Video SEO – Get more views | Rank videos higher on YouTube

Video SEO – Get more views | Rank videos higher on YouTube

Hello, How are you? I’m Sohag from Sohag360. You might noticed at the title that today’s topic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization This is a broad thing. Most of us think that SEO of Youtube means Title, Tag & Description. Anything you do to rank your video higher on search is called SEO. That means my 2 previus videos were also a part of SEO. You can watch them if you still didn’t I talked about watchtime that helps a lot to get more views. You must need to watch them Before getting into SEO stuff, I’d like to tell you to make quality-full video first. If your video is not helpful for others then no tricks can get you views. So ensure your video content quality first and then go for SEO. Let’s jump into the main part now This is the first video of getting more views on your video that I made. Let’s see how to add a proper title I talked about keyword planner on this video Watch my video to learn how to use keyword planner to choose appropriate keyword for your title. You can do it by just searching the main topic on Youtube just like I did There’s so many results here, one of my video is also here on the list that you can see Now find those videos with more views and read their title Don’t copy paste the whole title rather use those keywords in other places like your description or tag I researched and found that this title would be perfect for me and so I did it like this. You may use different title, if your video topic is different then obviously you’re going to use different title. After the title is done I will use those keywords that is missing from my title but in other places. Remember do not copy paste those titles, just go through all of them and find few keywords and then use them in a creative way on your video description and Tag My title part is done now lets read the description and see what I’ve written You’ll find keywords in every line of the description like this one “How to… And then few more and also keyword like rank higher and other So just find those videos with more views and select some keywords that they used and put then in your title, description and tag Like this one where I have included few keywords from other videos. Then you can put links of your website or your other videos at the bottom of your description Now the title and description is finished let’s move on to Tags. Most people get confused about the tag about what to put on there. Actually tag is simple just write those keywords that will represent your video when people will search for that particular topic Think by yourself that what would you type in the search box to find the video that you are uploading now And then write those keywords on you tag section like How to…. Do not put so many tags, too much tag is not good. You should put max 10 tags Another important thing about tag is that you should put your channel name on the tag every time When you put your channel name on the tag your other videos will be shown at the right hand side as suggested videos For example here’s few of my videos are suggested And those videos were there because I used my channel name as the tag of my video. So keep in mind that to get your videos on the suggestions list okay now the next thing is subtitle Adding subtitle to your videos will help the search engine to find your video by following the words from your subtitle because your subtitle will have all the keywords about your video to add subtitle just click on add new subtitle or CC and then select your language and then again click on new subtitle then type everything that you have said in your video. Hit enter after every line Subtitle really works to get your videos ranked higher on the search engine. Next think is thumbnail Thumbnail is the first impression of your video. When somebody finds your thumbnail interesting will click on that first So whether you will view my video or not depends on the title and the thumbnail of my video. Now the thumbnail is more important that the title because if the thumbnail shows something interesting then people will watch the video I will make another video on thumbnail because It works a lot Since it’s a long topic so I will make another separate video on thumbnails That was today’s videos, Thanks a lot for watching and also thanks for staying with me Lot of you have already subscribed to my channel please subscribe if you didn’t yet Like my video if you enjoyed it Let me know your thoughts on the comment section, inform me if you have any issue regarding this I will try to help you See you on my next tutorial, Bye!

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