The Power Of Belief

The Power Of Belief

Hey guys! My name is Patrick Cogen and in this video
I’m going to talk about the power of belief so stay tuned… If you are new to this channel be sure to
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level. If you look around yourself you can see all
these amazing buildings cars different architecture and lots of other stuff and it wouldn’t have
been possible without first having belief. If you have some kind of dream something
you want to see or achieve you need to believe that it is possible that you can do this,
that you can turn your dream into reality. The most important is to believe in yourself
believe that something is possible first and when you pursue it that’s actually the first
step. Because without that belief you wouldn’t even
start you wouldn’t take any action toward your dream or goal. You would be just sitting around doing nothing. In fact if you don’t believe that something
is possible you are going to stay in the same place you were several years ago. There is a saying “When I see it then I will
believe it” and this is not true at all. The truth is that when you believe it then
you will see it. Everything that you wanna achieve or create
in your life has to start in your mind first. Everything starts with a thought a vision
or an idea and you need to believe in it first. You need to get exicted and passionate about
it in order to go after it. You have to believe in yourself you have
to have that trust. Although you don’t have any references or
anything that would support that but you have to trust that it is possible. You just know it inside of you and you have
that faith that whatever it is you are trying to get or achieve it is going to work out
as long as you put yourself out there and take action towards it. Believing in yourself or trusting yourself
is so powerful and it can help you in so many ways. When you want to start a business for instance
you have to believe in yourself you have to have that faith in it. You have to believe that the future is going
to be different it is going to be better than how it was in the past. Sadly lots of people are living in the past
and they are influenced by it. Just because you made mistakes in the past
just because you failed in the past just because you got hurt or you had a poor relationship
it doesn’t mean that it is going to happen again in the future. If you are living in the past and you are
still thinking about what happened to you there will be no future for you. Understand that past is something that you
can learn lessons from and move on. Learn from your mistakes learn from your failures and don’t
dwell in the past. Don’t let your past influence you anymore. I like the quote from Tony Robbins “The past
doesn’t equal the future.” Learn from it and believe that everything
is possible. When you take on that belief and you have
faith and you trust yourself then you can do marvelous things in life. But it all starts with the first step which
is believing in yourself. Look around you and observe and study successful
people. There are so many of them right now and it
is so inspiring and you can learn from them. You can read biographies watch motivational
videos or go through different courses. With the internet you can learn a lot. And when you read or hear about those successful stories it opens your mind. It makes you believe if they can do it
I can do it as well it’s possible. And it doesn’t matter whether other people
believe in you or not what matters is whether you believe in yourself! Anything in life you wanna get or achieve
80% is the psychology and only 20% are the mechanics. It all start with the mindset. There are so many ways to achieve anything
to get in a shape to be financially free or to have an amazing relationship. There are so many people who have done that. There are lots of strategies to achieve those
things but what stops people from achieving it is their mindset the lack of belief. If you change your belief about what’s possible
and what you can achieve there will be no more limits for you and you will be able to
achieve anything you can visualize in your mind. Whether you think you can or you think you
can’t you are right. I want to thank you guys for watching this
video. If you guys do want to check out more videos
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  1. 3:14 I like that clip of the dude pressing the girl over his head, great message & well articulated bro!

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