Which LinkedIn type are you? | Tim Queen

Which LinkedIn type are you? | Tim Queen

Let’s talk about the five types of LinkedIn
users and which one are you? So the first type I want to talk about is
the one who’s using only their company page. They want to stay anonymous. They don’t want to put their face behind the
brand. Maybe they invested a lot of money in their
logo and brand name. They’re proud of their brand. And they’re using their company page to post
promotional content. And sometimes they hire a social media agency
to create content for them. Or they think they should do. There’s no heart behind. It’s just “We have to be online and we have
to push something out!” And the owner or the people behind the company
don’t want to show their face. This is not working for a lot of reasons. First, most people prefer to work with other
people. By just having a brand. It’s like wearing a mask. It’s very difficult for people to feel any
kind of connection. It’s also really difficult for people to connect
with brands. It’s the same thing as you interacting with
other people. Getting feelings for another person vs getting
feelings for a rock you found on the street. This first type is not working on LinkedIn. The second type is only using their personal
profile. They’re having a social gathering or social
meet up. They’re treating the LinkedIn platform as
a place for meeting friends and making connections. But they’re kind of over-doing this in the
sense that they don’t think about that this is a platform for doing business. They’re often very idealistic people. They often have high ideals such as helping
others and serving others. But they’re always stretching this to the
point where they’re only doing free stuff and free work. They’re spending too much time chit-chatting
instead of doing client acquisition. They often have no background in sales. They don’t know how to turn a normal conversation
into a sale. Whenever someone’s asking them, they feel
guilt-tripped and giving too much. And it’s never turning to anything. They’re basically just sitting there. It’s like their new Facebook. They make friendships on the platform but
they never get any business from this platform. The second type is not working either. The third type only focuses on business. They use their personal profile to push out
the same kind of content that other people push out on their LinkedIn page. It is very promotional. Often they don’t create the content themselves. They hire someone to post some inspirational
quotes that they’re also posting on Instagram. Nothing personalized. Nothing about what going on in their life
and their business. A lot of promotional content. This will get a little bit better results
than a LinkedIn page. But it won’t be that much better because people
also feel disconnected. So that’s not working either. Then we have people who are thinking very
time savvy and efficiency-oriented. They are the LinkedIn automation guys. They put on a script. And pretend to follow all the actions that
you would normally do in a real relationship. Sending out messages. But not just like one message. They’re starting a search for specific role
titles at a specific industry, in a specific city or country. Then they’re pushing out the same message
to a hundred people a day. Sometimes two hundred people a day. They’re just going by the numbers. Hoping that when they’re sending out enough
messages at some point someone’s gonna say yes. Which sometimes happens, that’s why those
methods are still around. The problem is that most people are really
bad at copywriting. Everyone knows instinctively that this is
a mass message sent to a mass of people. The response quote is really low. Instead of getting 50%+ to respond – which
you would get if you knew how to write messages properly – you get maybe 1-2% percent at most. Most of them will be annoyed and say like
“Don’t send me messages! Don’t push me! Don’t promote yourself to me!” This is really inefficient. You’re burning a lot of bridges by spamming
people on the platform. That’s something I don’t recommend! Also, it can get you banned! There are a lot of people I know who have
been banned on the LinkedIn platform. They can’t create any new accounts on the
platform. Which is a very sad thing given that it’s
such a great platform. The last group of people, type number 5, are
the smart content creators. These people are using their personal profiles
to create content online. They’re creating very personalized content
that is related to them and their business. It shows something behind the scenes that’s
educating people. It’s entertaining the people. It has a clear sales funnel. Every post leads to the next step in their
sales funnel. They have a clear vision and know exactly
how to write content to take people to the next step. They have a process in place to take them
from the next step to the sales conversation. They have the skills to transition someone
from “someone who doesn’t know anything about them” to an informed buyer. And then they’re turning this person into
a repeat customer. So which type are you? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure that you subscribe and turn on the
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