Why Working Hard May Not Result in You Getting Promoted

Why Working Hard May Not Result in You Getting Promoted

– All right guys, we’re back and excited today to share the top three barriers or really beliefs that we think we’ve seen in top performers that hold them back. And actually, I’ve gone ahead and come up with the top three that I have seen just by working with clients and everything that holds them back from taking action. And Kevin has no idea what I’ve come up with. So we’re going to just get – I’m in the hot seat. (laughter) – So Kevin is going to be reacting to each of these top three and just saying a little bit more context why does that happen. So the first one is they believe that working hard or just performing really well at their job is enough to get promoted. Kevin what do you think? – Yeah so I’m not a conspiracy theorist but my first reaction to that is that that is a statement that works for the organization and kind
of keeps you in check and in line with what they’re system is, which doesn’t necessarily
serve you always. So, really quickly you think about what’s important in terms of the role that you’re currently in and it’s meeting or exceeding standards. I would say that are most important or the most important thing for the person that you work for. And once you have done that, you can either leverage that inside the organization or move it outside the organization. Whereas the organization doesn’t necessarily need you, and this may seem counter intuitive but I don’t believe the organization necessarily needs you to be a super high achiever or to a certain point doesn’t need to be, it’s almost like asymmetrical warfare. Like they need to keep you in check in order for there to be kind of a balance to control you in the role you’re in and believe that some how or another you need that, you know, more than they need you. Does that make sense? – No, no, absolutely. And you know when I think about this one I always think about if I were a manager and I’m going to be completely candid, if somebody comes to me and really wants like
a gold star for doing their job and doing it well, I’m just in the back of my mind, I have to be honest, I’m thinking well that’s kind of why you were hired. – Right. – I mean, that means I actually did a good hire here. That doesn’t mean that, you know, you get anything special just for doing your job. So that’s just the ticket for entry the way I see it. – No, you know, you’re exactly right. Like to get a pat on the back for meeting the standard, even
leveling up the standard, I don’t think, I’m with you. If I think about high performance, to me that’s the first line indicator that you’re not necessarily looking at this the way I think a high performer would look at it. – Exactly, exactly. Okay. So we’ll get into that a little more strategically and tactical
in the next video. But first I want to go over number two.

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4 Replies to “Why Working Hard May Not Result in You Getting Promoted”

  1. fcking politics,,,thats all behind this. u work ur ass off, contribute alot for ur team success, and still u dont have the credit u deserve.

  2. Race is another factor. I worked above and beyond, vonlunteerd and what did I got. Stiffed and not getting promoted whereas a Caucasian jock got one. Being Asian in USA = getting stepped on. The society is full of bigots

  3. This was really interesting. And I 100% agree that people think working harder gets them ahead, when it's not.

  4. Immediate mgmt. seeing your hard work and ethic directly for years, the moment that you’re vying for promotion and that jeopardizes that manager then risks losing your productivity when you transition.

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