Valentine’s Day Promotion Results with Skip The Dishes Saskatoon, Canada Car Vlog Ep# 16

Hey, you guys welcome back to my channel!
My name is Dawn this is Dawn Does Life and today is Friday February 14th I am
driving on the east side of Saskatoon currently on the west side making my way
that way not gonna really waste a lot of time you guys go ahead subscribe button
as well as the bell icon to be notified when I upload new videos and I’m getting
a really late start tonight but there is a $2.00 bonus on every order though I
want to get to it currently, it is 6:46 minus 14 with the windchill and let’s
just do this all right making my way to the east side
and I will let you guys know as soon as I get an order. I’m just going to spin you back around
for now. okay you guys just got my first order
It’s picking up at Jamaican Food Basket on 2nd Avenue and it is going 3.7
kilometers for 6 dollars and 79 cents now they did say that they are not going
to be posting the two dollar Commission’s it’ll appear on our
statement as being a Valentine’s bonus so I’m not expecting to see that but I’m
gonna take off your school community take it I told you I’m gonna take
everything I am and five minutes 1.2 kilometers away from the restaurant not
sure where that would be but ok oh I’m one second Avenue right now it must be
back in the opposite direction I think it is telling me to turn anyways going
to send you back a rhythm to let you know when I get to the restaurant okay I am not parked in the greatest
spot but hopefully I won’t be here for long and there is enough room for the
first plane to get through so I’m gonna go pick up this food and I will be right
back okay you guys picked up that order home I had to go into the mall and then
up to the second floor so did not know that about this place but oh well I am
ready to drive so I am ten minutes 3.7 kilometers away from the customer I
gonna make my way there with their Jamaican food I’ll catch up with you when
I’m there I am at the customer going to go take them
their food I’ll be right back okay one down no other order has come up that I
made a really super weird spot nice oh yeah I’m still considered Westside I’m
right on the edge but I’m not close to anything so I think I’m gonna make my
way back downtown and hope for an order that will that will actually take me
over to the east side anyways spinning you back around. okay Oh got an order
smokes poutine downtown worst parking in the world I have a feeling it’s a Friday
night I am NOT gonna find parking but it and it’s a top up order six dollars it’s
a twenty cents pop-up so the person did give a tip of some not actually cuz I’m
going to plate for with it this one is going sixteen point five kilometers for
six dollars this is grating but I’m gonna take it
this will put me over to the east side far on the east side, I think and oh I
better accept it report goes away yeah this is Wildwood oh my god
grating to me but whatever it is what it is okay I think that’s like one of my
favorite things to say it is what it is but it’s just like my lack of control I
have no control so I’ve accepted the offer I’m making my way there I am
eight minutes three point four kilometers away from smoke so making it
making my way there going to spin you back around. okay I am parked a little bit
away from the restaurant but I did find a stall so I thought I would just take
it instead of going around the block a few times I’m just gonna go pick up that poutine
meal and I will be right back okay so it’s a little bit go okay
trying to be quick because I was a bit further away all right gonna swing you
around got the poutine making my way over to a while I guess I should tell
you also fourteen minutes fourteen kilometers away so I’ll catch up with
you when I’m there okay my battery died I actually don’t
know if he saw me but I dropped off he could see no order has come up I’m gonna
make my way somewhere more central and hope for the best and also hoping that
this battery lasts a little longer than the last one like I said I forgot to
charge my batteries so I hope I get through this whole night but anyways I
need to tell you background and I’ll let you know if something comes up okay another order did come up this one
is another top order so little sick soul doors once you’re above 80% for anything
this one is Boston Pizza on Harold going 3.1 kilometers good is sticking and this
you know what I said it was wildly before but it’s actually it actually
does say that this is considered Wildwood I think it’s just because this
isn’t it anyways whatever it’s a very very new area on the edge of the city it
was just all about recenter so I’m gonna make my way over to Boston Pizza and I
will catch up with you when I am there it seems to be favoring you guys tonight
I am four minutes while I’m running with my house it’s gone because I pulled over
I am four minutes 1.1 kilometers away from Boston pika all right did not take me long to get
here I hate the parking at this Boston too because I also found the less
friendly here but anyways gonna go grab the food and I will be
right back a little bit windy out there it’s not too cold though okay that
orders picked up ready to drive I am six minutes three kilometres away and I’m
not going to be somebody waiting to get hurt
Oh actually anyways gonna make my way to the customer husband I will sing
background okay I am at the customer that was a
really quick Drive well it was quick on the website the website okay I’ve taken
the extension till 10:00 and I’m now just going to go drop off this mission
I’m sorry I’ll be right back okay that order is dropped off no order
came up again so gonna make my way over I’ll start making my way over to 8th
Street and then I have accepted this extension on the west side which I mean
I guess that’s okay because I’m gonna I have to make my way over there
eventually anyway so get a nice my way hey you guys sitting in the whole surf
club parking lot waiting for in order to come up nothing has so far it is after
8:00 it’s 8:14 this ship goes until 9:00 and I have an extension on the west side
until 10:00 oh I’m kind of wishing I had waited to see if there was one on the
east side but it is what it is I said that too many times already today okay
so yeah every order I’ve had is between $67 I’ve set their rates at $2 top-up on
each of them made a total of 1879 add another six on to that so 24 79 and I’m
sitting at 35 kilometers so far so I still will let you know when an order
comes in I mean I’ll sit here for a few minutes but I I really am kind of in the
thick of things right now so if an order is gonna come up it’s gonna come up here
my lips are so geez one of the perks of the job but you’re my skin is always dry
okay we need some people having pizza and take in tonight hey that didn’t take too long
less than five minutes got an order for 649 picking up that Panico pizza on 8th
Street and it’s going to point 9 kilometers so take an order and it’s
before 9:00 still so I’m still getting that extra cheat up to 2 bucks I get it
make my way there now I am deep in this party fuck up okay I’m
gonna make my way over there I’m a couple of hundred meters away if that
anyways I’m gonna send you back around I’ll check in with you and I’m there oh
no it’s not in this parking lot the map just didn’t move but it’s across the
street so still not far anyway let’s go guys did you feel like we went on an
adventure across the street anyways just gonna run in and grab this order and I
will be right back I have these two people standing in
front of my car who are watching everything that I’m doing so it’s taking
me really uncomfortable ready to drive I am hooked up on seven
minutes 2.7 kilometers away let’s make our way there here and find out who it is I have to go
give a pizza to you aren’t they alright market customers which I already
use another order of has popped up immediately this is the way I like it is
still before 9 o’clock and guess what another $6 order go figure this one is
the cash order taking up its hands – I hate tuna but any interest of every
order going six point nine kilometers for six dollars and if I get it there
for nine it will be the top up so gonna make my way there now okay I am perked up and I’m gonna run
and drop them or I’m gonna try and be as quick as I can okay I will be right back
guys now check that battery and make sure I’m still recording okay
heading back over to wild woods and I am one of those ones they put the apartment
number in and so the address isn’t showing up great I am nine minutes sorry
seven minutes four kilometers away okay guys so the nice thing about this
place is they had a map to where the building number was and I’m just gonna
go take in their food and I will be right back it is 854 I have six minutes
to get it in before 9:00 and then I’m gonna make my way that way yes I am
facing east my mirror says I’m facing you so West’s behind me you’re gonna go
drop it off I’ll be right back I don’t think on any planet I could look
more dumb that order is dropped off holy smokes
forgot my wallet in the car then I went up there give me a 20 I didn’t have a 5
I heard like 6 85 she gave me an extra 85 cent tip but I looked like a fool I
was dropping money up and down the stairs towards I went
it is currently 859 I doubt I’m gonna get another piece I’d order so I’m
heading west right now I’m almost as well not quite as far east
as I could go but I’m pretty far east though I have a few minutes to get me
back West and I’m gonna do that right now by turning you around and starting
the drive okay pulled myself up in front of tiens
gonna secure this is officially Westside so it’s gonna check as I think ten is
still open but if they are they’re not open till 9:30 so maybe one order will
come in they’re already actually doing their cleaning in there but I’m just
thinking maybe I’ll get something on from a downtown restaurant oh there is a
spit server pulling in right now he musta got the last order it won’t still
wait for a minute okay you guys actually did just get another order and of course
I just said that all my orders are $6 but I will say it at 960 just got an
order tandoori place on Third Avenue and it is going 7.5 kilometers this one is
both dollars and 55 then no more chopped up but I’m happy with that that’s the
highest order I received and I don’t know how long so I am one minute 20
meters away where is it oh that’s so funny oh no it’s literally
like right in the building in front of you I don’t even have to move I’m zero
meters away but if you count my walking I may be 10 meters away anyway good as
it says 20 meters okay so just gonna go grab it and I will be
right back all right I am there’s our ayah 13 minutes 7.2 kilometers away of
heading into the Kensington area I’m making my way there now I’m gonna swing
you guys back home okay so I am at the customers this is a
really tough one two five eight but I’m close enough gonna go take with us some
other foods and I wasn’t right so on my way back to the car I got another order
of Popeye’s Louisiana kitchen on Kensington Boulevard I don’t think I’m
very far actually it says I am seven minutes by point one kilometers away so
I’m gonna turn you around and make my way there
sorry before I do that I guess I should tell you this one is $6.99 going six
kilometers in total so I think now I’m gonna spin you back around and make my
way there okay I am just going to go and grab all
right heading to Fair Haven with this order seven minutes 4.4 kilometers away
with the Popeye okay enough install recording I’m
thinking any moment that battery’s gonna die and if it does I actually literally
don’t have another battery to put in here to even do my wrap-up but I will
figure it out because that’s who I am it is
9:54 p.m. I have dropped off the Popeyes order
I do have an extension from 10:00 to 11:00 on the east side trying to figure
out if I even want to go back home to the east side I’ve done $15.80 seven
orders and 66 kilometers so but then another $10 in pop-ups or in bonuses for
Valentine’s Day well maybe I’ll just make my way to 22nd Street and start
heading east and see if anything happens but I doubt very much I’m gonna get
another order on the website because generally that last few minutes of your
shift there I mean I didn’t get a notice if I just asked if I wanted to end my
shift early but that’s because I have an extension so
I don’t know I mean my necklace is until Sunday and I know and that’s on the west
side of Saskatoon I know Sunday will be a traffic eight or it usually is
although my best order today came from the west side so whatever what do I know
so yes I think that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make my way down 22nd see what
happens I may be birdies kilometers for nothing
because quite frankly at 10 o’clock most restaurants shut down and then you’re
stuck with places like Keith the places which that they’re okay but the
fast-food restaurants are not usually the greatest
but I am interested to see if anything interesting will
thing like I don’t have a lot of kenri battery life decisions decisions I’m gonna sing you
background and yeah if anything changes okay you guys so I’m gonna call it
that’s it for me tonight I have driven seventy one point two kilometers my
camera did die that’s why I’m on this crappy quality camera but I did fifty
dollars in 82 cents I am expecting my understanding is that the top-up was
only from five until nine it really was my fault tonight that I didn’t start on
time I probably didn’t get my first order until very close to 7:00 so I’ve
done three hours fifty dollars and 82 cents with an extra $10 that I’m
expecting for the promotion if you know anybody who wants to join the skip
Network have them send me an email to dawn does referral at I will
have it on the screen somewhere here and then also while I have you I will get
you guys to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and then as well hit
that Bell icon if you want to be notified when I upload new videos that’s
gonna do it for me tonight like I said I don’t know what I was to say I got the
late start that was my fault not skips fault but I am seeing a lot of $6 orders
and beginning to think that there is something with the algorithm that once
you thought about that 80% they know that you’ll take the lower offered
orders so they say it’s almost like I feel like they save them for you having
said that I did get a $12 and fifty five cent order over on the west side which
is but that’s hilarious because it’s usually the west side that
I get lower orders and I’m gonna make my way home not gonna
film it because I can’t do it on my phone
I don’t think it’ll turn out as well on my phone so have a great night you guys
thanks so much for stopping in I look forward to seeing you guys all in the
next video and I will catch up with you then I hope you had a great night bye

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