WorldVentures – Social Media 101: Cross Promotion

WorldVentures – Social Media 101: Cross Promotion

[Music] How many people do you know
who have a Facebook but not an Instagram? A Twitter but not pintrest? Not everyone is plugged into
every single social channel. So some of your loyal
followers on one platform might be missing the great
content you post on another. Fortunately there’s a way to
make sure you can reach your followers and attract new ones
across multiple platforms. Let’s talk cross promotion. When you post on social media
you shouldn’t hope someone will stumble upon it. You have to lead them there
that’s where cross promotion comes in. You can reach more people
across different platforms with the same content. To cross promote always go
where your audience is. Pick 2 or 3 platforms to focus
on and get to know their demographics. Then link the accounts. Did you write a catchy bio? Your audience is sure to
notice it so use it to cross promote your accounts. A good old fashioned shout out
does the trick too. Share picts, videos and
updates across platforms. Start cross promoting, take
the lead and watch your following grow.

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