The Honest Truth No Entrepreneur Will Tell You

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44 Replies to “The Honest Truth No Entrepreneur Will Tell You”

  1. why do you say "you suck" but then say "be patient" not every business is going to grow exponentially… Even in the world of tech startups it takes YEARS

  2. The action of the game is the juice for me. I know nothing else. I work for someone else as I’m building … that’s what I need for peace for mind. The honest truth however is I know of nothing else other than to play. I could care less if I build a $10 or 200 million dollar business. I do care about adding points to the scoreboard … unfortunately money is still the metric for keeping score. β™₯οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Your knowledge has helped my business and my YouTube channel !! Thank You !!

  4. The key is happiness.. all business’s are different. Not all industries can grow β€œquickly β€œ per say. Service sector is one of them. The self awareness is seriously important. I love garys perspective. Not all businesses have to make millions to be β€œcrushing” it.

  5. I jump from interest to interest to interest every 2 months or so, learning whatever I find interesting. Not sure how to stay focused.

  6. It’s a grind. Now I’m successful in business and real estate investing and launched my channel on it, but a lot of people don’t see what all went into getting to this point. It’s not easy. And it takes daily commitment.

  7. yes and u right I run a business and started at 0 and got really big I do auto detailing great video keep them coming need more people like u

  8. Hi gary if you are seeing this….just tell me… just discovering what i love…n i have intrest in multiple things…i dont know what i will do but one thing ….when i plan something and its goes that way i love that but…but….. but when its not i freaking loving it more than anything, its feels i dont know anything i need to learn more… its just …i learn a hell lot of things….so whats what you thing im good at…just asking…n im 19 and failed high school.

  9. Now the hard part, for everyone to start taking action today on our purpose. We let so many mental blocks, reasons, excuses, problems and people get in our way when in fact it's just our inability to initiate action. It's as if we're waiting for someone else to tell us that we're ready and that we can start upon their command. Counting down 3-2-1-NOW aloud is a great way to start; whatever works. Who wants to be a do'er not a talker? We got this!

  10. God damn!! I been learning over the last 2-3 years and love seeing this side refreshed. you are exactly who I would hope you are and complete opposite of what I would think the top dawg would be and act like
    Love ❀️ ya so much Gary ,
    Most respect ✊🏽 and man love for ya OG.

    Kids in the future will think that mean being an original Gary!!!

  11. I’m like how gary said, I’m 17 years old and about ti graduate high school, Everyone was telling me to go to college get a job and I’m grateful I opened my eyes and FOUND I like the business process, I like making a sale but I don’t know where to start in business

  12. I honestly do believe you don't need to buy courses or have a mentor. Being self educated will bring you further and for example having a mentor is holding your strings. As GaryVee said in another video all information should actually be free.

  13. This is so true . I truly feel just as he said about Google & Youtube . This is definitely not about Google & Youtube , Everyone is saying they want to build the next best website & or the next best app but deep down most are lying to themselves . Because if that's TRULY what they wanted they would be on Google and YouTube diligently in which they're not . Instead they're browsing social media mindlessly reading people's feed when deep down inside this is absolutely fine . They love commenting on posts etc. And deep down inside wish they could do something like a roundtable show where they just interact with people . Kind of sort of like a Montell Williams show or a cool ass Podcast but however they feel that this wouldn't generate money and would be ridiculed by their friends & family . Yet there's proof of TONS of successful talk shows and Podcasts out there and people still feel they can't succeed around that . We really have to turn off the crowd of losers and nonbelievers and just start putting out content around what we love . Point Blank PERIOD !

  14. I was here for this talk… I went through some ridiculous shit that day, to the point where I was holding in tears while sitting through the other speakers.. My whole perspective changed when u came on and u don't even know it, but you helped me that day!

  15. This is my favorite video from you in the last 6 months. SO powerful and important for every entrepreneur to take a step back and think on this before planning the wrong chase in 2020

  16. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

    Love you dude! I was watching this while in an office environment and I wanted to start shouting lol!

    I suck and have sucked for the last forever… I'm happy af though… thank you my dude. Thank you!

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