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Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to turn your backlink analysis into actionable link building strategies… fast.

100 Replies to “Verify Your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools – Video”

  1. I spent Hours trying to figure out how to do this! With your video I got it done in literally a minute! Thank you for this video! 

  2. I have been struggling with this site verification for months, and following your step by step guide I am THRILLED to say I have FINALLY verified! Woo Hoo! Thanks so much! Now I just need to learn about "mapping."  🙂

  3. I didnt find "Editor" in my blog's wordpress login. However, Click to tools and you directly get text box to paste webmaster tools' meta tag. Along with it, it also has arrangement to enter Bing Webmaster Metatag, Pintrest site verification and Yandex.Webmaster metatag text box. 
    This was actually easier. Thanks anyways 🙂

  4. Its been a while since I've built sites, so I'm having to familiarize myself with different things. You made verifying my site easy.


  5. when i do everything he says it says 'verification failed' any help would be useful, i've tryed it using the HTML and Meta.what could be going wrong?

  6. Really helpful! But my wordpress site does not give me a 'editor option' when I click on 'appearance' and themes? Any idea what I could do?

  7. Thanks. Was looking for a simple walk through. This was exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated

  8. I was up all night trying to figure this out. Thank you for posting this video. Very simple to follow.

  9. Hi, good video. I am not sure if you can help me. As I accidentally deleted my meta tag in wordpress. And I try to recover from google webmaster tool. By deleting my website in webmaster tool. It seems my website still there, but I can not get new meta tag. Can you help?

  10. Thank you for sharing such a lucid and simple video which has cleared up in 4 minutes something which was a real struggle for a few days.

  11. Thanks for creating this #videotutorial Don, it really helped me verify my site so much quicker than if I'd have done it without. I subscribed to your channel to learn more about #Google #WebmasterTools and check out some of your WordPress tutorials too – Thanks : )   

  12. good day, 

    i do have a problem in verifying my site in google webmaster tools.

    whenever i go to the appearance on the dashboard, i dont see any editor caption,

    please help

  13. Thank you so much for your video! I've been struggling to get my site verified all evening and your method and video were the easiest!!! So helpful!!!

  14. Just wanted to say thanks!! Spent 2 days trying to get verified and failed each time. Then tried to follow the written instructions from Google to install the meta tags and screwed that up (I'm pretty new at this. Then I followed your instructions and the site was Google verified on the first try!! 
    Thank you so much!

  15. My 2014 version of blog does not have an obvious way to edit the theme like the "editor" function shown in the video.  However, this video led me to examine what tools are available and gain some understanding.

  16. thanks dude  hey guts if it doesnt work  make sure you double check you website name to see if its correct like mine it was supposed to be service but it was services and they refused it

  17. do you have to be a premium user or does it have to be a certain theme because my wordpress does not say editor in my appearance section…?

  18. thank you thank you thank!  This was driving me nuts!! And you made it soooo easy to follow–unlike some others I encountered before stumbling upon your video! thank you!

  19. Thanks man Great video! I followed step by step but my google won't verify my site ;/ I copied the meta tag and posted it right after the head section and before the body but no luck…any ideas? Thank you!

  20. Thank you so so much for this video. I really appreciate your help. It seems I was able to verify the website now.

  21. Although he talks very fast, i have two screens and was able to pause and complete the process with little effort. Good instructions.

  22. This video was very helpful. However, since I am using the free version of wordpress at the moment I did not see the 'editor' button in the 'appearance' tab as many others pointed out. I searched down through the comments here though and found the following: @Ebay Merchant – Dashboard>Tools> scroll down and you will see it there, paste your webmaster meta tag there
    Thank you, now I'm verified and ready to learn more!

  23. If your blog is on then you can still add it Google webmaster .

    Click on Dashboard->Tools->Website Verification Services (you will see this after scrolling down a bit).

    Now just add your property in webmaster and click on the "Alternate method" tab.
    Choose the "meta tag" option. Google will give you a single line meta tag code.
    Now copy that code in the "Google Webmaster Tools" box under the "Website Verification Services".
    Once done, click on Save.

    Now go to the webmaster console and click on verify and your done.

    That's how I did it.

  24. Very Good Video. Helped me a lot. Was so much worried on how to do it but you explained it so easily and so accurately.
    I would give it 10/10

  25. OH MY GAHHHHH THANK YOU!!!! I kept searching and searching for an easy tutorial! I’m a millennial so I don’t like long instructions lol. Thank you!!!!! 👊🏻👊🏻

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