Why Marketing Sucks. Open Statements “Marketing for the Misinformation Age” John Jay College

who in this room has felt at least
partially if not fully disheartened or at least overwhelmed trying to
promote something online please raise your hand okay good I didn’t want to be
the only one there’s a mind-numbing bounty endless bounty of ways in which
we can promote our passion projects online which means that there is a
increasingly finite amount of time in which to learn relearn and then
implement all of these things insult to injury most of us in this room are
artists entrepreneurs which is the same thing we’re gonna talk about it as well
as academics do-gooders etc and we are all notorious for wearing more hats than
is fashionable glad you recognize that and what happens is our marketing
efforts are often a faint echo of the really interesting human stories that
we’re enduring on the front lines of our lives every day so what we’re gonna try
to do it’s too ambitious there’s over a hundred slides will he get through them
I don’t know I’m gonna try to take 12 years of experience promoting everything
from dance theater film music health and beauty products nonprofit causes blah
blah blah gonna whittle it down I’m gonna try to funnel it through to you
hopefully with the idea that you get a stronger sense of all of the options
that you have at your disposal and how to actualize with them when you have no
time or money which is my bag people usually hire
me and go I have no money you’re gonna only get four hours a week
make something happen and I’ll go deal and which is partly why I am very
popular in the arts sector okay really approach all of the stuff I’m going to
talk about with a fun first attitude it is too much and that’s hilarious and
that is a choice you can make when getting a little bogged down by all the
specifics we’re going to get into hi come on in
don’t be shy you’re fine come on in this slide deck which I put a lot of
time into I’m gonna send it to you after we’re done here
you in the notes of each slide are going to
be links to the things I’m talking about the tools tutorials really it’s designed to go over after
the fact and be like what were the cherry-picked
things I was excited to try that I’ve never tried or you could be really ambitious and
just go slide one and just go through each thing and slowly try to implement
something for yourself get ahead in some way okay are we ready
we should get started okay great short-term dopamine driven feedback
loops are destroying how society works great cue come on in so guess who said
that former Facebook head of user growth and he was talking about what social
media all right he also said that because of the way the algorithms used
to work we’re we’re only seeing echo chambers of the people that are
like-minded right on our social feeds it does breed a potential lack of civil
discourse and miss truth and propagating disinformation right so we’ve already
sort of experienced that but this was a few years ago and there have been
mitigating changes since then in fact I pulled this screenshot just from a week
and a half ago where in order to do advertising I had to confirm my identity
in a very extreme way so there are a lot of changes that are being made to this
system the main elephant in the room is that we just don’t trust anything
anymore now there’s a really interesting company
they do a global Trust Barometer every year of how the populace is now feeling
about digital technology better that and what we’ve learned from that is how
instead institutions establishments we used to trust those a lot more we don’t
know now people trust what is very close to them I’m gonna get into how that
plays out why don’t we just quit right this has been really fun thanks a lot
everybody ah I’m glad we did this why don’t we just quit listen I asked I work
professionally in this and I asked myself that almost every day no offense
if you’ve been a client of mine in this room but what I will answer with that is
the propagation of fake news and what we understand is truth is now a little
muddy these things are determined by peer to peer contact now again it’s we
trust things that are close to us and what does that mean Jamie that means
personal and political progress starts with you and the people that you
interact with meaning we are still like the strike force on this situation so I
would encourage us to stick with it and just have a lot of integrity and still
use these systems right because that can be infectious
so I I will say oh I’m so bad about the glare on this and Hathaway is right we
can show actually we can close that can someone help me close that great so
Anne Hathaway is correct it isn’t fairs we have a limited amount of time it
essentially we are all in charge of our own media organizations now I don’t know
if you notice on top of doing all the other projects that we’re working on it
sucks a little bit right okay so we definitely have limited time we have
limited emotional psychological bandwidth because we are just inundated
with information I am saturated personally and you’re gonna see that
here that’s why there are like a hundred and five slides there’s just too much
okay now it is a moving target this is the fact of the matter sometimes I have
to change the screenshots you’re gonna see today within the last two weeks
meaning these systems are changing constantly so it’s hard to get a handle
on the best way to go about something and no one really knows how to do it
right this is the truth if anyone tells you they totally have they have this
lockdown how to do the things we’re gonna talk about today they are lying to
you they are suspect don’t believe them it
is difficult okay uh now what are we doing today
it’s finally getting to that we’re gonna talk a little bit about websites I find
that people sleep on their websites a little bit when really they’re arguably
the most important element of what we do how to increase search engine ranking
how to capture more leads which just means potential clients audience etc
we’re gonna talk more about content because the rules are different than
they were even a few years ago about producing your own content I’m gonna
learn how to be a little more strategic about it
I’m gonna talk about best practices currently for email marketing which is a
very powerful thing that I think people are used to kind of writing off we’re
gonna talk about press coverage which is one of my favorite things oddly enough
and how to properly pitch how to write a really good press release and we’re
gonna talk about some of this sort of unorthodox methods I’ve developed for
acquiring press we’re gonna also get heavily into social media that is a lot
of the sort of main things that people are interested in we’re gonna talk about
how to assess the data that you’re giving on your social platforms in a
human way trying to see the people under it we’re gonna talk about how to
optimize even if you have no ad budget how to optimize just your organic normal
everyday post because the algorithms keep changing so I’m gonna update you as
of today where we’re at with that because it does keep changing we’re all
gonna do a thorough but still introductory lesson on social
advertising because it is a pay-to-play game right now and even with a small
budget if you’re very strategic you can be effective okay what else does he have
in case you were wondering who the hell does this guy think he is we’re gonna go
through this quickly I have a dance background did a lot of very wild
comedic work and then I transitioned into like actual comedy buy me a drink
we’ll talk about it sometime okay I’m also a marketing nerd bonafide marketing
nerd I went to Baruch College and magna cum laude graduated with a degree in
digital communications you’ll be seeing some of those things that I’ve learned
today I’m also currently part time the digital marketing manager of the CUNY
dance initiative which is how this whole thing was facilitated in fact the
director is here Alisa Alpine please everyone give her a round of applause
all right there you go oh thank you over here great all so
these are some of the other clients that I have worked with I can’t fit them all
but I also do a lot of freelance work could even do it for you at some point
you talk to me just to give you an idea that I may sometimes know what I’m
talking about these are actual statistics and reports I’ve turned in to
some of the clients I work with I’ve also gotten my clients or myself and I
have no reason being in the press I’ve gotten myself in all of these things
well most of these things and some of the clients that I have got I’ve gotten
into these publications so I sometimes know what I’m talking about but I do not
know everything this is really an opportunity for us to have a
conversation so as I’m bringing up ideas if you have a challenging point like
that maybe you have an experience that counters that feel free to bring it up
you can fight I will be babbling a lot I apologize in advance for that but you
can stop me at any time ask me questions offer anecdotes anything that we can do
to help facilitate a conversation because we all have different
experiences and we all have a lot to learn from each other and how my
audience might react to something might be different to how your audience does
it and I do want to share ideas as much as we can and you know in this time now
normally I would actually say my workshops are better designed to be
three hours long so often I’ll have a take action moment where we would stop
and work on maybe something I recently talked about we don’t have a ton of time
to do that today I’m gonna keep some of these in here anyway because when you go
back through this slide deck it reminds you to go haste
up and try one of those things also I encourage you to take photos and video
of me you can look at your phone during this workshop while I’m talking Eureka
you’re free so take photos please take photos tag
cuny dance initiative and me online I am a sharing fool live posts if you wrote
down a note that you thought was kind of smart share with other people that could
benefit we want to expand this learning as much as we can also I will give you
opportunity to follow each other after the thing is over so we definitely are
all part of the sort of creative industries of New York City we are part
of a shared community it wouldn’t hurt if we kind of kept in touch if possible

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