The Sunday Talk – SEO is Not Dead

The Sunday Talk – SEO is Not Dead

Monday morning. The coffee is brewing but
there is one burning question hectic inside my head. If 50% of your website traffic comes
trough organic search why do you keep on saying that SEO is dead?
Tuesday morning twenty-fifth of April and I am just getting ready to go to work. I just
saw this story on the news “The Guardian is getting 60% of its Google mobile traffic
from AMP.” Shall I repeat this one? Sixty percent of
its Google mobile traffic from AMP. In the same story, AMP pages are two percent more
likely to be clicked and the click trough rates are eight percent higher than the non-AMP
pages. On the other side, last year The Daily Mail
introduced AMP and their visits jumped with 14% a day.
I can talk for hours about the benefits, the SEO benefits of AMP but the point I am trying
to make here is. If SEO is dead when was the last time you increased your click trough
rates with 8% with something that’s not SEO?
I really wanna answer this question. All the agencies that are telling you that you don’t
need SEO anymore are basically trying to deceive you. Let’s be adults for a moment. If you
want your pages to appear in the SERPs the Google bot – something very very technical.
Yes, I hope you don’t believe in the story that there is an army of Google dwarfs crawling
the Internet and ranking pages. So the Google bot – something very very technical has
to come to your website, has to crawl it, understand your structure and only then it
can rank your pages. But imagine now there is a problem with your roboots.txt file. Or
a problem with your canonical tags. Or a problem with your internal linking. The Google bot
would come gets confused and leave straight away.
SEO is the foundation on which you can build your digital marketing strategy. Richard,
without proper SEO practices in place your company is bound to lose.
Back in the car. I am just coming back from breakfast with Phil Burgess – the new chief
growth officer for iCrossing (top digital London agency). Phil basically confirmed my
recent thoughts that relevancy is indeed the new currency in SEO and Digital Marketing.
We used to talk a lot about authority but nowadays relevancy is definitely taking over.
Relevant keywords for the relevant audience at the relevant time on the relevant social
media platform. Enough said. Do you know that today is Thursday? Time for
some sushi lunch. Oh, my God. Of course, it’s Friday. I am
so tired and I am kind of sleep driving. You Americans! You never care about our sensitive
British soul. But anyway to answer your question ‘What is SEO?”
SEO is, in my opinion, SEO is this strange mix of psychology, art and math that so many
businesses are avoiding and they are losing big time in a long run. To those people I
say. If fifty percent of your website visits come from organic search than SEO should lie
at the heart, at the centre of your business. I am not saying that SEO should be the driving
part of your Digital Marketing but SEO is the part that can actually push your Digital
Marketing forward. It’s Friday. Good morning people. I just
had a 40 minutes interview while driving to work. That’s what I call multitasking.
I know it’s Friday but be positive. Stay on your hustle.
You can’t fail until you quit. Wow, what a fight. I was screaming. I was
shouting. I was crying. It may sound strange but I believe Digital
Marketing and SEO are very similar to boxing. You throw a punch by introducing something
new on your website and you knock down your competitors.
Next time your competitors throw a punch by introducing something new on their website
and they knock down your website visits. So only companies who are truly committed
to marketing and SEO can win the online battle for customer’s attention.
Guys, next week I am going to The Inbounder SEO conference organised by Gianluca Fiorelli
where I’m gonna be learning from top Digital marketers like Olga Andrienko, Kirsty Hulse.
Jono gonna be there. Hannah Thorpe gonna be there. To name the few.
As usual, I’m gonna be passing my knowledge onto you so do subscribe to this channel and
do come back here next Sunday. Cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve
got the solutions.

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