What is a Brand? | An Inbound B2B Marketing Minute

What is a Brand? | An Inbound B2B Marketing Minute

Hi! I’m Bill Sengstacken and this is
Inbound B2B Marketing minute. Today we’re going to be talking about brands. A lot of people come up to marketers like us and they say “you know my brand is
terrible”. I need a new logo. You as a marketer might say “yeah I guess your
logo is not the world’s greatest but…” and you want to say it, but you don’t because
you’re like, “well I really want the business.” So you don’t say anything. But
the reality is the logo is not the brand. This is true for any business. Everybody out there needs to know that logos are not your brand, and brands are not your logo.
They are two separate things that are connected, but they are not identical. So
what actually is a brand if it’s not the logo? It’s definitely not the tagline.
It’s definitely not your colors. It’s not the fonts you choose. None of that is
your brand! If you want to know what your brand really is, think about the space between
your customers ears. That’s where the brand lives. The brand is all
about perception. It’s all about their understanding of what you do, how you do it, the way you deliver your services, and the pricing. All of these things impact
your brand. A logo is just a symbol. Much like the flag of the United States symbolizes
the United States of America. But the flag itself is not the country, right?
It’s a symbol that represents the country. That’s what your logo is! It’s a
symbol that represents your brand. Now if you don’t know what your brand is, if you
haven’t defined what your core values are, or what your value proposition
is, or what your position is, or what your overall promise is, that’s an indicator
that you really don’t have a good brand. You should be able to define all that
stuff in a 30-second conversation! For example, Apple Computer. You might think Apple is all about hardware and software and that other stuff. Nah. Apple’s
brand really is all about simplicity. Doing things easily for the user to
where you don’t have to be a technology geek to get value out of the solutions
they provide. Look at an iPhone for example. There’s one button.
It’s easy to use and very intuitive. But that’s not the brand. The brand is
simplicity. It’s not the phone. So next time what are we going to do? We’re going to
talk about impacting that space between your customer’s ears in a way that allows
you to build your brand, and to own your space.
This has been an Inbound B2B Marketing minute. My name is Bill Sengstacken.
Please check out our website at InboundB2BMarketing.com. If you like this video, share it and say good things about it down in the comments below. We’d love to have the discussion. Thanks and see you next time

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