Why I use 6 monitors (web development work)

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41 Replies to “Why I use 6 monitors (web development work)”

  1. I do programming and web dev on a single monitor, and that's enough to charge $280,000/project for 2 months deadline, and i now i'm planning to have 2 monitors.

  2. You look like an awesome coder.
    It's a personal problem, but I always feel sad when I see someone smoke.

  3. I noticed several things, that might help me setup my next desk workstaion. #1 – You are comfortable; not all hunched over, destroying your spine. #2 – Your monitors are up off your desk; allowing you to look straight ahead, or glance upward if needed; again, not destroying your spine. I'm currently looking to emulate my casual setup (2×46, over/under), in desktop form 2×27 over/under. I hate sitting at a desk and working, but sitting on the couch, with my feet up, can be too casual sometimes, especially when paper documents or books are involved. Haters gonna gate… thanks for the peek!

  4. I'm still not sure why 🙁 Top 3 seem completely unnecessary. One could even argue that you could do exactly the same with just 2 monitors and focusing on your job. Do you really need a whole monitor to stare at a copying progress bar ? Remove all the useless distractions like youtube, all the junk on your desk, that TV on the left, glowing desktop rig…. and your productivity will increase a lot, by just having more focus and more order around you.

  5. Dude this video inspires me to get 6 monitor on my setup looks really cool tho and usefull
    Gj keep the great job

  6. Not sure why people have a problem seeing why. When you are waiting for shit to compile you have downtime, this isn't seen because hes sped the video up. But its easier to have it on another monitor then it is to tab between stuff. this way you can watch your work, spend your down time and go right back to it, or monitor it for issues that might arise. I also saw several times in which he was handling 3 web designs on 2 monitors and seeing the outcome of his work live push to another monitor. It's pretty efficient to be honest.

  7. Nice mancave you have! I hope I will get into something similar in the future. Right now I have laptop with two external 24 monitors, one horizontal and one vertical. I am looking to but one or two more, it is addictive.

  8. >Watching John Oliver and Colbert
    >Vaping, with juice bottles everywhere
    >Pop toy collection
    >Ferris Bueller poster
    >Generally filthy desk
    >Haphazard monitor setup

    What are you programming, an interactive fitness schedule for your wife's boyfriend?

  9. Loved the video I definitely can see how you utilise the monitors to extend your workspace great use of space also love your videos

  10. Dude I am a web developer as well, If I manage you ,
    you will be fired on the first day !
    close the FUCKING youtube for fuck sake !

    and use a proper IDE ! like phpstorme and start using GIT
    I double checked to make sure this video is from 2016 not 2006 or 1996 !

    try to manage you time better and be more productive !

    I dont know how you afford to but this setup !
    its not looks like you earn it !

    I wish this will be a hard wake up call for you dude

  11. Worst productivity video ever … even with 6 monitors ! For a coder, I would have expected at least one in portrait mode.
    If you are at "work" you shouldn't watch youtube stuff not related to your work :/.
    2 monitors is by far enough for web development : 1 big for code and 1 smaller to see what happen in the browser.
    With 21:9 monitors nowadays, it should be enought with only 1.

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