Why Use Online Marketing Videos?

Why Use Online Marketing Videos?

Why use online video? Because it’s better for your Google ranking… …your customers… …and your business. Apart from the fact that videos of your business,
training, event, interview or whatever, create more impact in less time than text and images
alone… …and apart from the fact that we all prefer
to just press ‘Play’ than to read through lots of text online, …videos have a better chance of ranking
you higher on Google search results. Google and other search engines love video
content. Video is also better at capturing and keeping
the attention of online visitors. Viewers watching video are more likely to
stick around and to take action afterwards. And afterwards, viewers can recall more information
from video than from text and images alone. So, with online video, you grab your viewer’s
attention, it’s easier for them to absorb and remember, and they’re more likely to take
action afterwards. And Google will love you! Get online video. Get found online. Icon Video.ie …if a picture is worth a thousand words,
a video is worth a thousand pictures!

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