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75 Replies to “What is a Wireframe?”

  1. Wow, that made the difference in my college final project. I never really understood how to start building a website. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That very informative and well structured. You followed all of the rules of engagement while speaking and where able to compile a lot of information in a compact presentation.  Thank you 

  3. Thank you very much for the F-shape info. I never realized this. Your video is very well made and straight forward. 

  4. Thanks,
    This helped me wrap my brain around the Wireframe terminology that's being used so much, in regards to Web Designing. It's been awhile (years), since I last designed a website of my own. I'm starting to design sites again, and there's so much more available for designers now, so I guest I'm a newbie at Web Designing all over again. (Btw, we just called them sketches in my day, and I was glad to hear you refer to it as being a sketch once). Good video!

  5. She's an angel. I sow the video twice, the first one to see her talking and the second one to understand the wireframes,,,,, LOL

  6. The most important time saving step is going to be wireframing. My advise, architect your application on every level from the DB to the UI. 

  7. I never knew that is called "wireframes" until end of last year I discover it in some magazine. I did this in all the time in my web designs, and I'm just call it "basic mock up". 

  8. thank you very much , but i have a small question please
    what is a different between wireframe and hand-sketch design?

  9. Thank you! I didn't know about this process when making websites. Just learned something new today!

    Greetings from Chile!

  10. you are so beautiful!! It's hard to find a chick that hot, smart and sexy!! I'm you fan now Kiersten !! 🙂

  11. Now that I watched this, I remember we learned this in web design class. Let me ask you this: is a wireframe the same thing as a template? If not, how are they different? Sometimes I feel like in tech they give new words to old ideas, tool, etc. and if I can know that, it helps me. Because I'm old. Well, I'm not in my 20s anymore.

  12. Thanks for reminding me about the F pattern. I'm working on a new project now and forgot to think about the attention span and how the user views a website. Great Tutorial worth play-listing.

  13. I felt out of focus sometimes, I have to replay the video again. Kiersten it's your fault. 😛 you're beautiful.. 🙂
    Thanks for the video. I learned here.

  14. Collaboration possibilities is another important aspect of wireframing, commenting and collaborating about future design. Everyone has their own tunnel vision regarding design, client, PMs, designers etc. Wireframes allow everyone to paint their own vision using comments and instant feedback. This is really important and shortens the necessary time to successful design.

  15. Thank you so much, you did a great job of explaining the point of starting every project with a wireframe. There were some things that I already understood about wireframing, but there were some other things I didn't understand quite yet, and you answered all of my questions. Certainly understanding the hierarchy of info. is crucial, but simplifying communication with the customer is so priceless. Thank you for that great explanation of the "F" pattern for web reading, one I forgot about. Keep up the good work!

  16. I honesty wonder how much the "F" shape analysis is based on the way majority of websites have been designed in the west (left to right top to bottom reading) vs gestalt theories… This may sound lame but I'm honestly curious about how nature is perceived, what do you see first when looking at a tree, or a wild animal, as I do think there may be some evolutionary instinct we are missing by assuming the "F" shape is the best.

  17. Informative and crisply said. I like the F pattern – felt good to know about it. Thank you for the video!

  18. Very informative…thanks! You've provided some great insights into the intro to web development etc… Do you have any other web or stored application development tutorials?

  19. Easy Tigers concentrate!!. F reading is generally western reading. Right to left would be like Arabic. So it's advisable to make adjustments according to the culture and audience.

  20. The reason I am not liking the video because she hides her beauty by turning her neck towards the board. Damn!! I am just looping this 🙂

  21. it's a pity that not all clients care for wireframes, recently they told me, we don't care for that, i need to see, the colors, fonts and everything working to give u a opinion. but it's a nice tutorial to organize the data, thank u.

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