Your Heart Is the Key to Promotion

Your Heart Is the Key to Promotion

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the
Believer’s Voice of Victory. Today, Gloria Copeland and
Pastor George Pearsons emphasize that God’s way of promotion
starts with the heart. Success starts with a grateful attitude,
thanking God for all He does. GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor
George Pearsons is back with us with some more
great Word. You’re going to like this. Go, George.
GEORGE: Oh, we’re talking about promotion. We’re talking about
advancement. We’re talking about prosperity. We’re talking about
people coming up to new places and new heights in their lives.
GLORIA: Hallelujah. Amen. GEORGE: This is an exciting
study that you and I are talking about here. GLORIA: It is.
GEORGE: And I believe that our partners and our friends are
being promoted. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: I believe that you are
getting the best jobs. New jobs are coming to you. GLORIA: Yes.
GEORGE: Promotions on those jobs, you are being placed in
positions to be the leaders in the companies and the
corporations. And they are coming to you for advice.
GLORIA: Favor, favor, favor. GEORGE: They’re coming to you
for prayer. I believe that people are coming to the
believers for answers because the world has no answers.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: They don’t know what to do. They
throw their hands up like this and say, “I don’t know what to
do.” I believe, too, that there are promotions taking place out
there and that people who are strong believers are coming in
to places of political influence. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE:
Not only political influence, but political positions in
Washington, D.C., and local. And you and I were just reading a
Scripture before we went on the air. We were reading Psalm
75:10. I’m going to find out what this translation is, but
it said, “I will cut off the strength of evildoers: I will
increase the power of good men in their place.” So, you see,
there– GLORIA: That’s good, isn’t it? GEORGE: That’s very
good. There are people being removed from places in order to
replace them with good people, with righteous people. GLORIA:
Yeah, yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: And so that’s
what–that’s what we’re talking about. And the foundation
Scripture for this–and I’ll tell you, all of the notes are
available on EMI–or You can get those notes,
download them. GLORIA: And another thing to remember,
George, is God looks on the heart. He doesn’t look on the
outward man. GEORGE: He does. He does. GLORIA: He looks on the
heart. GEORGE: And you know what? That’s exactly what we’re
talking about today. GLORIA: Good. GEORGE: That’s
exactly–we’re talking about–and this is the title of
the message, “Promotion Starts With the Heart.” Oh, this is
good. You really did set it up well for me. GLORIA: Hallelujah.
GEORGE: “Promotion Starts With the Heart.” GLORIA: I like that.
What translation is that? GEORGE: That is–well, that’s
not a Scripture. That’s what I put a title on it. GLORIA:
George. That’s George, Verse George. GEORGE: “Promotion
Starts–Promotion Starts With the Heart.” GLORIA: First George
1 and 2. GEORGE: Let me just read this to you quickly and
then we’ll go over to I Samuel. But in Psalm 75–this is our
foundation Scripture for the study. It says in Verse 5, “Lift
not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck. For
promotion comes neither from the east, nor the west, nor from the
south. God is the judge: he puts down one, he sets up another.”
GLORIA: What Scripture was that? GEORGE: Psalm 75:5-6. And that’s
what we’re talking about on these broadcasts, is the
connection between your prosperity and promotion. They
really do go hand in hand with each other– GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: –to be walking in places of divine promotion.
But, you know something, there is–there is something that I
wrote down here that Gloria mentioned on the first day, on
Monday. And she said, “God–with David, God was looking for
somebody who would take care of His Father’s business.” He said,
“We–” You said, “We must be worthy of being promoted. We
have to give God something to work with.” And David is the
example, Gloria, that we’re looking at here. Let’s look at I
Samuel. I Samuel. Promotion begins on the inside. Promotion
doesn’t start with you trying to climb the corporate ladder.
Promotion doesn’t start with you trying to convince somebody that
you can do this. No, promotion begins on the inside. GLORIA:
And makes favor. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly, exactly. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: The favor of God. And in I Samuel 16, this is
a tremendous teaching in Scripture for us on the subject
of promotion. And we see here, in I Samuel 16, that–and let me
read this to you in the beginning here. “And the Lord
said to Samuel, How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing that
I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?” GLORIA:
Get over it, in other words. GEORGE: Oh, man. God basically
looked at Saul and said, “You’re fired.” GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: “Out of here.” He was done with him. “I’ve rejected
him.” So God said to Samuel, “Fill your horn with oil, and
go, I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have
provided me a king among his sons.” GLORIA: “I have provided
me,” He said. GEORGE: I–hmm. GLORIA: Isn’t that good? GEORGE:
“I have provided me a king.” The Lord is the one who promotes,
isn’t he? GLORIA: It is. Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: He’s the
one who lifts up. He’s the one who puts down. And we just see
it right here. We see a prime example of this. We see that He
rejected Saul. Saul basically got fired. GLORIA: He wasn’t the
one. GEORGE: He was not the one any longer. His anointing
lifted. And Jesse was visited by Samuel because the Lord said, “I
have provided me a king among his sons.” So there’s a king in
there somewhere. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: “Samuel said, How can I
go? if Saul hears it, he’ll kill me. And the Lord said, Take a
heifer with you, and say, I am come to sacrifice to the Lord.
And call Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what you
shall do: and you shall anoint unto me him whom I name unto
thee.” In other words, in Verse 3 in the New King James, this
point A, number 3, there, “You shall anoint for me the one that
I name for you.” GLORIA: Yeah. Yeah. GEORGE: You know, we have
to really get to the place where we see that God is the source of
our promotion. People are not the sources. God will use people
to get you into a position that He wants you to be in, that you
qualify for according to Him. But it says to–He said to
Samuel, “You will anoint for me the one that I choose–” GLORIA:
Yeah, yeah. GEORGE: “–the one that I name.” GLORIA: Now, this
scripture–I don’t know, is this all the same Scripture? GEORGE:
Mm-hmm. GLORIA: It says, “God lifts up one and puts down
another”? GEORGE: That’s what I put down there. And that’s
what–that came from Psalm 75 that we talked about a minute
ago. GLORIA: Yeah, 9 and 10, yeah. GEORGE: God’s the One, He
lifts up one, He puts down the other. So He says– GLORIA: He
knows the hearts of man. We only know the facade. GEORGE: Gloria,
that’s so true. That’s it. You just said it. And that’s what
I’ve appreciated about you over all these years. You just can
say it. GLORIA: Thank You, Lord. GEORGE: It really–that’s the
way God sees it. The heart–it’s in the heart. GLORIA: And you
said that, George, promotion starts with the heart. GEORGE:
It starts with the heart. It starts with what’s on the
inside. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: Well, we find here in Verse 6.
So here’s the lineup I call it in Verse 6. This is the lineup.
Now, Jesse is taking all of his sons and he’s lining them up.
“And it came to pass–” This is in Verse 6. “–when they were
come, that he looked on Eliab, and said, Surely the Lord’s
anointed is before me.” GLORIA: He looked good. GEORGE: He
looked good. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: He thought he was
the one. And I’ll tell you something, Gloria. I did a study
one time on all the brothers that they had stand up that God
rejected from being king. And I did a study on each one, and
it’s very interesting to find out the major character flaws
in–later on in Scripture and in different places. GLORIA: Ooh,
that’s–yeah. GEORGE: I just started looking them all up. It
was a serious bunch of people. It was a very dysfunctional
family. And there were some serious reasons why God rejected
because they were looking on the outside. God looks on the
inside. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: Well, the Lord said unto
Samuel–in Verse 7, it says, “Look not on his countenance, or
on the height of his stature.” GLORIA: Yeah, don’t be
impressed. GEORGE: Don’t be impressed for–(Laughs) I am
thinking–I just had this image. I remember Jesse telling a story
one time about a new secretary. Jesse was going to get–Jesse–
GLORIA: Duplantis? GEORGE: –Duplantis was going to get a
new secretary. And so he brought the secretary, this lady, in to
interview her. So Jesse is at his desk. He’s facing this
prospective employee, and then there’s the door going out. So
he’s sitting there interviewing her. And he’s really–he’s
really impressed. I mean, he’s just really impressed with her
resume and the way she’s presenting herself. So Cathy
comes in. GLORIA: Ah-ha. GEORGE: And Cathy’s standing behind the
prospective employee. And Jesse continues to talk to her. And
Cathy stands there and goes– (Both Laugh) She’s turning her
had back and forth. And Jesse’s just like, “Uh, uh, uh, I’m
sorry, we’re not going to use you.” Well, Cathy heard
something, saw something. “This is not right.” I’ll tell you,
our wives are really good at things like this. Terri is the
same way. Gloria, you’re the same way. You can–I’ve watched
you before. GLORIA: Oh. GEORGE: I’ve watched you before. And
we’ve been in meetings before. And we may be sitting around,
and we may be talking about–this is years ago, and we
may be talking about, “Well, we could do this and we could do
that, and we could do this and we can get that person over
there.” And Gloria’s sitting there, going, “No, no, that’s
not what we’re going to do.” GLORIA: George, you’re making
that up. GEORGE: I am not making that up, but here’s the thing.
Your perspective played out. GLORIA: Oh, good. GEORGE: Later
on, we were all like, “Yeah, she was right again. She was right
again.” Well, that’s the same thing that was going on here.
They had all of these fine looking– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
–what we would think would be great people in that position.
And God looks on the heart. Man looks on the outside. God looks
on the heart. That’s why it is so important what is in your
heart. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: Is the Word in your
heart? GLORIA: That’s you. That’s why it’s so important.
GEORGE: (Laughs) Yeah, that’s true. GLORIA: That’s you.
GEORGE: It’s you. That’s who you are. GLORIA: That’s right.
Mm-hmm. GEORGE: He said, “I’ve refused him: the Lord sees not
as a man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the
Lord looks on the heart.” And I believe here–oh, Verse 7 over
here in your notes, in the Message Translation, this is
good. “God told Samuel, ‘Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be
impressed with his looks and his stature.” It’s over here, this
one on–yeah, there you go, right there, the number 3.
GLORIA: Okay, three. You said–oh, Verse 7, three, okay.
GEORGE: Yeah. “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed
with his looks and stature. I have already eliminated him. God
judges persons–” GLORIA: “I have already eliminated–” That
kind of settles the issues, doesn’t it? GEORGE: Err! He’s
out. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: “I’ve already eliminated him.” And
then it says, “God judges persons differently than humans
do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”
GLORIA: Wow. That’s The Message translation? GEORGE: Mm-hmm.
GLORIA: That says it, doesn’t it? GEORGE: And then, in Verse
8, “Jesse called Abinadab, and made him pass before Samuel. And
he said, Neither has the Lord chosen this.” And if you do some
study on Abinadab, he was a bad character. Oh, my. “Jesse made
Shammah pass by him. And he said, Neither has the Lord
chosen this. And Jesse made seven of his sons to pass before
Samuel.” I’m reading out of the Scripture here. “And Samuel said
to Jesse, The Lord has not chosen these.” So there–no one
among those sons was chosen for that promotion. GLORIA: Mm.
GEORGE: “Samuel said to Jesse, Here are all your children? And
he said, There remains yet the youngest, and, behold, he keeps
the sheep. And Samuel said unto Jesse–” GLORIA: In other words,
we don’t deem him eligible. GEORGE: He was the youngest.
GLORIA: He was the youngest. GEORGE: They probably figured
that the youngest wasn’t going to make the cut anyway. I mean,
there were all these other guys who were taller, bigger–
GLORIA: You stay home and keep the sheep. GEORGE: Oh, yeah. I
mean, these–these were the same guys–some of the same guys that
were out there when Goliath came and they were–they were fussing
with David for him doing what he was doing. You see the
character– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –what was on the
inside. God could–God sees clear through to the heart.
GLORIA: Oh, He does, absolutely. GEORGE: He sees clear, right
through to the heart of the person and of the matter. Well,
it says, “And Samuel said to Jesse–” This is Verse 11.
“–Send and fetch him: for we will not sit down until he comes
hither. He sent him, brought him in.” It said, “He was ruddy, and
withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look
at. And the Lord said, Arise, anoint him: this is he.” GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: “Samuel took the horn of oil, he anointed him
in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came
upon David from that day forward.” GLORIA: Mm-hmm.
GEORGE: So David– “So Samuel rose up, and then went to
Ramah.” Well, we find here that– GLORIA: Went to Rhema?
Was Rhema open then? GEORGE: He went to–Rhema was–(Laughs) He
was–yeah, Rhema was back then. You bet. Go to your third page,
Gloria. I want to show you something. So we’ve chosen
now–God has chosen David. God has chosen David. And we’ll go
through just a couple of these Scriptures. In Verse 11, the
youngest son was keeping the sheep. God–God was looking for
someone who would take care of the father’s business. GLORIA:
Mm-hmm, yep. GEORGE: David was taking care of his father’s
business. You know, sometimes the younger one can get jealous
of the older ones because of whatever the preference that
they may have, or the fact that the younger one needs to do
something. David wasn’t like that. David loved his father so
much and loved–loved the sheep. And you know something? That’s
what God is looking for in leaders. He’s looking for people
who will love the people. And that was in the heart of David.
He was a shepherd. And in Verse 12, it said, “The Lord said,
Arise, anoint him: this is the one.” And in Verse 13, “The
Spirit of the Lord came on David when Samuel anointed him.” And
then I have this Scripture in Acts 13:22. Listen to this: “I
have found David the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart,
which shall fulfill all my will.” GLORIA: He found what He
was looking for. GEORGE: He found what He was looking for.
And my question to all of us is, “Is God finding what He’s
looking for where promotion–where promotion is
concerned?” Well, you might say, “Well, let’s take a corporation
like Exxon or something like that.” Well, what does God have
to do with Exxon? God–if God can locate an obscure shepherd
somewhere out in the fields, He can certainly take you and
promote you and lift you up in whatever corporation there is.
And I’ll give an example. I’ll give you a prime example of
this. Joseph became the leader under Pharaoh in a godless
nation. God took Joseph and promoted him, got him out of
prison, and promoted him and put him at the head of the
leadership of Egypt. Now, if God can do that with Joseph in a
godless nation like Egypt, He can certainly do that in any
business corporation that He wants to. GLORIA: That’s right.
Promotion comes from the Lord. GEORGE: It comes from the Lord.
And all He needs to do is find somebody who is willing-hearted
and has in his heart what it takes to be promoted. And David
had it. GLORIA: Yes, he did. GEORGE: He had it. He had it.
He–you know, sometimes people talk about a personality or an
entertainer, “Oh, they’ve got it. They’ve got it.” We want
that anointing, the anointing of God, on the inside of us to
serve others. And that’s what promotion does. And I wrote a
few notes down here. “David had in his heart what it took to be
promoted. His desire was to fill–fulfill the will of God.”
And this is interesting. David was not pursuing promotion. You
don’t have to pursue promotion. If you have in your heart what
it takes to be promoted– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
–promotion will chase you down. GLORIA: Now, what–I want to
just bring this out in Verse 22. GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: “I have
found David the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart, which
shall fulfill my–all my will.” GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: Now, what
is–who–that’s a description of a man after His own heart. He
looks to see who will fulfill what He says. GEORGE: Oh, that’s
so good. GLORIA: “Who will fulfill all–” And it says,
“which shall fulfill–” it didn’t just say, “My will,” it
says, “which shall fulfill all.” GEORGE: “All my will.” GLORIA:
Nothing left out. GEORGE: Nothing, nothing. GLORIA: That’s
what He looks for. Isn’t that good, George? GEORGE: He’s
looking for people. See, He found that– GLORIA: That’s for
Samuel. GEORGE: It’s for Samuel. Or that’s Acts 13:22. It’s Acts
13:22. GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: He found that in
you and Kenneth. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: When you went
into the ministry to fulfill– GLORIA: He can look at hearts
and tell what– GEORGE: He can. GLORIA: He can look at your
heart and tell more about you than you can tell. GEORGE:
That’s right. That’s exactly right. GLORIA: Because you–you
wouldn’t–like for me, I would never have thought that I would
ever preach ever, never ever. But He saw. GEORGE: And He saw
your heart, Gloria. He saw that you were so willing–from the
day you were born again, you had a willing heart. GLORIA: Praise
God. GEORGE: You wanted to do whatever God wanted you to do.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And now, here you are, and for
many, many years have preached on worldwide television. GLORIA:
Think about it. GEORGE: Wow, wow. GLORIA: Think about it,
George. GEORGE: Wow. GLORIA: That’s amazing. GEORGE: David
was not pursuing promotion. Promotion found him. Promotion
located him– GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: –because he was
pursuing God. GLORIA: He was pursuing–that’s so good.
GEORGE: He was pursuing God. His promotion was a result of what
was in his heart. And, you know, promotion is–and we’ll talk
further about this tomorrow. But promotion is something that you
don’t seek. Promotion is something that you reap.
Promotion is–is a result of seeds sown. GLORIA: Promotion is
something that you are. GEORGE: Well, there you go. GLORIA: You
look on–God looks on the heart and He sees- GEORGE: There you
go. GLORIA: –who you are. GEORGE: He sees who you are.
GLORIA: And He knows what you’ll do. GEORGE: He knows what you
will do. GLORIA: Praise God. Isn’t that something? GEORGE: He
knows–He knows not only what we are capable of. And you know
something, Gloria, it’s not always the capability that He’s
looking for, but He can do something with willingness.
GLORIA: Yeah. He can give ability. GEORGE: Yeah. Ability
can be added. GLORIA: He can change hearts, too. But He has
to have your help– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –your consent. I
mean, he’s not going to just make you somebody to be unless
you receive it. GEORGE: Exactly, exactly. GLORIA: Promotion found
him because he was pursuing God. GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah. What was he
doing– GLORIA: His promotion was a result of what he was in
his heart. I think that’s a key. GEORGE: That’s the key, it was
what was in the heart. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: What was he doing
out there in those shepherd fields, those fields tending the
sheep? Well, read the book of Psalms. GLORIA: What does it
say? GEORGE: He was writing. He was writing. He was writing
those psalms. That’s–he– “The Lord is my shepherd”? He was out
with the sheep probably when he wrote that one. “The Lord is my
shepherd; I shall not want.” GLORIA: He saw himself taking
care of the sheep. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: He saw the Lord
taking care of the sheep– GEORGE: And the Lord called–
GLORIA: –and His people, the sheep. GEORGE: The Lord called
Israel, “My sheep.” He was looking for something. GLORIA:
“My sheep hear my voice,” that’s His. GEORGE: He was looking for
somebody in that particular position. Of all the people that
He could have chosen as king, He chose David because He had the
sheep’s interest at heart. GLORIA: Praise God. And that’s
the requirement today– GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: –of the sheep is
that you hear and do His voice– GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
right. GLORIA: –whatever He tells you to do. GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: If you don’t do what He says, you’re not a
sheep. You’re a goat. GEORGE: Yep. Baa. (Both Laugh) GLORIA:
That’s the truth. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s exactly right.
GLORIA: I’m going to be a sheep. GEORGE: I’m going to be a sheep,
too. GLORIA: That’s where the blessing is because the blessing
is in doing what God tells you to do. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. I want to
do what He tells me to do, and I want to fulfill His entire will.
GLORIA: Me, too, George. Glory to God. Hallelujah. And
we’re–they’re doing this to us. GEORGE: Uh-oh,
uh-oh. That means– GLORIA: We’re out of time.
GEORGE: –get out of here. (Both Laugh) GLORIA: George
and I’ll be right back.

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