The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 114 – Full Episode – 9th February, 2020

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 114 – Full Episode – 9th February, 2020

Ms. Archana.
– Yes. You look great.
– Wow. Don’t be surprised.
– Wow. Thanks.
We are twinning. – Yes. You know
about ‘Love Aaj Kal.’ I don’t know
about it. My love story is old.
You tell me. I won’t tell about
‘Love Aaj Kal.’ – Okay. The star cast of ‘Love Aaj Kal’
is coming here to say it. So, please welcome
the youth sensation young age star,
Karthik Aaryan and the very beautiful
and charming Sara Ali Khan. Karthik and Sara,
I welcome you both. Thank you.
– Thank you, Kapil. I have got a gift for you.
– Oh. – How sweet. He loves gifts.
– Thank you. This is for Anayra. Oh, how sweet,
thank you. My mom bought
this for you. She always
visits your show. Previously,
we came empty-handed. Middle-class people
have this problem. They don’t like visiting
someone without gifts. Mom was upset
that I didn’t bring you any gift.
– How sweet. Thank you. So sweet.
– Thank you, ma’am. Congratulations for Anayra.
– Thank you, ma’am.. Only middle-class people
bring gifts? Nawab Family members
didn’t bring it? Even I got it. Oh..
– No.. – Wow. What else do you want? Don’t do that.
– No.. He felt bad. Don’t do that.. Thank you, Karthik.
– It meant something else..
– There is a gift wrap too.. Sara, stop it.. – His gift
had a silver gift wrap mine is multi coloured.
– No.. What is this?
– This is the gift. Thank you, Karthik.. Sara and Karthik,
you guys make a great pair. May no one cast
an evil eye. How is it going?
Your love, these days.. The promotions
of ‘Love Aaj Kal’. It is fun. This experience has
been fun-filled. It is a joyride. We are having fun. We are promoting it. That’s enough. Welcome again.
Have your seats. – Yes. You do know that
Sara and Karthik feature in ‘Love Aaj Kal.’ I heard
that there’s another heroine. But only these two are
promoting the movie. So is it a promotional strategy
or a personal strategy? It is kind
of a personal strategy.. What are you saying? Arushi is the surprise
element of the film. – Okay. So, she has not
been in the limelight now. And..
– Okay. Sara,
will you say something? I.. I have come here.
Will that not suffice? It is a big deal.
– No. Why? So?
– Yes, she.. It is a big deal. It is a big deal. A few days ago,
Karthik accepted the challenge to carry Sara
in front of media. Challenge..
– Yes. – Yes. I did carry many girls. He said, many girls..
– Many times.. I said many times.. Did you carry me
many times or many girls many times.. What are you saying?
– I’m mispronouncing it. Many girls.. What!
– You carried many girls? Hey!
– Many girls.. This is ‘Love Aaj Kal.’
– Many times.. – Many times.. I carried her
many times. So, when you carried her did you think of it
as a challenge or an opportunity? I wasn’t carrying her
for the first time. Oh, I see. So, today.. – He never
let’s go of an opportunity. He doesn’t.
Very good. Karthik, very good. We both don’t
let go of any opportunity. Very good.
– What am I saying.. So, once again,
shall we make him do it in front of you all? Karthik, are you ready? Sir.
– Are you comfortable? Karthik.. I will carry her.
It will cost.. – No! Karthik is ready.
Come on, Archana. Go carry her. Karthik.
– Are you sure? Try.. Will you really
lift me? – Yes. Seriously? Come on. We don’t get these
opportunities often. – Come. I would’ve carried you
from there. Shall I carry you?
No issues, right? Let’s see..
– Hey.. Do you believe that your son
will carry me? – …how strong the youngsters these days
are? Your mom says no. Here you go.. Once more.. Come here. You’re
such a sweetheart! What a sweetheart.
– Let’s go. Wow.
– Did you see, Kapil? Wow.
– He is a strong man. You had held
your breath. The doctor is saying,
‘Shall I also lift her?’ ‘I would’ve gone,
they didn’t call me.’ Did you see?
He seizes the opportunity. I don’t let go.
– He will progress. How far?
– The one who seizes the opportunity
is a real champion. Oh, God! For the first time,
a couple has become popular before their movie released. You must be knowing that your
fans have combined your names and call you guys
SarThik. – Oh. Yes. It trends on twitter.
Hashtag, SarThik. How do you feel
upon hearing this? I feel grateful. Because when the audience
watch the movie and like it they tend to love them.
– Yes. It is good. But before our film released,
they are loving us. I can only feel grateful.
– It is a blessing. Many times, I feel they
are calling out as SarThik. Sir.. Whether I’m there
or not.. – I always feel so. When they don’t call out
as SarThik, I feel weird. SarThik.. Thanks.
– SarThik. Thank you.. Sara, I wanted to know..
– Yes. – Karthik goes to gym. Yes.
– Even I go there. Our photographs are not
published in newspapers. How does the media know
which gym you visit? I call them. Yes, obviously! And I think I visit the gym
more than you two. So maybe that’s why..
– Everyone visits the gym more when compared to me. Karthik does it secretly.
– I.. Do you go to gym? You are laughing at this. I dance a lot. I dance a lot in
my imagination. The step.. You and Deepika did that
step at the airport ‘Dheeme Dheeme..’
– ‘Yes, I imagined doing it.’ I imagined doing it.
– Imagined? But I can’t actually do it. That is not possible. The trailer of ‘Love Aaj Kal’
is amazing. And both your performances
are good. – Thank you. But you drank petrol
in the trailer. It’s weird. In childhood, everyone
would’ve smelt it in the scooter’s petrol tank.
– We feel like doing it. Isn’t it? – We feel like..
– But we don’t do it. No, obviously, you can’t.
We shouldn’t. But it smells good.
– Yes. We get attracted to it.
– In childhood, even I.. To petrol..
– To petrol? You guys are rich. You
won’t understand. – You won’t. As if we don’t use petrol. Look, I will tell you.
You rich people put petrol in the petrol tank
of the car. – Yes. Have you ever filled petrol
for Rs. 10 in a scooter.. – Yes. and tilted it?
– We do so and open it. The poor people..
I’ll tell it for your knowledge. Please tell me.
– Our scooter.. We fill scooter’s petrol tank
with petrol for Rs. 20. – Okay. There is a reserve knob
which we rotate.. It always remains
at reserve. At times if we fill it
completely by mistake for Rs. 250 our scooters couldn’t take it. It would emit weird noises. Because it was not
habituated. Such things happen often. When you work in movies and play
the roles of a middle-class girl you will experience many things.
– Okay. How is your mom?
Is she fine? She is fine. Convey my regards.
– I will. Whenever I see Sara,
I’m reminded of Ms. Amrita. She is an amazing performer. And you have inherited
that trait. – Thank you. You must have seen it
in the movie’s promos that Karthik’s girlfriend
comes to meet him secretly. Often this is how
love stories in small towns are where boy will be
with his girlfriend but will be on look out fearing the police. He may be slapped
on the neck at any moment. Karthik, you are from
Gwalior. – Yes, Sir. You have
grown up in a small town. Has this ever
happened to you for real where you faced trouble
meeting your girlfriend. Do I have to
answer this question? To meet a friend..
– Friend. who was a girl. when I wanted
to meet her You seem to respect
her a lot! Tell us more about her. We used to sit
on the same bench – How sweet. in the school.
– Okay. I used to do her
homework. – U started so early? Her.
– Her. When did this happen? This..
– 12th! No, when I was
in 10th standard. Look at that.
– In 10th standard? I was 16 years old. In a co-education
school – Such an young age. After you did 10+2.. I was in co-ed only
since my 10th standard. Before that
I was in boys school. So, when did you
go to meet her Her.
– Her. I had gone to meet
her on Valentine’s day. Okay. – The
place where we used to meet was a good restaurant. We used to go
there to have our lunch. Okay.
– Okay. and I used
to wait for her. But there
was always a fear of being spotted
by a family member. In a small town,
everyone knows each other. If everyone knows
each other, so basically your news
may spread to anywhere – Yes. and there was a constant
fear since we never told parents since we didn’t enjoy
that type of rapport to inform them that
I am going to meet a friend. But I always
used to get caught. You used to fear.
– It was terror. Doctor, did anything
like this happen to you? You are an educated person. Now that your kids have
grown up, you can open up. During your college days did you even go with flower in
your jacket on Valentine’s Day? It used to happen daily. Daily! I was just like him
while I was in the college. What are you saying, dad? When did you
first meet your wife? Speak. – Ours was
an arranged marriage. We were engaged
for 1-1/2 years but back in those days,
we didn’t have mobiles. We didn’t talk to
each other for 1-1/2 years. Okay. – We talked
only at engagement and marriage. In between..
– So, why such a huge gap when you
weren’t supposed to talk. The situation
was such that by chance, we had gone to Delhi Both of us were in Delhi. Her mother sent her but also sent two guards with her. Back then, there was no
time to understand each other and by the time you
understand, there were two kids. And now-a-days, the boy and girl
keep saying they want to know each other. When they
know each other, they break up. There were no mobiles and
we used to talk on land phones or write
inland letters. – Yes. We didn’t interact
as much as kids now do. In your opinion, which one
was better, now or then? It was better then. Dad likes it
better now. – Yes, indeed. Boys meet girls secretively
on Valentine’s day. Karthik is a daring guy
who is coming on valentine’s day with two girls. This is about the movie.
How do you manage in real life? Why are you
laughing? – I am curious. How do you manage? The one who is a friend.. Girlfriends.. Wow. Girls who are
friends.. – Wonderful. Okay.
– I am very loyal. Okay.
– And.. I don’t manage anything.
I don’t have to manage I am only loving
today on the reel life. I am sorry in real life. Why does he keep saying
today, tomorrow, real, reel. Very confused girl, girlfriend
– I am a one-woman man. What’s going on?
– One-woman man One-woman man.
– at a time! at a time! Dad’s looking. Don’t say yes. So,
I don’t have to manage. That’s good
– You aren’t able to manage to hide the
facts. – It seems to be hard. You are getting confused. On the valentine’s day,
you see in small towns boys don’t come out lest
someone may call them brother Some go out
wearing helmets. Like Dinesh who used
to wear his dad’s helmet. He wasn’t caught but
recognising the helmet his mom caught his dad. And Pande who is on the
drums wearing headphones has even more
funny escapades. He went to meet his
girlfriend wearing a burqa. His girlfriend’s mom
felt he was a girl and ask him to do household
work along with them. The next day when
his girlfriend asked him if he wouldn’t
come to meet her he wanted to know if
her mother had more house work? You had said
in an interview that you want to
date Karthik. – Yes, Sir. Some interview!
– She is laughing. What happens is when girls
search for their life partner so obviously they want
them to be like her father since daughters
are father’s princess. They want their man
to treat her just like that. Do you feel
he has such qualities? How much do you earn? Because going by the show,
the bottom line was if you have money,
you can take the girl. I have given her my back
account number – Don’t lie Yes, I have.
– How many zeros does it have? Come on, tell it.
– You know it. Tell me.
– It has increased. Okay, Sir. If he has money, he
can take me as my father says. The girl is quite
clear. – Yes. She is clear. That’s a good trait.
– One should be clear. That’s how it
should be. – Yes. Like Sara is doing
‘Love Aaj Kal’ Mr. Saif is doing
‘Jawani Janeman’. Is that funny?
– Yes. He is such
handsome guy. – Very handsome. So, when you meet you dad,
do you call him dad or dude? I call him ‘Abba’.
– You call him ‘abba’. Mr. Saif is very cute.
I love him. We get to hear
such funny instances like we heard
about Karthik – Yes. where Imtiyaz had told you about
this story in the washroom. So, who was under
more pressure, you or him? Is this true? We weren’t in the
washroom at the same time. Never?
– Never. How sweet.
Karthik is explaining. Maybe half a
time! – What’s half? All you must have seen
that there is good chemistry in Karthik’s movie. Karthik, you do romantic
scenes with much conviction. Were you following
the director’s instructions or was it natural? I am a natural actor. I really appreciate. Sara.
– Yes. You are from
a royal family. So, Archana wanted
to ask.. – Hey! I had told her..
– Okay. Go ahead. So, she wanted to ask if
you ever had lice in your head? Now that’s
a rich man’s question. I did get them
while in the school once. There is a comb..
– Yes, lice combs. The fine toothed..
– Fine toothed. Did you get them too? I had lots of them
– Lots? It is a house.
Even lice want house. We have some questions
from the audience. I will ask on
their behalf. – Okay. They say if the road
is filled with water did you even
jump in that? – Yes. Did you do it?
– Though not purposefully but must
have done it as a kid. Did you Karthik? – No, the
auto splashed it on me. Have you ever eat tamarind
outside the school and eat it? Yes, not tamarind
but the tamarind candies. I used to get it
outside Jamuna Bai. I never went to Jamuna Bai but I used to buy
the candies there. So, everyone has
done the same pranks. Yes,
most might have done it. Did you ever sign
your own report cards? I never needed to do that. You are an
intelligent girl. – Yes. I don’t know the use
but I am intelligent. What about you?
– Always. Look they agree. I think such kids
are quite talented. because the talent..
– Go ahead. Look, I will take
his side. – Yes, that’s obvious. God bless you. Did you ever eat gum
and struck it somewhere? – Yes. and did you eat it
again? – No. I put it on the
hair. – On yours? Why would I do
that? – Who knows? He can drink
petrol! – I won’t do that. No one drinks petrol.
They smell it. I am asking
this just as a joke. One should not put
gum on someone’s hair. Have you ever tried
pushing a torn currency? Many times.
I used the cello tape. so the whole
thing matches. So, no one
notices. – No one notices. If we have a many notes,
put it in between Hide it in
between. – Yes. I have done
it many times. In Punjab,
you can do that after 8 p.m. It is dark and
no one notices. Yes, dark – Mainly
in winters when there is fog. Have you ever played? I would like to ask Sara.
Karthik must have played it. Do you know ‘stapu’?
They play it like this? Yes. Did you also play it?
– Yes. Then we are
also royal family. We also play
the same games. Sara, what do they call it?
– Hopscotch What? You aren’t royal family. Hop.. Hopscotch.
– I didn’t know that I was playing
hopscotch. We were playing hopscotch.
– Hopscotch. We used to call it
‘langdi taang’. – ‘Langdi.’ We used to call it ‘taapu’.
Hopscotch. Hopscotch.
– It sounds good. Hopscotch.
I also enjoy it. It sounds like
an indoor game. You cannot guess
that you have to draw lines on the mud and play.
Hopscotch. Rich people use such words.
– Oh, ho! They make poor games
also rich. – Yes. That’s true. We made your dad play
the tyre game. He did it perfectly. Very good.
– Yes. Yes, he beat Kapil
in the game. That’s not the big deal.
– What? Ms. Archana used to play
marbles with the boys. Hello, Kapil. Oh, wow! Hello. How are you, Kapil? Hello. How are you?
Are you doing good? Oh, my God! The team of
‘Love Aaj Kal’ is here. Ms. Archana, nobody tells me
who comes and goes. I am also shameless.
I check from the window. Hi, Sara. Is everything ‘Simmba’?
– Yes. A lot. You come here.
– Coming. Hi, Kartik.
Touch my feet first. My baby. Is everything ‘dheeme dheeme’? Come, sit. Well, let me tell you
something. – Yes. You’re moving fast
by singing ‘dheeme dheeme’. She is the fourth girl
with you here. Aunt..
– Wait till the end of the year. Yes. They are his heroines.
He has worked with them. Are they his heroines? I am also talking
about the heroines. I have not spoken
about the other topic yet. And whose name’s tattoo
do you have? What! Let it be. I have got somebody’s
name tattooed. Show the tattoo
to the people. You got a tattoo
at this age. What if I got
the tattoo done? The one whom I got
the tattoo done for is sitting in front
of me today. Well, his name is Manish. I used to call him Harsh
with love. Look at this. Wow, Kammo! I’ve told you many times not to come on the show
and disturb us. Am I disturbing you?
– Yes. I have started
disturbing you now. Mr. Archana,
did you hear that? I am disturbing. Kids these days
have changed a lot. – Yes. Look whom
I am complaining to. She has changed
great people. Aunt, why have you
come here? My kids have come.
I have come to feed them. You serve fruits
at 9:30 p.m. I have told you
so many times not to serve fruits
at night. Take this.
My kids have come. Sara, I’ve seen you doing
the household chores. Peel these potatoes
quickly. Quickly.
Peel the potatoes quickly. I’ll put ‘Ajwain’
and coriander leaves and make ‘Parathas’
for you. Aunt.
– Yes. She belongs to the royal family.
– No, wait a moment. You are making her
peel potatoes. What if she belongs
to the royal family? Should I make her peel
Aurangzeb? She has lost a lot
of weight. Don’t you eat well, Sara? And look at Kartik. What have you done
to your face? You have got
such sharp face. Listen to me. Your face will hurt
your friend someday. That is how sharp
your face is. Aunt, this is called
the jawline. All the heroes..
– Where is yours? I don’t have a jawline. Where is your jawline? Jawline! All the heroes
have a jawline. Why don’t you have it? Is it expensive?
– Why don’t you have it? I am not a hero. Stop lying.
You were a hero in ‘Firangi’. Did anybody watch it? Don’t say that. Kittu, all good?
– All good. Aunt, stop calling him Kittu. His name is Kartik Aaryan. He may be Kartik Aaryan
for the world. He is my Kittu for me. He was a child when Ms. Mala
would leave him with me. He was very smart. He would pass urine
slowly, slowly. I am telling you
the truth. Ms. Archana, he was a kid.
Two teeth were out. All the girls in the colony
would roam like carrots. He was the rabbit. I know everything. Come on, teach me
the dance steps first. Has he come here
to teach dance? Really? He can teach Deepika
at the airport. Can’t he teach me
at the bus stand? Are you Nora Fatehi
to teach you dance? Ask the men who feel
‘Saaki Saaki’ when they watch
my dance. Wait a moment.
Oh, my God! My Sara. Look at her.
She looks exactly like Amrita. Yes. Did your mom tell you
anything about me? Didn’t she tell you?
I’ll tell you. I am everyone’s
paternal aunt. But, Sara, I am
your maternal aunt. How are you
her maternal aunt? Your mom and I
studied together in Delhi. Your mom would
always tell me where we would be
during our young days. She is in Mumbai today
and I am in Karol Bagh. Aunt, can’t you say
something sensible? You always talk nonsense
whenever you come. Wait a moment.
Let’s talk something sensible. Kartik, I had watched
your movie ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’.
– Okay. I am also going through
the same situation. Who? You never told me
that there was another woman between uncle and you. No, there was nobody
between uncle and me. In fact, I am the one
between Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari. Hey! You know, mom
sometimes tells me that I look more like dad
than her. Oh, ho!
Dr. Manish, what do I say? Shall I tell everyone?
Those were the days when Mr. Manish had
just become a doctor and he had started
practising. What do you mean?
– What do you mean? I had just started
falling sick. Oh, wow!
It was great fun. He couldn’t listen
to my heartbeats openly. – Yes. That is why he would
put on his headphones and listen to
my heartbeats. Headphone. He was not listening
to your heartbeats. That is called a checkup. He puts the stethoscope
and checks the patients. What!
– Yes. I don’t know
about the checkup. Checkup! Stop talking nonsense. There was magic
in Dr. Manish’s hands. Oh, God! Ms. Archana, my BP
would increase and he would entwine
his fingers with mine. My BP would decrease. Ms. Mala, close your ears.
I want.. I want to say something
to Kartik. – Tell me. What do you want
to tell him? Let me tell you
something, Kartik. It was during the summers.
– Okay. I had a stone in my kidney
and he had a camp. He also had just got
a moustache. I couldn’t tell anyone
about the stone due to my fear. I was standing in fear. He came from behind
and held my stomach. He came close to my neck
and whispered this in my ears. ‘Kammo!’ Kammo? Kapil, I felt shy. He told me not to worry. The stone goes out
by drinking water. Kartik! What’s wrong in that?
He just gave an advice. What’s the big deal?
– The stone got washed out. But the doctor
still resides in my heart. Ms. Kammo, it’s good
that you did not narrate this story earlier. Otherwise, his dad
would act in ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ and not mine.
We got saved. We got saved. Aunt, are you done? Give me the potatoes.
Have you peeled them? It’s done. – The potatoes
have also been peeled. The potatoes have been peeled. But I want to
tell you something. Tell your dad when
your mom is not around. Why should I hide? I will tell him
in front of everyone. Mr. Manish, I still drink
hot water on empty stomach every morning. Hot water
on empty stomach. Bye, dear. Bye.
I’ll make a move. I would like to apologise
on her behalf. We don’t invite her.
She comes on her own. What can we do? Sara, we have
an interesting game for both of you. You have to mimic
some sounds. Tell me. – You
have to mimic some sounds. And he will have to guess it. Kartik will have to guess it.
Yes. We will judge your chemistry
on this basis. Oh, ho!
– Yes, come on. Our chemistry is good.
– Oh, ho! Come on. Okay. Dog.
– Are you mad? What is ‘bow bow’ then? Goat.
– Very good. Oh!
– Sara. This animal is Sara. This is not an animal. All the sounds are
not of animals. This is a different sound. Camera.
– Very good. Sara. You are saying Sara
for everything. Come on. Snore.
– Very good. Raveena Tandon. Oh! Water. Tap. From where? Shower.
– Yes. Camera. Camera is done, Kartik.
– Okay. Camera is done. Door.
– Who said it? Very good. Which door makes
this sound? It is an old door.
– Who guessed it? Was it you? No, the door..
– Yes. His chemistry seems to be
better with her. Look at that. I’ll show you
our chemistry now. Oh, God!
What is this? Cold drink.
– Yes. Last one. Cooking. Cooker. Cooker.
– Yes. – Cooker. He also guessed it.
He’s your gift. They are bringing my gift. Should I bring him
on stage? Yes, bring him.
– He’s scared. Why are you scared? No, Mr. Kartik.
She guessed it. Are you telling
Ms. Archana? She pressurised him. Didn’t you whistle? He’s saying that he wants
his chemistry with her. The whistle came
from somewhere else and not your mouth. Okay. As you all know,
‘Love Aaj Kal’ is releasing on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day begins
seven days earlier. Rose day, kiss day,
hug day. There are many days.
– Yes. Our audience may have
interesting stories related to Valentine’s Day. You can share
your stories with us. Come, Kartik and Sara.
– Yes. Please sit.
Yes, give the mic to ma’am. Hi, my name is Kiara. Hi.
– Hi, Kaira. Welcome. Hi. My birthday
is on Valentine’s Day. Oh, wow!
– Oh! Yes. So, we have my birthday
celebration at home and mom thinks she is
celebrating Valentine’s Day. Okay. – Actually, I am the
one who gets pampered more. This happened
three years ago. Mom woke up in the morning
and she opened the balcony. Okay. – The balcony was filled
with white and red roses. Okay.
– Mom thought dad has given it. Is your mom seated next
to you? – This is my mom. Your mom is actually
very beautiful. Thank you. I know.
– Welcome, ma’am. Then? But everybody knows
that it was for me. You might have had
a misunderstanding. Your dad might have
got it for her. That’s possible.
– That is also possible. But the thing is,
it is still a mystery. So, we don’t know
who got what. But both the situations benefitted your dad. Isn’t it?
– Yes. The daughter thinks
it’s her birthday celebration. Yes.
– The wife thinks it is for her. Hasn’t your dad come
with you? He has gone
to the office. Are you sure? Check if he’s decorating
somebody’s balcony. The matter is..
– Where have you come from? We are from Bombay itself.
– Okay. It was a pleasure
meeting you. Thank you.
– Wow! Did you get
married recently? Congratulations to you. How long has it
been since your marriage? Please, give her a mic. It’s just been 10 days. 10 days?
– Yes. So, you came here
for a vacation? This was my dream. This was your dream?
That’s sweet, thank you. Thank you.
– Let’s ask her husband. I think his dream
is something else. Sir, where are you from? I’m from Jaipur, sir.
– Jaipur.. Congratulation
to you on your wedding. May God bless you. You both look
cute together. Thank you. Mr. Kapil, is that her
husbands photo on her t-shirt. Where?
– It states ‘he is mine.’ Is it his photo
on the t-shirt? ‘He is mine.’ He is mine. Oh, it’s his photo?
– It’s his photo? Wow..
You.. He used to look
like you when he was thin. I didn’t want to marry
but since he said your name. I got married. Why didn’t you get her
photo printed on your t-shirt? Sir, I had her photo
printed on the t-shirt. In fact, I impressed her
using your name. What? My name is Abhay Sharma. I told her that
my name is Sharma. She used to address the
boys in college as brother. I told her that my
name is Kapil Sharma. So, she stopped
calling me brother. Then, we started getting
to know each other better. On valentine’s day
I told her that I will take you to watch
‘Kapil Sharma Show’ during our honeymoon. How sweet.. Yes..
– Congratulations to you guys. It was nice meeting you.
Thank you.. Ms. Archana, behind you..
– Who? A beautiful guest
is sitting behind you. I thought Jacqueline Fernandez
was sitting in the audience. Oh..
– Actually. Hi, Jacqueline. Hi how are you?
– Welcome. Where are you from? London. You understand Hindi? I understand a little bit. My friend here,
understands more. She is your friend?
– Yes. And the lady
sitting next to you? She is my friend as well. Okay.
You have beautiful friends. Are you an Indian? Yes.
I’m an Indian. You’re an Indian
and you don’t know Hindi? Which language
do you know? I know Punjabi.
– She knows Punjabi. You know Punjabi?
– Yes. Yes, I know a little.
– You should’ve told me earlier. I’ve been struggling
to speak in English. You look very beautiful.
Thank you so much for coming. I’ll be coming
to London very soon. We are coming to
Wembley arena very soon. Oh nice, we’ll come
and watch you. Thank you.
I’ll give you a pass. Don’t buy the ticket. Oh, my God! All right. You just.. – She will give
that pass to her husband. No, she is not married. Are you married?
– Yes, I am married. You can find
the tickets online. Oh, but jokes apart. Welcome.. Welcome. Anybody else who would
like to share their story. Yes, sir. You’re pretty quick.
– Greetings, sir. Greetings. Greetings, ma’am.
– Greetings. Greetings..
What is your name? My name is Jagdish Bagora
and I’m from Indore. Jagdish Bagora?
– Yes. Have you ran
and come from there? I love a girl.
Since 8 years. You have got
her name tattooed? Yes, sir. I’ve been in love
with her for 8 years. I want to propose her. You think this
is a marriage parlour? No, sir. The entire nation
watches your show. So.. It’s a show
of laughter, fun and love. My work will be done
because of your show. Propose whole heartedly. I love you!
I love you a lot. Be a little romantic.
Don’t be like donation seekers. Like this.. It feels as
though you have come from NGO and you’re
asking for donations. Be a little romantic.
Be romantic like Shahrukh Khan. I love you and I’m going
to propose to you on 20th Feb. Run away. Continue..
I’m sorry to interrupt. Sorry, I.. Since I’ve
already got married I have no interest
in all this. You continue.. Sir, you please help me. I’m helping you. I’ve sent the
camera man to focus on you. He has not
got married yet. But he has
come to help you. Say what you
feel like saying. Go ahead.. I love you.
I love you a lot. I’m going to propose
you on 20th Feb for marriage. So, please don’t say no. Yes.
Don’t reject him. Our best wishes
are with you. May your wish come true. Okay, sir.
Thank you. This movie is going
to release on Valentine’s day. We are talking about love. Many people shared
their Valentine’s story. If there you have love story
that you would like to share. Please, go ahead.
Yes, sir. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Greetings..
– Greetings. My name is Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar.
– Amazing.. Where are you
from, Mr. Kishore? I’m a resident of Patna, Bihar. Welcome on the show. I worked for the army.
I just got retired yesterday. Army?
– Is it? Wow.. We all are friends How are you? Welcome..
All your friends are from army? Welcome, sir.
– Welcome. When my alliance
was fixed in 2006. All right. We don’t go to see the girl. Okay. Mom and dad would
go and see the girl. Sarah, are you listening?
– Yes. They don’t go
and see the girl. Their mom and dad
makes the decision. Then? I was on duty
during that time. Okay. When I got home, I somehow
managed to get the number. Whose number? His future wife’s number.
– My future wife’s number. Okay. And I started talking to her.
– I see. We used to have
a little conversation. Later, I thought of turning this
into a love story. I see. Then?
– Then.. One day, I told her
that I would like to meet her. Because my vacation
would get over. And I would leave after
some days. – I see. She was reluctant
at the beginning. She said that
that her family is too strict. Later, she agreed
to meet me. – I see. She didn’t come out
when I reached there. Later, she asked me
to come to the terrace. I see.
– My friend accompanied me. We went on a bike.
I was wearing a helmet. – I see. So that no one could
recognise me. – I see. She came to the terrace.
She moved few steps ahead. After that, she started running.
– Why? Because her mom
came from behind. Your story is so cute. Thank you for sharing
your story with us. Thank you, sir.
– Thank you very much. Any other friend.. Yes, sir. Hello, Mr. Kapil.
– Hello. My name is Ankit.
Ankit Soni. I am from Chhindwara,
Madhya Pradesh. Ankit Soni.
– Yes. – Welcome to Sony. My story is..
I came to Pune in 2009 to pursue my MBA.
– I see. So..
She is my wife. Greetings.
Welcome to our show. We came to pursue MBA.
– I see. We just took our admission. Both girls and boys
had the same hostel. Where is it? No, our floors were different. Even I want to pursue MBA. I see.
Then? Swine flu broke out in Pune
during that period. Oh..
– Oh.. Actually, what happened..
– Tragedy from romance.. Then? There were 30 students
on our batch. And there were only 3 girls.
– Sad. She developed swine flu.
– I see. Among 3 girls, one developed
swine flu. – Exactly. I see.
– I thought that only one girl was
decent looking. And she developed swine flu.
So I.. I wouldn’t let anything
happen to her. I would save her life. ‘I wouldn’t let anything
happen to her.’ I left no stone unturned.
I called the doctor. I took care of her.
I gave her medicines on time. Food and other things..
– Wow! After that, I felt that we could
have a chemistry between us. Did you fall in love
with each other? Or did she get married to you
in return of your service? Sir, he took good care of me.
So I was impressed with him. Very good.
– He is a genuine person. After that..
– No, it’s good. Husband cum servant.. No..
– When did you get married? It took 7 years to
convince parents. – I see. Things didn’t work initially.
She was not convince. I see.
Even she was not convinced. Yes, she is aggressive
in nature. So.. Whenever I thought
of proposing her I feared that she would slap me.
– I see. I thought of going step by step.
– Yes. What I did..
She is fond of tea. I got to know about this.
– I see. I used to prepare tea at night and asked her to come
to the terrace. I used to serve her tea.
– Wow! Sometimes..
At the time of exam I used to prepare notes.
Once I asked her to come to the terrace at 12 midnight.
I told her that I made a deal
with management and brought the question paper
for her. She.. Oh, God!
– You are spilling the beans. Don’t take the name
of the college. I see.
After that? So I put a lot of efforts. Finally, our parents agreed
after 7 years. When they agreed,
I immediately took a flight and reached Ajmer.
– I see. Finally, both our parents agreed
and we are happy now. It’s a lovely story.
– Thank you. – Nice. Thank you. Thank you for sharing
your story with us. Kartik, Sara.
– Yes, sir. We talked a lot to both of you.
– Yes. But our audience has made
some allegations against you. I see. They want you to defend
yourselves in ‘Top Ki Adaalat’. We will set up a court here.
– Okay. And you will be tried
in this court. Are you guys ready? We don’t have an option.
There is.. Okay, let’s proceed. Order! Order! Order! All the characters
and this court are fake except both of them. I, Bhoori, the judge
of this court greet Kartik Aryaan,
Sara Ali Khan and all our viewers. ‘Istaqbal.
– ‘Istaqbal?’ This is ‘Top Ki Adaalat’.
This is not a poetry festival. Mind your own business
putting on this cheap makeup. Let’s start the proceeding
of the court. Great! What have you gained
ruining someone’s life? What have you gained
by forcing him to stay home? Poor guy!
He used to keep smiling. You have forced him
to stay home. Whom are you talking to?
– I am talking to them. This is a remote. Oh, my God!
Sara Ali Khan. – Hi. You are so cute! I feel like becoming
a teddy bear You hug me and upload
the photo on Instagram. Make me viral. I like that. Shall I tell you something? My romantic soul
is feeling suffocated inside. There is only a little
romance left inside me. Save that. Take me on a vacation.
You enjoy scuba diving. I will go for fishing. Mr. Arora, you are
wasting the court’s time. For the past three years,
you have been wasting Sony TV’s time,
money, and costumes. Did I say anything to you? If the money spent on you
was spent on him then he would’ve looked
like Nora Fatehi. Why are you laughing?
I suspend you right now. She can’t tolerate
the new artists making improvement. Keep this. I am leaving. Now you be the court attender.
Come here. Excuse me!
This is a court and not anyone’s house where
you can make anyone the judge and make the judge
be the court attender. Got a point. For arguing with the judge,
you are being sentenced to run a ‘Pani Puri’ stall
in Juhu beach. What kind of a punishment
is that? A tangy one. I have been craving some tangy
food for many days now. I fear that I will
become a mother. Oh, God! Come, let’s start
the proceedings. I am the judge. It feels good sitting here. The lawyer from the opposition,
step forward. This is the hand of a labourer. You brought the labourer’s
hand again. He has to do his work.
Give him his hand back. You yell so much..
– He took my hand so I brought his. It can melt iron
and change its shape. I have a question for you.
When you melt the iron and change its shape,
can you change it back to iron if you don’t like it? It’s just a question, my Lord. You are very funny.
– I thought you were vomiting. First of all,
I am accusing Sara Ali Khan. Oh. You are very cute. But you are not as cute.. What?
– I mean, you are not as cute as you pretend to be. That’s what I am trying to say. He’s trying.
– Then she is accusing you of trying to look like humans. He isn’t an actual human being. He is a devil. Oh!
– And let me tell you that being evil is prohibited here.
– Oh God! Hey!
– Hey.. If you yell like that,
I will wet my pants. I don’t care. Let it happen if it happens. You are not focusing
on the case. My case has Sara’s attention. Let me tell you something, Sara.
– Yes, please. I am the judge to these people.
– Okay. To you, I am a boyfriend. You are a judge. What kind
of things are you saying? All right. If women can judge
their boyfriends then why can’t they make
a judge their boyfriend? This is open end and shirt case. Hey! You cannot flirt like this
in the court. You can break wind
in a crowded court room. But I am not allowed to flirt. This is the open
and fart case, Your Honour. Oh my God!
– Sara. Yes.
– You cannot hide the crimes behind your cute smile. You will definitely be punished. Let’s see who saves you. I will save Sara, you fool.
– No one’s saving me. Tell me where to go? I am Anil Kapoor. I might reach
LA if you don’t tell me. I see. So you are going to
fight against Sara. Hey, you ‘Himachali Momos’
looking guy. You look like a shed
for buffaloes. You will look like a food stall
if you go to the market. And you look like a fete
going on in a big village. I have one too. You look like
the Bengali saint’s apprentice. Take a break. Okay, the pleasure is all mine..
– Hold on a minute. Who fights such
cases in a court? Great! This lady can speak too. This lady..
– Wow! You know what? I have dealt
with better people than you. Acting smart. What? Anyone can deal with them. If you are not a coward..
Sorry. If you have the courage, then
let me see you quit dancing. Like I have been trying
to tell you for a long time. Damini is innocent.
Let her go. Mr. Thakraal has
fooled the court. Considering this nonsense.. I acquit Mr. Malhotra
of all charges. Judge, who is Mr. Malhotra? Where is your
mother Damini then? Where is Malhotra? Don’t I get the chance? You know..
You’re cheating! I don’t play with cheaters.
This is cheating. Hold on.
Wait. Before we start
the proceedings I want to tell
my talented colleague that I’ve never lost
a case in my life. I’d like to tell my talented
colleague that that I have never,
in my life fought a case. What do you mean?
Anyway, forget it. I’d like to start by presenting
a few documents. I’d like to present some
‘non-veg documents’ in the case. What do you mean
by ‘non-veg documents’? Well, if can present
some documents why can’t I present
some non-veg? What are you trying
to do here? You’ve got ‘non-veg documents’.
I don’t care. But my documents were
always ‘veg’ they are ‘veg’ and they
always will be. Hey, you. Stop blabbering about ‘veg’,
you fool. You’re talking nonsense. No matter how much rubbish
you talk Sara and I are going
to win this case. Can I tell you something?
– Yes. I can help you win this case.
I know the judge you see. Wait a minute.
You are the judge. Yes, well.. I know myself. And let me tell you
a secret. Yes.
– Okay. I watch myself naked
every day. And I’d like to appeal
to ‘Sony TV’ that I should be given ‘Z Plus’
security while changing. I want to appeal to ‘Sony TV’ that they give us
a proper judge. Please.
– Hey! Old woman. I’m going to smack you
with this hammer. Don’t try to..
Get out! Go stand in front
of the brass band. I’m tired of you.
– Excuse me, Sir! I’ve got tons of pending cases. Let me drink some water
without your nonsense. You may proceed. My next allegation
is that Sara Ali Khan has been observed to leave
her house in a dress even though she knows how
much I like girls in dress. First of all,
you can’t come to Mumbai because of the way you sang. You’re not allowed
to even go your home! My Lord.. – Find a nice big hole
and sit inside it. I’ll have a truck go over it. My Lord, you saw this bear
going crazy in the film city. I thought you were just
impersonating Anil Kapoor badly. You sing so badly too. You can’t come to Mumbai but you can you were better than him. Lawyers, Judge,
this isn’t ‘Indian Idol’! You’ve been standing idle
for so long. Here, pick lice from this.
– Oh, God! And leave the big ones. Judge, my healthy friend.. Healthy friend.. He’s idle.. – He has accused
Sara.. – Okay.. …that she wears dresses.
– Yes. I have a few pictures I’d like
to present in the court. Go ahead. Oh! Sara Ali Khan’s
Instagram account. Now this is glamour.
Look! You haven’t seen
me when I’m glamorous. She uploaded a picture
of her in a bikini on social media the other day. In a bikini? – The picture
was so bad that the bikini stopped selling. Look, you’re getting
personal now. She uploaded another
picture that day with a caption of,
‘Chilling in Maldives’. People of Maldives commented,
‘We don’t have a hand in this’. I’ll beat you up
if you mess with me. ‘Katia, this a labour’s hand!’
– Return it! A labour’s hand..
Bring your own hand! He’s got a labour’s hand,
hair of a witch.. God knows.. ‘I melt iron
and change its shape!’ I’ve been hearing
this for 50 years! ‘I melt iron
and change its shape..’ Here, take this rod of iron.. Change its shape. I was a lock for a door.
Make it. Do it. Kartik, my bathroom
doesn’t have a lock. Okay.. Whenever people see me inside,
they make fun of me. Oh, my God!
This is an open bathroom case! Sara, I dismiss your case and you’re punished
with death penalty. Very good..
– What the heck are you saying? I’m breaking the pen’s nib.
You’re going to die. You can’t punish the lawyer
with death penalty. The nib didn’t break.
You’re saved. You don’t want death penalty?
– I don’t. Well, give it to him then.
I haven’t been able to sell even any death penalty today. Be the first customer.. I made you Anil Kapoor. Anil.. – Am I mimicking
him properly? My Lord, focus on the case.
– Just a minute, who’s my lord? You are. – Am I the judge
or my lord? You’re the judge! He’s calling me my lord! That’s what lawyers
call the judge. You witch!
Don’t confuse me. I’m being called
judge and my lord.. What the.. Love! My next allegation
is against Kartik Aryan. In the original film
‘Love Aaj Kal’ was starred by Saif Ali Khan and you’re in its reboot. You took the film
from Saif Ali Khan! Look here, you puffed bread! What the heck
have you been saying! You’re just accusing
the two of them! I did.. – Bring the man who
accused them here! Wow.. Oh, God! Will you hit him first
or should I do it? You beat him. You’re mimicking
Saif Ali Khan so badly that you should
just start begging. You’ll at least
get something to eat. Don’t you come at me barking
for my acting. I’ll have to throw
you a biscuit. Wow! Sara is here! Hi, Sara.
I’m a big fan of yours. Big fan? How are you? Look, you’re wearing
a wig for Sanjay Dutt.. She’s from a family of nawabs and you’re from
a family of beggars. Don’t you dare call
yourself her fan! Why do you care
what family I’m from? People like him can’t
be handled like that. Sara, I watched
the trailer of your film. It was amazing! I could only say one thing.
– What is it? – Wow.. Wow.. First, go and relieve yourself. Kartik, I’ve got a request
to you as a friend. Okay..
– If she proves worthless get me a boiler
in exchange of these two. Do you want to say anything? I never complained even when
you made me a woman. Do you think I’d say
anything now? Wow! Change your gender
from him at low rates! I’ll tell you what? Put your hand on this
and swear to act only like Saif. And you swear to act
like Anil Kapoor and not dance like Govinda! That’s right. So what? I copy my uncle.
What do you have against that? My Lord, I want to tell you that
Kartik Aryan has stolen my film. Oh!
– I’ll believe you. – Okay. Just speak
in Saif Ali Khan’s voice. It’s not like he’s
accurately mimicking Shah Rukh Khan’s voice. Hey! – Look.. – If you don’t
believe me, you can ask Chunkey Pandey over there. Look here! I’m Anil Kapoor! You tell him, Mr. Amrish Puri! Hey, Ashraf Ali.. Shut up! Wow.. Oh, God..
– What’s going on.. If Taimur sees you mimicking
Saif so badly he’ll have you thrashed
by his nanny. Sara.. You guys are just
speaking nonsense. I request to everyone watching
this channel.. I’m going to some other channel. Changing channels
doesn’t do anything. I came from that channel. This is all you have. I take my statement back.
– That’s good. A couple are yet to come.
– No! No one else will be coming. We already have a lot
of people here. Rather, a couple
of you have to go. All right, there’s the door.
Get out! – Get out.. You seem like
you’re having fun. I’ll thrash you if you laugh
at me! Wow..
– Oh, God! I’ll thrash you if you say
‘wow’ again. I’ll thrash you if you laugh!
Wow! You can try!
– Wow.. Wow..
– Hey.. Wow..
– Hey.. Wow..
– Hey.. – I hurt my leg.. Who made this! Looking at their animalistic
behaviour, I request Sony Set.. They to be in a zoo. Zoo.. – My inner animal
has been awaken as well. If anyone makes
any weird sounds again I’ll stab you with this! Sara.. – Wow..
– You.. That fell.. I’m pronouncing
the judgement. – Okay.. Sara.
– Okay. – You’re free. So I’m going to Goa with you. Come on. The court proceedings end now. Please keep on giving you love
to our favourite show ‘Kapil Sharma Show’.
– Thank you.. Keep smiling and laughing,
keep your surroundings clean and keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. – Wow!

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100 Replies to “The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 114 – Full Episode – 9th February, 2020”

  1. Sara be like: ak bar crush kiya bol diya yeh(Karthik) to pecai he padh gaya. 😂😂

    Moral: crush ko crush ki tara hee rehna cahiya.🤗🤗

  2. Whats the point of wearing such skimpy clothes we r asians it doesnt suits us , she is sitting crosslegged , constantly at unease pulling it down

  3. I love Sara so much.. But why today I'm feeling like that she is showing attitude like maiN heroine huh inn sabsey badhi Huh rich huh.. Just it's my point of view .the way she looking kartik parents ,it looks like she's watching them with's just my point which I feel..😊but Im her fan❤AK fan honay Kay natay dil ki baat boldi mainey. Maybe I'm wrong 😊

  4. Sara looked uncomfortable because of her short dress… So she was more focused on how to hide her legs in that short dress rather than their jokes..

  5. Subscribe my channel for amazing content related to food recipes and health tips
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  6. Subscribe my channel for amazing content related to food recipes and health tips
    I will be grateful 🙂

  7. Subscribe my channel for amazing content related to food recipes and health tips
    I will be grateful 🙂

  8. Subscribe my channel for amazing content related to food recipes and health tips
    I will be grateful 🙂

  9. The show was not up to the expectations. Sara was so uncomfortable with her dress and the presence of Kartik’s parents. She was little bit sarcastic with Kartick as well. Kartik behaves like a humble guy and tried to engage sare during the show. I like both sara and kartik but this time sara disappointed alot 🙁

  10. Archana please reduce your irritating laughs and try some thoughtful comments about the show, wish Sidhu comes back soon. Love his ‘shairee’.

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