What is the Asentiv Mastermind Community All About? Maile Collmer – Referral Marketing Coach

What is the Asentiv Mastermind Community All About? Maile Collmer – Referral Marketing Coach

Hi I’m Maile Collmer and people are asking
me a lot of questions about this Mastermind Community because a it’s a very
intriguing opportunity so many small business owners have to be a part of a
massive community. So just a few things to know about being in a mastermind. This
is a an opportunity to share ideas and to get the help and support that you’re
looking for to grow your business and to get to that next leve, whatever that may
be. There’s typically three stages that an entrepreneur goes through: the first
phase is the startup phase where they’re just getting new things off the ground
and running and getting their systems in place. Trying to get that an initial growth. The
second phase is they’re just in total growth mode, they are trying to get that
next level, they’re trying to expand their business and have it starting
running as a business that the owner doesn’t have to be as much a part of. Then the third phase is when the owners looking to get ready to sell the
business and move on to something else. In the Mastermind Community we serve
all three of these phases as an entrepreneur in our entrepreneurial
development. As we experience our business growth one of the key things
about being a business owner is oftentimes we are experts at what we do
yet we’re not quite the expert at running the business. There’s a lot
of mistakes that we can make and lessons we can learn from those mistakes. A
mastermind creates that opportunity of having a shortcut to that success
because we can learn from each other’s mistakes, we can give each other advice
on how we’ve gone through some of the obstacles we faced, and so too
it’s an opportunity for everyone to to get that fast track to success. Those
shortcuts they need to get where they want to go faster. So that’s just a
little bit about being a part of the Asentiv Mastermind community! I’m Maile
Collmer and this is Maile’s Referral Intelligence!

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