These Friends Quit Their Jobs at Google to Make Candles | My Shopify Business Story

These Friends Quit Their Jobs at Google to Make Candles | My Shopify Business Story

My family I should say has been really
supportive in general and now they’re totally behind it but when I told them I was gonna quit my job at Google to go start a candle company, they weren’t super keen. Steve and I met through work, we moved to
New York coincidentally the same week. The world of technology is very fast-moving. We are running from one
so-called emergency to another like a lot of people in that kind of world I
felt a bit empty, a bit caged up. I felt definitely inspired to find
something that gave me more purpose. The idea sparked just through knowing that
we had the shared love with the product. We talked about candles a lot, we talked
about starting a business, the next thing that happened is that we quit our jobs. Every new phase has its challenges. I
think it’s when you start actually taking real steps towards it being reality
as opposed to just ideas and that for us was when we met with SolarAid. SolarAid is a global charity that fights poverty and climate change through solar
lights. Currently they work mainly in East Africa and the goal is to eradicate
kerosene lamps. For us it’s really about continuing
to stand for what we stood for. Our dream was to create a company that would have a net positive impact so
that each candle that we sell does incremental good. That’s what gets us excited and makes it
about way more than candles for us. There’s just so much more opportunity for businesses to rethink the way that
they do business and actually create positive change and be forces for
good. We want to continue making our candles the best possible candles. The best
way to see it is just to smell and enjoy one of our candles in action and that’s
how most people actually have come to know us. They smell the scent and that sort
of does a lot of the talking for us.

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