The My Favorite Web Designs Approach To SEO

The My Favorite Web Designs Approach To SEO

Getting started on SEO is different for every customer because every customer starts SEO at a different point. Some customers have had their websites for years and have been engaged in social media and blogging, and are starting relatively far along the Search Engine Optimization path. Other customers have just built their websites or just switched to brand new domains and have groundwork they must lay for SEO to be truly effective. SEO is known as Organic Search Optimization. And the reason it is called Organic is because it must appear natural to Google and to the search engines how it is done. If we are overly aggressive or if we try to optimize too fast, we can be penalized, which would prevent SEO from ever being effective. So, it’s very important when starting your search optimization program to be sure that the person who is gonna be handling the marketing has a plan that takes into account penalties from Panda, Penguin and Google’s Hummingbird update to their search algorithm. One of the most important parts of avoiding these penalties is to have a good foundation of social engagement with your consumers. So, one of the first things that My Favorite Web Designs looks at when they establish an SEO program for a client, is how their social media is currently set up. Do they have a Facebook page? Do they have their clients invited to their Facebook page? Do they have a Google+ and LinkedIn page for their company as well as their personal accounts? Do they have a public spokesperson for their company representing them on social media? These are all different things that are part of a brand’s success and we look at that when we’re putting together an initial SEO program for a client. Of course, optimization on the website is part of the initial assessment including keyword density, title, and meta descriptions, Facebook OG tags, integration with social media, the ability to share, consistency of name, address, and phone number on the website, the use of anchor texts and links, the Alt texts on images and many other on-page factors are all examined as part of the initial assessment for onsite optimization. We also look at what links can be built for the site and we look for low hanging fruit. For instance, many companies may not have ever had a Twitter account or on their Twitter account may never have included their URL in their profile section, which is the only do-follow link from Twitter and a PR9. So, we look for low hanging fruit and links that we can get for the client that will be of high value and totally legitimate in the eyes of Google. We also established Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics tracking on our websites very early on, so that we can see the progress and results from our work. We also track a sampling of keywords, so we can see how we’re moving in the search engine ranking positionings. Though we have to look at the traffic and analytics as well, because a good SEO is not only interested in the search traffic, but also in the social media traffic and referral traffic that they can achieve. One of the things that really sets My Favorite Web Designs apart from other Arizona Search Engine Optimization companies is our monthly reporting. We send detailed spreadsheets with a timesheet tab that shows the amount of time spent on each and every task for the month. We bill our search engine program at $25 an hour for basic optimization tasks, $40 an hour for graphic design, and $50 an hour for web design work, and we reflect every single minute of it in the timesheet tab on our monthly report. We also have the rankings in there as well as the usernames and passwords for every account that we create for you, which is especially important because you wanna have copies of your social media passwords and your Yelp login and your Thumbtack and all your different local accounts, so that you’ll be able to manage of those on your own or with the help of My Favorite Web Designs. But every good business manager should have a copy and backup of their passwords and accounts, which is why we include it every month in our monthly report. If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your unique SEO situation, please give me a call at 480-335-1330 or you can email me at [email protected] and I’d love to help you out with any optimization queries you might have.

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