s celebrating
food and harvest it’s kind of like a Thanksgiving I guess and you shake aloo
lob these branches and a Trog who this fruit and I actually get Baltimore
before I left it was the first in the second day I did it there and then it
ended when I was in Sydney with Shimon he had Sarah which I went to synagogue
on and everything so it’s uh I guess the way to sum it up it’s a Thanksgiving
holiday that and he’s right after you know it’s free after Yom Kippur you all
you guys hear about Jewish people celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
focus is pretty fun for kids and I think it’s it’s a happy holiday there’s not
some dude many Jewish holidays are not happy at all
it’s a happy Thanksgiving festival eating
eating’s typing again I’m not a big eater or anything like that and I didn’t
eat in the suck up but I walk into the sukkah and saw there
we’re doing things in the sukkah and so you in New York you’ll see suckas or in
Jewish areas sometimes most of you like 99% of you watchlist don’t do not
encounter Orthodox Jewish people or even lesser religious Jews people who set up
suppose so it’s linked to below you can even you can read about what what’s
Sukkot is some people pronounce it sucks it’s a it’s a fun Jewish holiday yeah
that’s it people people have questions about it i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister definitely that was a beyond
bitcoin show wasn’t it town that like button click on the
squares check out those recent shows tomorrow I’ll talk I’ll satisfy your
Fiat free dreams and I’ll talk about the Bitcoin price don’t be gone China and
Facebook and this then the other click on the squares see you later bye

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