Watch This Before You Invest In The Stock Market

Watch This Before You Invest In The Stock Market

Investing seems like a great idea, I mean
what could be better than letting your money grow without doing anything. Instead of spending endless numbers of hours
in the office hustling, just let your money double or triple by itself. As great as that sounds. Investing is extremely dangerous and risky
and chances that you will lose money are way higher than you will make money. Some of you might say:
If I don’t invest my money, inflation is going to swallow it little by little. So I gotta do something. No, you don’t! That’s way better than losing the money that
you worked so hard to earn in a blink of an eye. Let me justify my point before you write down
a comment: You have no idea about investing. Every company in the market knows that you
want to invest and they will do everything possible to convince you that they deserve
your money the most. Most people think that the stock market is
a game of numbers but its mostly a psychological game. How do you make money in the stock market?
you study and analyze companies and find out undervalued stocks. Because eventually they will rise up to their
real value and you make money! However, the problem is, most people buy high
and sell low! because most people invest based on the headlines
that they see in the news, but its too late already. The first rule of investing is if everyone
is investing, its a bad investment. Here is what happens usually! Enthusiast or professional investors start
investing a certain stock or a commodity, so the demand naturally drives the price up. When It appears on the news, an average person
starts realizing that price is just increasing, it seems like a good investment. first, you hesitate, there is still a shred
of doubt in you, but the price is rising right in front of your eyes. So you convince yourself that you have to
take the risk if you want to make money. Hence you invest. The price keeps rising, you feel happy. but after short-while, the price slightly
drops. you don’t pull out because you haven’t
lost anything, the price just dropped to the point where you invested, so not a big deal,
but it plummets further, you get a bit nervous, but as an intelligent investor, you know you
should be patient. Unfortunately, in the next few days or weeks,
the price just keeps plummeting. At some point, you just get frustrated and
you pull out before you lose even more money! Isn’t that what happened with bitcoin for
example. Lets take another example. In March of 2016, Tesla unveiled model 3. Finally, an affordable electric car for everyone. Over a 100K people reserved the car in the
first 24 hours. It was all over the place, everyone was talking
about how model 3 will take over the auto industry. People saw Tesla as the golden opportunity
to invest. the stock price was at an all-time high (from
230 USD to 380 USD within a year). It looked like a perfect opportunity to invest. So, naturally, most people started investing
which drove the price even further, but what is the first rule of investing ? Exactly,
never invest when everyone is investing. So what happened is, the stock price crashed
and now its less 200 bucks (196). The price literally fell by 50 percent.
and All these people lost money. Of course, most people won’t invest now because
the stock price is down, but now is the right time to invest! The stock market is much harsher than you
think. You are competing against people like Warren
Buffet, George Soros who have hundreds if not thousands of people helping them from
accountants to specialists. They spend endless numbers of hours figuring
out how to take the hell out of you. I am not trying to discourage from investing. I just want you to know that you either get
really serious about the stock market or for god’s sake don’t waste your money! My fellow friends who invest in real estate
always tell me when they hear me such things, I told you, real estate is a better investment. it’s definitely better in some cases, especially
if you know what you are doing. but it has its flaws as well which we will
discuss in a future video that’s coming soon!
so make sure you hit that bell button besides subscribe button because just by subscribing,
YouTube isn’t going to let you know. Unfortunately, that’s how youtube works
these days. Can’t do anything about it. anyways,
That’s for watching and until next time!

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100 Replies to “Watch This Before You Invest In The Stock Market”

  1. Better to take calculated risks and calculate your margin of error than let the banks make use of your hard earned money when you bank them. They will give you really low interests and make your money work for you through fractual reserve lending and make more than you.

  2. Bro you don't know what you're talking about, and you dare make a video about it. You can earn a lot of money investing on the stock market but you have to learn the right way to do it. If you don't know how to invest, then you're gonna lose for money for sure.
    It's a dislike for me.

  3. That might be my first comment on YouTube. First of all, I love your videos. They short and straight to the point.

    I want to make it clear that I don’t agree with you. What you are talking about in this video is trading. There is a difference between trading and investing. Trading is short term game and is a speculative and unsystematic way of going in the stock market. Investing is a long term game, where systems methods and portfolios well thought of make you money over the long run.
    Picking individual stocks are not meant to be an investment for the average investor. However, owning the market through indexes is a passive long term game that any person can do.

    To be honest I was very disappointed with this video. I know how knowledgable and wise you are from watching the other videos of yours. I hope this video is a mistake, which I have a feeling it is and there is a second part.


  4. It depends on your primary profession you are in , if it’s less stressful and you have some to analyse the stocks and you also interested in economics then investment in stocks is good option

  5. Sorry but the dramatic title and the content of the video don't add up. You talk about "not investing" in the stock market but then explain how buying individual stocks is dangerous without even mentioning etfs.

  6. The person that made this video is just a big loser and the stock market speaking from his own experience trying to discourage people because he has a low self-esteem when it comes to making money in the stock market he doesn't have the right knowledge an education he is just a stock market gambler that does word-of-mouth things and probably takes advices from social media instead of his own actual analysis by reading the stock market charts and doing any research this person is giving his testimony well let me give you mine I have a great successful live trading stocks just because I don't post a YouTube video I he does does not mean that I'm not telling the truth indeed I do make good money trading stocks so he can't tell me nothing but if you're one of those persons that believes what people tell you who do you believe me or this guy you probably say this guy cuz he has a animated video but what is that got to do with anything you could also do your research and all the Forbes successful persons then make money in the stock market there's a bunch of them there is a bunch of losers as well this guy is just one of them and instead of looking towards all the successful people he looks up to all the losers like himself

  7. I really used to like the channel until this video where you are just misguiding the people. "Never Invest in the Stock Market" if no one invests how will the country's economy develop you stupid arse. Instead you should've informed people how to make themselves capable of investing so that they don't lose a lot of money. And comparing stocks to gambling proves how uneducated you are.

  8. I invest in the stock market because I know how to do the analysis.
    If you treat the stock market like a gambling game you’ll loose money, but if you learn how, why and where prices are headed you can make a lot of money from it.
    If you know what you’re doing, your risk reward ratio is always in favor of winning by at least a factor of 3.
    I disliked this video because I don’t agree with your perspective on the stock market.
    Generally, in everything, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re not going to end well. It’s not only the stock market. I’m not saying it’s easy to be profitable, but it’s doable. Roughly 10% of people investing in the stock market are successful traders

  9. Lol what a bull shit video! I get your opinion and I respect it but I make a decent amount of money every day, week and month from my portfolio. There is a right way to invest and a wrong way to invest.

  10. I dont think its true that You have more risk than benefit. The less You know about investing the more long term You should be. Nearly every major stock Will go up eventually in the long run. So if You buy lets say Apple. It most likely, almost garentied Will go up if You plan on keeping it 10-15 years for example.

  11. ABSOLUTELY MOST SHOULDN'T INVEST WITHOUT TRULY LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS UNDER THE PRICE. It is funny and sad at how many YouTube investing channels there are that have absolutely no clue and people follow them because it is flashy or entertaining. I have teenagers that are starting to invest and they asked me to start a YouTube channel to help. I do it to help because I wish I knew what I know now the easy way. With the correct tools and resources finding good stocks that have promising future is actually simple. I don't fear market downturns, I welcome them to get me discounts and higher starting yield. GOOD LUCK my kids will retire early and I'll be set for retirement. People want to get rich fast, LMAO.

  12. I have been investing for nearly 2 years , I am in substantial loss; do deep research before putting your money in any stock😓

  13. Completely wrong. If you keep your money in index funds long term (10-20-30 years) you are kind of guaranteed to make money. Your money goes to the companies, if you buy their stock, you share their gains.

  14. I think you should always have done investments in the stock market. You should invest in stocks that push dividends

  15. There is no better investment than stock, obviously that's if you know what you're doing.
    for beginners i'd advice it's best to contact a portfolio manager to mentor you before you venture into stock investing, this is the best way to avoid losing your capital to the stock market.

  16. If you bought Microsoft, Apple, visa, master card, Disney , Costco, Walmart, neflex, Google, Facebook you would be fine

  17. There is no worse investment on Earth than the U.S. stock market. You would have been better off buying tulip bulbs than buying U.S. stocks today. If you want to lose all your money simply buy and hold U.S. stock whilst waiting for the central bankers to unload everything after the 2020 election. Fair market value would portend a 70 to 90 percent drop but as we've seen in the past it probably will overshoot to the downside so DOW 1,000 is not out of the realm.

  18. There is no surer way to lose all your money than to put it into the rigged pigshit ponzi fraud U.S. stock market. Simply buy and hold and then live on the street and panhandle.

  19. Ok so the 8 hundred thousand I put in only turn into 2.4 mil in the past 9 years so I’ll take my chances

  20. don't invest with this guys strategy. Simple way, buy and hold. collect from dividend company's and let it compound

  21. The point is not to invest the point is know what you are doing and please people do not listen this animal 😆😆

  22. You either have no idea what your talking about, or maybe you do and put a misleading title, nonetheless the stock market is a great opportunity, is nothing like bitcoin or penny stocks, and is also heavily correlated with the housing market, just like what happened in 2008 with the subprime mortgage bonds. Yes you can lose money, but that just depends on the type of portfolio you make. You can lose money in pretty much anything, and in pretty much anything in life, it’s way easier to lose than to earn.

  23. In the end, it's all about knowing what you're getting into since all investments have pros and cons. In my opinion, the best investment choice is one that you really love. If you're just after profits and you don't love the process then chances are you are going to get emotional along the way which will eventually cause you to lose.

  24. This guy dont know how to invest thats why he is discouraging others not to invest in a stock market.You have to be intelligent in the field you want to invest but not a dumb and ignorant like you.Please don’t discourage others to invest.

  25. nowadays, the term "Investing" is different from "Trading". investing means you are rooting for the LONG TERM stability of a company not so much about the news they make. "TRADING" is a short term action on a stock which basically what you discussed. There are certain countries where the economies are "just on the rise" of booming where Investing applies, for example is the Philippines where real estates and banking companies keep rising every year. and with the concept of investing for like 5 to 10 years of stock accumulation you will double your money and reduce the risk to very low levels.

  26. I think you misunderstood investing. You talk about investing all the time and you present it as trading. Investing is not a zero sum game. Money is being generated in the stock market all the time. People buy products and services and money and businesses make profits. Investors benefit from these profits. Of course this takes time, sometimes decades. Diversification is key. It is called the only free lunch of investing. And i am not competing against anyone. Not against Warren Buffett and not against George Soros. They make their profit from their investments and i make from mine. I think you need to educate youself a little bit and try again with a new video.

  27. Very well, based on recent market securities/analysis, the foreign exchange and options market, present a significantly low profit ratio, so we recommend more stable stock/bitcoin market for aspiring investors on Mr Reynolds portfolio

  28. The biggest problem is once you've found the perfect but low sell high scenario, you've got to ask yourself the next question, what's the RIO that I'm aiming for to sell, make a profit and start/reinvest my capital again?

    Set small targets and you won't crash or burn.

  29. I’ve made approximately $765,000 off my $187,000 Investment within 3months i started investing with Marilyn Su Thuyen, now i'm not worried about my retirement anymore.

  30. Mrs Nancy Berman Epstein handles all my trading activities and she makes me a good amount of money..i am glad i work with her…

  31. Just buy a low cost index fund. Vanguard asset allocation funds are terrific. All you're betting on is that the economy will be bigger in the future than it is now. Don't time the market and don't trade in and out. Over the last 20 years a Canadian investing with this approach has lived through the dot com bubble, the financial crisis, and 12 years of a Canadian stock market that has gone almost nowhere yet they would have got a 6 or so percent annual return.

  32. That title lost me I’m sorry, I’m about to retire in my 30’s thanks to stocks lol so I disagree. Some good points for the average consumer but all it takes is self education and to research good/wonderful companies. When you know what you’re doing it’s an investment. If you don’t work and speculate then it’s gamble. Buy below margin price and not full retail and keep investing if the market crashes because people are fearful… sell when they get overvalued or to greedy. Simple

  33. If ANYONE invests like this, they're BRAIN DEAD. You need to find a professional in order to invest in the stock market. Also, Bitcoin is a dream that gets just enough fools interested in it from time to time to stay alive. It will eventually go bust, so have your fun before that dream disappears.

  34. I dabbled into trading stock as a novice investor, currently I've a $1.5m portfolio…holding only few stocks. It all comes down to having a proper guidance and I've a U.S investment manager, Angela Rene Reynolds assist me and handle my trades. she is the best .

  35. Nonsense. Buy index funds like the sp500. Leave it for a few years and you'll be set. Most pension plans are invested in the stock market. Look at the sp500 for the last 100years. Investing in longterm . This video is a.joke

  36. TL:DR – Buy and hold. Earn dividends. Repeat.

    I think this video sends a bad message. There are some good points around the psychology of investing, but its delivery will confuse anyone cautious about investing. The statement, "There is more of a chance to lose money than to make money" may be true for trading, or if you're trying to follow that adage, "buy low, sell high." But this isn't what investors do.

    Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. If you don't understand compound interest and only expect quick gains, go to Las Vegas and bet on black. They have complimentary drinks and you'll have more fun. This video sends the message that investing is a gamble (0:38), but the difference between investing and gambling is that investing the house doesn't always win.

    Imagine going to a casino and placing a bet (buying stock). The odds on that bet are constantly changing, but you get to choose when you can cash out. You can cash out when the odds are in your favor, or when they're against you. Either way, you are allowed to leave your bet there on the table as long as the table's open. Every so often the dealer gives you a little bonus (dividends). What you do with this is your choice. You can pocket it or add it to your bet (reinvest dividends). If you add it to your bet, the dealer will pay out more on your larger bet (compound interest). If you wait long enough you will have multiples of your original bet without having added any of your own money. The dealer can't force you to cash out unless they decide to sell or close their table. If they sell it, then whoever buys it will have to buy your bet from the dealer. This sale should get at least your original bet, but will most likely get you more because the table is good enough to sell (risk). If they close it, hopefully, you would have seen it coming and cashed out before the odds got too low (risk). This is investing.

    A person who goes to the table and keeps making bets and cashing out trying to time the best odds will run into more risk and miss out on dividends. They may cash out when the odds are high, but they may also make riskier choices when they have more to bet. One big loss and they could have nothing in a flash. This is trading.

    Smart investors don't worry about the price of stocks or trying to time the market. Instead, they concern themselves with the value of a stock. And value is in the cash flow (growth, dividends). Research a company you want to invest in to determine if it's a good company and/or a good buy. Buy shares when you can afford them. Sell shares when you need liquidity. If neither is an option then sit back and collect dividends. A company that doesn't pay dividends is expected to invest their profits and grow in value over time. You'll have to be patient either way.

    This is by far just scratching the surface of investing. There is so much that a person should learn about the company or industry where they want to invest their money. Investing is only one aspect of personal finance, so formulate rules and a strategy around your financial goals and limitations.

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  38. Great video! I invested in trading stocks as a newbie and this made me my first million. Angela Rene Reynolds is the expert who assisted me. I met her at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me. She is wonderful.

  39. he say you either serious about this stock market, mean go to real school for it or leave it . If you can not, just clock in and keep working.

  40. I would start off with a company that no1 has touched which will be picky invest and what ever your profit is take it every little counts my opinion

  41. Never trust others to take, hold, and play/gamble with your money. Ever! That especially includes ‘Big Gov’, and the banks. And never, EVER play with swindlers at their own game. The decks are always stacked entirely in their favor.

  42. Hi all!
    I sincerely hope my posting is useful here, and I think someone's confidence in my trade system will be boosted and someone's fear is been dispelled, and my accounts are growing steadily. This is a system to quickly grow your account, while you risk a little.

  43. He basically said Don't invest "If everyone is investing".. It is essentialy Warren Buffet rule but with better explanation..

  44. Most of your content is very good, helpful and enjoyable. This video is clearly based on something that you are not very knowledgeable about and should be deleted as it is actually making me now question all of your other content.

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  46. Expert Option Be like when you drop real money stock graph gets low and when youre not but just watching it it gets from low to high like wtf are they manipulating it

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