Why Huawei loves advertising with celebrities

Why Huawei loves advertising with celebrities

If you google terms like celebrity advertisement trust and credibility Most of what you’ll find is opinion pieces and studies trying to prove why advertisement with celebrities doesn’t work because people Fundamentally don’t trust these ads if you add Huawei to your search terms though You’ll also find that the company doesn’t seem to listen to the advice. I’m Martin from tech out Are you watching the thirty second episode of the story behind series and let me explain why? So Huawei has one of the largest Portfolios of celebrity endorsements ever wonder woman gal gadot herself is the chief experience officer? And if you’re a little confused by the title don’t worry It’s corporate speak for we paid her to say nice things about us before that too scholar Johnson and Superman Henry Cavill Are the faces of the Huawei p9? Supermodel Karlie Kloss was everywhere promoting the Huawei watch and even before that Footballer superstar Lionel Messi promoted phones like the Huawei mate 8 there are many others, too but these are all tier 1 celebrities and Huawei couldn’t have found anyone much more expensive to make ant with even if they tried and Here’s why that seems a little confusing at first According to market researchers at comrades only 17% of British adults found celebrity Endorsements a trustworthy source of information which was by far the lowest score compared to the other scores they measured I gave the same question to my subscribers in the little poll on YouTube And you people brought that number down all the way to 3 percent. Good job Everyone and to top it off market researchers at Collective bias also found that only 3 percent of consumers Claimed to consider buying a product because it was recommended by a celebrity And I mean none of this should come as a surprise right we all know that Celebrities just say whatever the hell they’re paid to say and yet here We are stuck with ads that according to the internet and according to common sense just shouldn’t work, but for huawei They do and to understand why let’s put huawei into context a little found that in 1987 in China Huawei first became successful by manufacturing Telecommunications equipment like network switches and routers and to this day It is one of the dominant players in this field Serving internet providers and mobile carriers around the world from China to Europe and even Australia strong and existing business Relationships with mobile carriers ended up being the perfect sales channel to bring huawei branded phones to the market especially in Western countries where most people buy phones from their carriers I mean Huawei was supplying carriers with all their networking hardware anyway, so they might as well to start selling Huawei phones, too Right convenient, but at the same time How we had an uphill battle to fight back in the early days their phones were simply pulled bad I had a hallway phone in 2011 when I was a student in China and let me tell you it was Absolute garbage even my Chinese friends told me that it was a poor man’s phone and then there was the brand Huawei is one of the only consumer facing brands from China with big international ambitions that openly embraces being Chinese Unlike most others like Lenovo DJI Oppo and oneplus which all sound and feel somehow I don’t know man international Huawei has a distinctly Chinese name and the 100% Chinese upper management team and board of directors It is notorious for having Chinese expats in senior positions abroad instead of hiring local people And it has a long history with the Chinese government the founder of Huawei Zhang Zhang Fame came from the Chinese military how he had multiple joint ventures with the government built most of the Telecommunications network for the People’s Liberation Army was promoted as a national champion by the government and routinely builds networks for foreign countries especially around Africa as a part of China’s foreign policy initiatives in other words allow a is as close to the Chinese government and China as a theoretically privately owned company can be now I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that is a good or a bad thing But it certainly makes things harder for a company that is trying to establish a new consumer brand in the West The country brand of China isn’t the greatest now if you don’t know at least in this context Country brand means the intrinsic values that consumers attach to a company or a brand Just for being from a specific country You know food from Italy is probably tasty cars from Japan are probably reliable Craftsmanship from Switzerland is probably excellent, and so on until recently if China’s country brand has been perceived as low-quality Copycat products possibly with privacy, and I’m not saying that these are correct But they are the assumptions that people have Generally not a very positive country brand which is why the others usually avoid appearing to Chinese and choose to build an international Something brand instead tois way for whatever reasons though Just decided to embrace it which directly leads to a few branding challenges the first goal of any brand is to be memorable After all if you don’t remember it what is the point and? As it turns out Huawei as a name is a little hard for people outside of China to wrap their heads around it fun fact There are multiple videos from foreign branches of the company trying to correct people’s hilarious pronunciations And Best of all is that in all of those videos the hosts themselves mispronounce the name of their company – It’s not actually Huawei because the age is pronounced pretty clearly and Mandarin Chinese so the correct pronunciation would be Huawei, so good job on getting your own brand name wrong But let’s also take a look at the fist Jem from the South African team So because we can’t say the word we decided to learn through sounds Using everyday and not so everyday objects Okay, no wonder that most people I know who aren’t phone nerds are completely confused by the name and while all of that is genuinely funny. It does highlight How being memorable is a challenge for a Chinese brand like Huawei the second goal of a brand is to evoke a sense of familiarity? Why because evolution has taught us to trust things that are familiar stuff and people you have had around you for a long time Hasn’t killed you so far So they’re probably safe, but everything new and unfamiliar could be a source of danger So we subconsciously dislike and distrust it This is why we all seem to think that our own country Our own religion and our own mums cooking is the best there is in the world And it is also why American ads can feel like a diversity competition sometimes all the skin colors must be represented if my brain identifies Someone in the ad that looks like me It said consciously puts me into a state of cognitive ease if you want to know more about this topic There’s a video going into much more detail in the description of this video, but long story short Huawei by virtue of being so very Chinese feels foreign and not familiar to most people in the West and the third and last Real goal of a brand is to promote something Positive about a company and once again when how I entered the consumer market all that conveyed to people was if it was a Chinese Phone maker and given China’s country brand that wasn’t exactly positive so Huawei at first had good sales channels But we products and a weak brand you know what they had though money and big ambitions first They had a gigantic and very profitable existing business selling networking equipment and second they reportedly also have very generous support from the Chinese government because of how the government sees Huawei as Instrumental for building China’s country brand and soft power abroad so when a company has so much money ambition and the backing of a giant government being cost effective Just isn’t necessarily the goal having the biggest possible impact and the fastest possible growth is which Conveniently brings us to celebrity endorsements They are not cost effective that is what all these blogs and surveys bemoan if you are a lean startup Or a super efficient corporation with low margins, maybe don’t use them But despite what the survey say. They are ultimately still effective see these numbers on the internet are misleading because they’re all Self-reported the problem with advertisement is that we all think it doesn’t affect us when in reality It does when we see an ad with a celebrity We might not drop all of our things and run to a store to buy a phone But it does manipulate our minds in a couple of important way that Huawei needs it to First it makes a brand or a product more memorable people won’t remember a Chinese name by itself But they will remember the face of the celebrity so ha we can simply put by memorability Second is familiarity Remember people don’t tend to trust foreign stuff slap a few familiar faces on the products though and people will be like oh, yeah I’m comfortable with this person so by extension. I’m comfortable with this brand now – that’s cognitive easing at work If there it is positive brand associations And it is proven that people subconsciously associate perceived qualities of a celebrity with the brand that they promote so once again celebrities for the rescue in other words celebrities are the perfect solution to hallways original branding problems But an improved brand doesn’t sell products by itself so Huawei also spent an enormous amount of money making their phones much better than they Were and they of course also have a bunch of other marketing activities So while celebrity endorsements might not be very cost-effective For a company like Huawei that has more money and bigger branding challenges than most of its competitors It might be the right first step all right, so how do you feel about celebrity endorsements now? There’s a Twitter poll which you can find in the description of this video so cast your votes over there Tweet at me because I love reading all of your tweets if you want to see more videos like this one then Binge watch previous episodes over here and subscribe to future episodes over here And I might have something very exciting to announce a very soon so stay tuned

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100 Replies to “Why Huawei loves advertising with celebrities”

  1. How do you feel about the ads? Here is the poll I promised: https://twitter.com/TechAltar/status/987269784365600769

  2. WA WEI is technically not incorrect, it's how you say it in Cantonese, and Huawei is based in Shenzhen which is part of Guangdong.

  3. Huawei's product are actually pretty good now a days. The problem with your experience is that you use Huawei low range smartphone and lower the price tag lower the specifications

  4. honestly, huawei budget smartphones are built like a tank.
    My current one Nova 2i got dropped, slammed so many times and still no crack or problem what so ever.
    That's what makes me want to stick with this brand.



    No really, Huawei sucks, I prefer European phones such as Nokia, I hate Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus and honor. And I kinda dislike Samsung (which is Korean).

  6. 8:50
    Wait people actually remember celebrity faces? Well that might be just me since I don't really pay attention to celebrities… then again I do watch some YouTube and I barely even remember any them either

  7. The funny part about this is most of these celebrities are liberals yet the Chinese government can be comparable to Nazi Germany. The CCP right now is committing genocide against Tibetans, uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners.

  8. Yes, using celebratie may not be the best way to sell a product. But in China over 80% or more of advertisements are done with popular celebrities, so it's more of a Chinese advertisement thing.

  9. I have the p20 and it is very good quality all my friends can say it correctly and my friends think huawei is a positive company so I don't agree with this video

  10. What about the Marques Brownlee – Gal Gadot controversy. She was promoting her Huawei while using her iphone lol

    Everybody know that they don't use the product, especially when the celebrity is in multiple brand deal like Neymar

  11. as a men love to listen to music, beats by dre's sounds quality are trash in its price range, people are still buying it because of there are so many celebs are advertising it.

  12. Huh??? Actors dont work well in commercials??

    In the philippines, tv commercials are mostly done by filipino actors. Some mainstream actors became popular because of their commercials.

    Businesses that use actors in their commercials are considered powerful because they have money to pay them.

    The more liked the actor/actress is (ie pia wurtzbach), the more convincing the commercial would be.

    Also there are even regular actors for a particular product (ie vic sotto for tide).

  13. Huawei made a advert with
    Nancy Ajaram , litterely my mom is a fan of her so she bought a damn Huawei phone that was in the advert

  14. WOOOOW, AMERICANS CANT PRONOUNCE CHINESE! HOW COME??? It's not a big deal. We speak many american brands names differently and it doesnt not affect how we see it. Brace yourselves, because chinese soft power is coming.

  15. Wow, the second tech channel that's actually interesting and useful after flossy carter. Such a uniqe topic, I really enjoyed this video!

  16. honestly, im a huawei fan
    the internet connection is just insane, my mom's computer and other electronics disconnect/1bar wifi at 3'rd floor when my huawei phone gets 3/4 bars and runs games smoothly, i suggest trying a huawei phone
    also i think huawei stableing the fact they're chinese is to try to change the all-chinese-stuff-sucks by making good electronics
    keep up the good work, huawei 🙂

  17. Ive never liked iPhone but I always wanted one cause I was so embarrassed using my Samsung at school but last Christmas I got the huawei p20 lite that I wanted and it honestly looks a lot like a iPhone just better tbh

  18. Somehow…the title of the video doesn't suit that much….
    He should have gone for like….'huawei's relationship between America and China' or 'how is huawei conquering international market'

  19. nah, the correct pronunciation is actually /wa: wei/. It's Cantonese pronunciation and Huawei is a Canton based company.

  20. Huawei should be banned in US and Europe. And rest of the world.

    It is a Chinese intelligence agency morphed as a company.

  21. Because the Chinese population likes celebs a lot. Like a lot

    And isn't advertising with celebs the thing with many companies

  22. It’s worked in China, very well, there’s a lot people has some kind of fanatic “love” to celebrities. Besides, It’s common knowledge in China that Huawei is a state-funded “private” company, their goals isn’t (entirely)business but (sometimes)political.(to alter the country brand)

  23. 5:16 My friend told me how they pronounce it in russian. "Huivey" and it's meant something like "blowing dick". Perhaps, that's why this brand not popular there…

  24. Well, this looks like racism for me.
    What's your problem…people buy what they like! It's a business…
    They are from China and they did cheap things or they do, but maybe them, now products are awesome, time is changing, people will know. If they realise now the best phone as an miracle why should i don't buy it, just because is China…?

  25. 6:42 So diversity in media wasn't a conspiracy by the cultural marxist illuminati. It was good old free market capitalism all along.

  26. Very interesting video! The add with the biggest celebrity endorsement that I remember is George Clooney with Nespresso! And it does work as there is a feeling of association!

  27. Despise everything said above, I totally witnessed Huawei growing big in Russia. Here we have a ton of Chineese low quality products, so nobody gave a heck about another brand from that country at the beginning. But they had some very agressive advertising, making the phones look luxorious and very affordable pricing, so now everybody has huawei devices. I myself have three of them. Great marketing indeed.

  28. Beside all those shitty abstract awms you were talking ! They are the number 2 interns of market share and ahead to be number 1 !! Then you US mother tucker couldn't find any way and bane them

  29. I have to admit that Gal Gadot and the YouTube videos on the mate 20 Pro sold it for me but Gal was the icing on the cake.

  30. I just assume that all Chinese companies are working with the CCP and refuse to buy any critical products from them. Especially any tech products.

  31. 6:29 To quote from Zapp Brannigan, “Ever since man first left his cave and met a stranger with a different language and a new way of looking at things, the human race has had a dream: to kill him, so we don't have to learn his language or his new way of looking at things.”

  32. Actually Huawei only need Trump to continue free advertising for them… Even i dont know about Huawei before now seems like everyone know about Huawei and Huawei 5G.. Thank you Trump., now i got huawei P30 pro the awesome mobile..

  33. This video is so biased….. wasn't apple doing the same in last apple event? Here the reminder if anyone forget: https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-event-brings-out-celebrities-and-big-names-see-who-was-spotted-2019-3

  34. Thanks to Trump, his adminstration, Congress and both the US and Canadian Govs… HUAWEI and its gaffer Ren Zhengfei are household names.

  35. the chinese way of doing things. they do not mind dumping money to make things work ( as if they presume it is the best way ) , what they really afraid is they action will produce a FAILURE. So it is useless to tell them to save few cents from here since what they really only care about is the RESULT.

  36. I have one of their phones, and it’s actually really high quality, so strange to here they wearing always good

  37. I am an engineer who learn business from this channel (and some other sources too, but this channel is dominant)

  38. My opinions:
    Celebrities: depands on who celebrity they use.

    Huawei: I think it's easy to write the name. And to pronounce it.

    My mom and i have a Huawei tablet and it works very well. Cause of the good experience with it, i want to test a phone at some point.

    I missed a chance to get one 'cause of that US ban for chinese brands/chips/what ever. Well, next try in 2-3 years to test something that isn't Samsung.

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