everybody and welcome to this new daily recap second day of the competition and still incredible underwater hockey games in the ponds Forge pool and that starts with the ladies do 24 division where Argentina was opposed to used Island and the Kiwis continued the incredible starts with an H 0 will do better in similar blooms Laughlin game of cosa can you go to zero three one who convinced them forget I’m on if you’re going to see me Ben loves to air a lot and Oh Albert II owe him a bicycle as you can see oh ho muy bueno defense you know freedom bars and again and again out again potential Union yarmulke dos de colo he go I’ll get the neon imprint day I will movie feces pedo Canaveral Abner se que mucho mucho application of my first party infernal a chicken dinner inducer I ain’t no I now own of Andhra Orlando Tsinghua Quatro in the other resorts of the de Colombia one against Netherlands 6-3 and GB lost against a good South African team for two and the big surprise of the competition Colombia won against New Zealand 5-3 so at the end of the day to South Africa is first with ten points New Zealand’s second lu9 Argentina and Netherlands got the last two places let’s see the ladies u19 division now we’re gb was playing against South Africa and after complicated starts they finally won 6 to 1 we wanted it to go a little bit but I think all together we did work really well like you said more to the end the second half is more in our favor [Music] it’s really tough competition like New Zealand I like playing I’m a bit aren’t there and then we hope it’s gonna have another game act with Colombia and try we don’t know whether it was a good thing or bad thing gets play teams a lot which is obscene really good specimen tiring in the other results of the day France lost their first game against gb v 1 and new zealand destroyed them in the second game 13-0 at the end of the day to new zealand is still on top with 12 points column j is behind with 9 and South Africa is at the last place let’s see the men’s divisions right now and in the you 14 division GB walls facing a hot fool canada team with only 8 players but heart isn’t always enough because they lost man 0 if you’re the results of the day Italy won against Netherlands 5 for Australia lost against South Africa 6 to 1 and Canada tied with Italy in the second game 2-2 at the end of the day to New Zealand is still first with 12 points GB in Turkey are 3 points behind them Argentina and Belgium are at the last place and it finished with a u19 division and e12 again a tough battle against a GB team but after a really intense games a French team finally collapsed in the second half and lost 3-0 $20 dispute that this entire unit around you see you see the adobe kings of QC over today ere our arrows for to attack sigil is a free man a sexy man saffron you know Oliver type the more on something as at neon switch period a day on set Basin desert enjoy the results of the divisions paint bit Canada 7-0 and another win for New Zealand against Argentina 8-0 at the end of the day two New Zealand’s keeps the first place followed by GB and France and Canada closes this division let’s have a look at the games of the day three and you’ll have plenty of choice with a lot of amazing battles so be ready for this amazing day things are getting clearer and knockout stage are approaching so keep an eye on this wonderful competition if you can’t as you know you know what to look after see ya [Music]

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