Web Developer Resume With NO Work Experience

Web Developer Resume With NO Work Experience

what's up here to itself so dev no it's been a minute but today I want to talk about my resume and what it looked like when I was applying for jobs now the information on here is a little outdated like my address I don't live there anymore so don't send me anything the old guy used to live with will get it and that'll be kind of weird but yeah just want to talk a little bit about it in case you needed any help lis resume so first thing what is that huh I need to get some better PDF viewer because I mean like Microsoft edge and I just hate Microsoft's browsers basically because of Internet Explorer it's really hard to develop on there anyway so ya got your basic name I can't tell if this is highlighting or not because I have efflux on my computer oh it was highlighting cool so let's take all that stuff off all right yeah I have a flux it basically draws down the blue light but anyway first off got your name nice and big up here got email address number where you live email address wait my website and then my github one of all your contact information like nice and readily available because if they want to hire you or give you a call I gotta be able to find it pretty easy up next had my experience or like the skills had experience with so I had gone through like a year before this I'd worked Python so I had Python on there I did a little bit of the team treehouse Python tech degree but I got stuck on testing and after like two months I'd it was like alright I'm gonna try HTML and CSS and see how this goes and then I switched so yeah I got HTML gulp JavaScript Ajax Express CSS and sass get and github and node those are all skills that have worked on in team treehouses friend developer and JavaScript tech degree and then I got my projects here too and we got again we got we got the links working here so if you give take control all right maybe the links don't work here but why don't the links work that's weird huh well if you have a good PDF viewer I assume it'll be able to open these or actually I think most the time I apply with a Microsoft Word no I'd send a PDF most of the time just in case they don't have Microsoft Word you still want to be able they still wanted them to be able to open it but yeah I'd have the links in our project so you can click on it pull up the project see what it looks like and yeah just have a basic little description of what the project is random quote generator displays a new random quote every 30 seconds and then the languages I used in that project so HTML CSS and JavaScript now I tried to put projects that I used all these skills on so like the node.js Xpress site I use node Express and like pug templating to build a little portfolio site if you ask me to do that now I could not I'd have to relearn node and Express and plug actually I just have to really relearn Express and plug nodes like pretty easy and then gulp it's just a project I gulped for you to if you don't know gulps like a little basically a workflow tool you can basically write a script to compress the minify all your CSS and JavaScript optimize your images and basically do a lot of stuff that helps go from all your files to a deployable site pretty easy then we got the interactive video player employee directory I want to use an API I interacted with this random user user generator API pulled in like 50 users and built like an employee directory based off the users that sent me and then of course gotta have the link to your portfolio again and that's where they can see the rest of the projects cuz honestly if you don't have any if you're not like 5 10 years in your web developer career probably want to try to keep it as like one page for hiring managers looking at like 50 applications an hour or something like that I don't know how many applications they've been looking at but you want to keep it nice and concise form and I didn't have any work-related experience so I don't have a work-related section on here otherwise that probably be in place my projects like if I had to rewrite Murray now I'd probably have working at try digital here and I'd basically just talk about what what I've been doing at try digital and the skills I use here and what I've been learning instead of my projects and then last down here you got your education certifications because if you're trying to become a web developer your education doesn't matter as much as the projects you've done because you can say you've gone to MIT and you are a master web developer but if you don't have any projects built where I can see all right cool he built this little one-page website the CSS isn't too good but hey he's getting there if you don't if you don't have a portfolio showcasing your skills I'm not gonna believe that you can do this so one other projects up there I think that's something Josh fluke said when I was watching one of his resume videos but yeah I got the education last down here Louisiana Tech University bachelor science marketing that one's not really relevant I do work at a marketing agency though so kind of and then we got the team treehouse I did the front-end developer tech degree and the full-stack JavaScript developer tech degree I actually never finished either one of those and that's one of my goals this year to finish both of those and then I also wonder the Python one because I kind of wanna get into Python dude that's like the first language I tried it is super easy to learn because you can do like a loop is 4x in 10 and then that loops through 10 times don't need any special syntax you just say the word 4x I in and then the number 10 what are my cats in the background of this video again like it wasn't alas them and then we got free code camp if you need a good free place to learn stuff that's that's a good one there they've got tons of great stuff if you're disciplined if you work through that whole free code camp curriculum you will be ready to get a job as a web developer for sure but that is did I hit record I did good house getting worried there half the time I record a video and then I realized I didn't hit record and all to redo it super annoying but yeah if you guys have any if you want me to like review your resume or anything like that or portfolio feel free to email those to me that is still my my email address so feel free to email me that if you don't say anything I'm gonna assume it's okay if I just put your contact information on there if you don't want it on there just say something in the email and I'll black it out or you can block it out that'd be cool too and I'll give you a little bit of feedback based on what I've learned and you can review your portfolio if you want to but yeah let me uh put any other questions you guys have and I will see you next time peace

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5 Replies to “Web Developer Resume With NO Work Experience”

  1. I currently live in Arkansas and there isn't many opportunities here do you think Dallas is a good place to move for web development? Also do you think after completing the full stack java script tech degree is that enough to find a job their?

  2. A few quick notes:

    1. If someone went to MIT, I'd probably get them to come in for an interview even without projects on his resume.
    2. I forgot how python loops work; So my loop example isn't exactly 'correct'.

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