What Is Success In Graphic Design?

What Is Success In Graphic Design?

have you ever just sat down and thought what is success obviously we look to people who are average successful or not so successful or on the path to success in my creative profession and the minute I want to be successful but what does that actually mean a few years ago I started making YouTube videos and I guess success on YouTube is by making a full-time job on YouTube do you like to do that's what I think people perceive success to be over YouTube and I think the same is with creative professionals outside of YouTube if you're a designer then you want to be able to make a living on graphic design by clients whether you're in a studio all over you're a freelancer you want to be successful in your area over these past couple weeks I've been taking time out of my schedule to actually think where do I want to go like where am I actually wanting to go what is success for me then I couldn't really work out where I wanted to go because I didn't know what I wanted for me doing these videos on YouTube sometimes it's hard to sort of get vision of what I want is in what do I actually want to get out of these videos of what I'm doing now yes obviously I want to be paid obviously I want to have fun making them and obviously I want to help you guys bought is my main goal I guess my main goal is doing something that I want to do is in something that I like or having the freedom to do something that I want to do I did the same thing with my logo design but where do I want to take my career in logo design do I want to carry on designing logos for companies do I want to move to America and work in a design studio what is the point of success for me so that's when I started to ask the question what is success because I see that my point of success is ever expanding when I first started out doing graphic design the point of success was to actually make money from what I'm doing and to enjoy what I'm doing another part of success in my work was getting recognized by people I ever from my work or from YouTube but now I'm at that point of which people do know my work online and some people do know my channel around the world where do I go from here is my vision or what is success you know only I can answer this question to myself but here's a question for you why is your success success for you might be working from home on your laptop from home success you might be a freelancing career success could be you taking your career out of studio and making it freelance success – you might be overcoming a problem in your career and get to that next level success you might be 250,000 subscribers over YouTube or a full-time wage from YouTube and brand sponsorships it could be any one of those things but what does success actually boil down to I don't think success is just about the money you know I do think money has an important part to play in success because what money enables us to do is to be able to spend more time in doing what we love so that leads me to the answer of success is doing what we love you know we live in a society where success isn't more more more and it's nevertheless if we got less and that's wrong but I think that success is basically doing what you love to do and being able to do it freely so I guess success for me would be doing hand lettering I'm putting it up online soon pulls up you know I've wanted to make this video for quite a while about whether success is everything that it's meant to be that word success and I don't know the true answer to any of those questions that I was asking it was more of me just sort picking up your mind but I'm really interested to know what you guys think in the comments down below so let me know down in the comment section below what you think success is and how you can word it without using a dictionary that should be a cool challenge and if you wanted to know I've got a new course out which you can go down below in the description and get a 30% off the new course it's all about Adobe Illustrator for beginners so go and check it out if you want to become a patreon click the link down in the description below and you get a bunch of cool things that I give you over patreon including all my products from a shop for free thank you so much for watching this video I'll catch you next week you

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32 Replies to “What Is Success In Graphic Design?”

  1. Success for me is grind to the top, on the job u love to do , money is part of it, but to reach the top, not the feeling of "success"

  2. I consider success to be a mindset. I like to think of it in conjunction to failure. Because you can have a successful failure, meaning that you tried something and it failed, but that you learned from it so it's a success. On the contrary to that you can have a failed success meaning that you might have achieved your goal, but failed at learning something from it.

    So success to me is always learning no matter what the outcome.

  3. Hi Will, I am 20 and really enjoy your content and you really inspire me to live even more for Christ in all that I do. Especially in my school/ work.
    Really need your help here. How did you know know that you are sure with graphic design? Would really be extremely grateful for your help. Thank you. 🙂 Hoping to hear from you soon.

  4. I feel you man. I will feel successfull when I can make a living with something I love to do, and that is making art and graphic design ^^

  5. Any advice, can you check my Redbubble out please guys… I'd really appreciate it
    Thanks 🙂

  6. I would have to say success would be transitioning from my design day job to full-time freelancer. Continuing to learn and develop my skills.

  7. I know you're probably very busy, but I'm looking forward to your reply on facebook. I sent it about three weeks ago. Your opinion would be really appreciated.

  8. Success to me is to get out from my day job and open up a small shop that sells whatever i enjoy making but the only problem is, i still need experience and money.

    Anyway awesome video! This video literally makes me re-evaluate my intentions and my designs.


  9. Smart answer by Wil…'It's fuckin DEFINED by you!' Some people it means moving up the ladder in on company, some say it's going from one cool company to another, some say it's winning awards, some say goin from freelance to having a studio with staff/employees, some say it's work that's published in design annuals, some say it's 'getting' that big gig as a freelancer, some say it's going from graphic design to UX/UI design, some say it's creating a product, some say it's how they change the design industry or set the 'newest' trend.
    Bottom line, there is NO right/wrong answer. It's just your definition of 'what is success'. some may just go the OPPOSITE direction and even say success led me to my 'future' wife/husband' or 'landed me in a place that i enjoy living at.

  10. Success for me is be able to inspire others to follow their passions. In order to do that i must become an expert in my field and also put myself out there. It will be a long process.

  11. We also need to think about blind or hidden success. I'm trying to say that sometimes small things may have great effect on the whole world. For example your video may inspire future genius of graphic design. From that perspective it's sad that everybody will know him but not the person who inspired him. So basically his success is your hidden success.

  12. I will feel successful when I can live comfortably by creating things, either for myself or for clients. If I could I would like to own a small agency or freelance, but either way I want to be able to do what I love and love what I do.

  13. im 14, soon turning 15. and i want to be a graphic designer. And Success for me would just be able to make something good enough for someone to use.. (PS: im rlly bad at GD)

  14. Success to me would be earning a living enough to go anywhere in the world and work from a laptop – one of my fantasies lol. I guess it all depends on how hard we work at it.

  15. Success in my life as of now is achieving my goals in graduating my design class for highschool. This success will make more success down the road in my life. If it's either going to a great university, joining a studio after that, this is what makes me, and being me is a success. I feel like success exists in many different ways that make up a person and how they view their goals. question (Is there a way I can ask you some tips, I'm a 17 year old student and would like some advice from a well role model)

  16. Awesome video. I think in our field people have a tendency to define success by how many followers a person has, at least that has been my observation. I think success, like you said, is a personal thing and cannot be defined for everybody. For me I think success is making that vision of what you picture your life to be a reality, and that's different for everyone.

  17. totally feel you on this! i recently started doing freelancing because i wanted to do more of what i love vs. being a robot in an office (which is what i was doing for almost 2 years).. i learned a lot but it just wasn't for me. i don't regret leaving all because i'm loving what i'm doing with my graphic design skills now. and i'm a lot happier. that's what really mattered to me. love your vids will. you're great!

  18. Will, i was wondering if you've heard of OStraining.com? I want to get into web design and cinematography and saw a great deal from OStraining to learn web design through their online courses… Love your vids Bro, you have a faithful fan here in Florida. I wish you continued success in ALL you do. God Bless!

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