What Happens When Adtech and Martech Merge

What Happens When Adtech and Martech Merge

essentially it’s allowing the brand to
execute a media buy and that is interesting that one of the inhibitors
that we talked about it besides that media budget historically and sometimes
contractually sit with the media agency so suddenly you probably will find the
tension between marketing departments they want to execute a adtech by but
they cannot access the capital because it’s parked with the media agency so
these are some things that I think over time would just solve themselves I think that the more the martech companies would allow direct buy of digital channels like Facebook Twitter Outbrain Google brands would execute adtech buys directly from their marketing stack that raises a big question about
what’s the role of the media agency there or how they evolve to add value in the
equation but that’s already a trend that we’re seeing they call bring it in house
but effectively that is for the first time of brand buying media
directly through adtech platforms as opposed to outsourcing it to someone
else For agencies is going to make them
evaluate the value in that in that exchange and one of the things I guess
bringing when you look at marketing technology that allows you to create
personalized experiences which are based on real-time actions of customers and
because of that if you’re going to get personalizing your needs obviously the
creative and the content the messaging to be personalized along with those
different tracks and that creates a lot of complexity in it so there’s a big
opportunity for agencies to really look at alleviating that complexity for their
clients the greatest challenge that we see both
on our side as an agency plus the platform and client-side is talent
scarcity as people bring in teams in-house the level of opportunity to
recruit experienced talent becomes less and less in addition to that number of
platforms that most clients are using are multiple so there was a 2017 Adobe
Digital insights report that said that on average 44% of clients use more than
three creative agencies in more than three platforms so when you look at that
complexity you’ll get about 27 different extrapolations of a piece of reporting
data but people sit at the heart of that as much as automated reports do make
sense and all automated systems that allow for buying and planning the key
issues translating a brief and the business need into a actionable campaign
so all you see is that for the agency themselves they needed obviously think
forward arm themselves with a business structure that allows for
different types of customers be it small medium enterprise or be it advanced
enterprises that have legacy systems that have siloed operations between
sales marketing finance and operations so on that basis I think it’s unclear
now google emerged from growth around small and medium enterprise I think it’s
very difficult for most large organizations just to clearly say who
will be the winner because ultimately it will be about a diverse workforce with a
lot of skills across different channels and that is still a work in progress

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