Your STORY is your most VALUABLE marketing mechanism

Your STORY is your most VALUABLE marketing mechanism

All right this is take number three of
this Facebook live and I just hope it works it’s funny because I’ve been on
video conferences all day with no problem and the sooner I decide to have
a moment to do a Facebook live and talk to all you amazing people that decides
to keep breaking up on me so this is the third take of this and if you’re
watching at this for the first time well then maybe it was just done this way so
that you could see it as I’m I just wanted to let you out of everything
you do in marketing the most important thing is going to be your story yeah I
think so Maddie the the story is the most important thing for me out of
everything there is there’s alan again third time lucky mate is you could
there’s so many other things that people ask you and try to get you to do but
what i see for people who are super successful the one thing they’ve used
the most to break through their marketing the fastest is they use a
story and it’s powerful think about every book every mentor every talk
everyone uses a story now there’s three ways to position yourself for maximum
profit and maximum leverage in your story but i want you to know out of
everything there’s one thing that makes you completely unique and that’s your
story you need to become very good at positioning your story to build your
business now my story is one of making millions of dollars traveling the world
writing best-selling books getting in the movie doing all the things they did
but it’s also a story of starting off back in New Zealand and starting off in
a place where I didn’t have all of that now where I grew up and what I grew up
in isn’t the most loving amazing motivated household you could imagine
however financially we never really broke through to that that next level we
never really took that but we had we had what we we had a really really really
freakin great life and I’m just so grateful so grateful I don’t have that
rags to riches story don’t have that and so you know a lot of times I see people
go my story isn’t good enough and my story it’s not that or my story isn’t
the right thing thing is is there’s three ways to position your story what I
found at all the people that really busted through online really took their
businesses to the next level is they were able to share their story and build
a mechanism that really just moved everything else so my story is basically
this is I had huge desire to have freedom to change the world and
make a lot of money I wanted to impact millions I wanted to make millions and I
wanted to have a life that was worth living okay and then so that was what my
desire I went out there and I started businesses I’ve tried all of these
things I made millions of dollars but I didn’t get the passion of the heart then
I replicated that and then I went into personal development and started
putting on talks and I found my place and the moment everything changed from
me is when I saw Tony Robbins make nine million dollars in four days and impact
over 3,000 people’s life and I went that’s what I want to do I want to be
able to speak on be able to move people I want to change lives and I decide
that’s what I’m gonna do out of everything I thought what’s better than
getting paid to to speak and so then there was a huge journey of figuring that
all that and then what happened was I realized that it’s not about speaking
it’s not about selling sorry so about teachings what about selling it’s about
building belief and an out pop to this beautiful method called the emotional
clarity method which anyone can use and so that’s my story and then I’ve taken
that method and helped thousands of people to go out there and to tell their
story and build a presentation that goes their business and so that’s one way to
position your story but there’s actually three that are the best now one thing
that people always say isn’t my story it’s not good enough look you have a
mess if you just done this yeah as people think that this story is not good
enough I’m just saying Christine just jump on I’ve seen Kyle’s just jump on it
and everyone has a great story but there’s three ways to position it and I
want you to know your story is your story and it’s good enough it’s good
enough it’s the only one you have you know you can always look at what’s not
good enough right but your story’s going to evolve and it’s gonna keep going and
I want you to know right now you’re building your story so if you think you
need to have a bigger story start taking more action now because your action
right now is going to become your story isn’t it go start speaking more doing
more having more you can’t start off with a great story you know no one
starts off saying hey I’ve been pacted millions of people before they’ve gone
and impacted them right you have to start off with the story you have now
but there’s three ways okay so the first way to really position your story is to
position it as a coach can someone type that in the first way is to position
yourself as the coach the coach and what they do the way that they position
themselves through their story is how that how many people
helped so they talk about in their story it’s not really about them it’s about
this other person that they helped be successful so imagine that you have a
program that teaches people had be great in business imagine you’ve never been
good in business you’ve just advised all these other businesses to be great
imagine you never had to lose the way you just hoped all these other people
lose weight imagine that you never actually step
foot on the playing field but you just were amazing at helping others do it the
first way as a coach okay and a coach is great so maybe you’re sitting out there
you’re going look I’ve never never really you know I haven’t hit the
results I help other people to and that’s okay your story doesn’t can’t
become about you it’s a story about how you which does make it about you have
helped all these other people be successful and how much struggle you had
and what you wanted and your desire for them and figuring it all out here’s a
great story I really wanted to have people feel fit and healthy but you know
I didn’t know how to do it so I tried all these different things are trying to
help them I got trained in this and trained and this and trained in this and
it took me so long and then I figured out that this was the way to do it and
then all of a sudden I help this person lose weight and this person feel great
in this person see if you’re a chiropractor or a naturopath if you
position yourself as a coach and about the people you helped the second way to
position yourself in your story by the way is that good the second way to
position yourself in your story is you can position yourself as the researcher
the researcher doesn’t necessarily have results they’ve gone and found all the
information so a researcher this is how someone goes and positions a brand new
product they say we saw this problem and we didn’t know there was no solutions to
the to the problem and so we went out there and we started researching and we
looked at this we researched this we studied this and then we did this study
and the study showed us this and their whole story is about the study that they
did to find the answer so instead of saying that they got all these results
what they’re saying is hey we found an answer that no one else has ever ever
ever seen and this is the answer does that make sense you can position
yourself completely as a researcher and you can be someone who in and looked at
all these different things and then you found this way and this is why it works
and no one done and you’ve done some tests and
you’re just testing it but you’ve just done the research okay so that’s the
second one because someone type in researcher because that’s the second way
you can position yourself the third way to position yourself says the coach and
the researcher the third way is you are the leader you’re the person that has
already done what the other person who’s listening wants so this is the leader or
the mentor okay so you can either write leader or mental down someone type in
leader or mentor the leader says hey I was there and now I’m here and these are
all the things I had to do to get from there to here okay and that’s the leader
now those are the three ways to position yourself and they’re completely
different stories okay hey Harry love you
where are you you in the other room Harry it always comes in and distracts
me so there’s three stories you can either tell the coach story which is all
about how you’ve helped others you can tell the researcher stories about all
the research you’ve done and the breakthrough that you’ve found or you
can tell the story about how you went from where they are to where you want to
be guess what they’re all uniquely powerful aren’t they they’re all
uniquely powerful all of them and they’re all different and you can also
use all three of them if you are all three of them make sense so there’s
really these phases to your story and this is so crucial that you have the
story and you use it because I see all these people talking about Facebook Ads
Google Ads YouTube ads and and that the tactics are always gonna change right
tactics change consistently but one thing that doesn’t change is the power
of story you know that’s been around for thousands of years people want to know
that you’re credible they want to understand why you’re different before
they look at anything else and some one of my intentions for you is to
understand the power of creating a great story and how to tell it I want you if
you’re interested in this to be my million dollar speaking challenge and
become a million dollar speaker yesterday I talked
about how to actually build your presentation one of those I cover the
four aspects of what needs to go in your story in my 90 day mastermind amplifier
we have templates and we take people through this and then when I meet them
for three days we actually go through for a whole day to build out their
beautiful story so it’s well crafted and then it makes a big big dent in their
market there’s one thing that you have that no one else has in your market your
story you’re creating it today you’re living it tomorrow and the next day you
can be talking about it right you are creating your story right now the story
you have is good enough it is good enough it is good enough because it’s
all you’ve got your story is the one thing I don’t I don’t know Chris to you
you wrote it but I do love it have an absolutely amazing day if you want to be
in the million dollars speaker challenge let me know and I’ll give you a link
it’s the fourth day today you’ve still got time to catch up on all the other
days and then tomorrow we’re talking about some more stuff so it’s the fourth
day tomorrow tomorrow’s the fifth day so it’s absolutely huge make a commitment
right now to get your story together to get it clear and to get out there and to
really really really understand who you are and why you’re different I promise
you’ll be the most important thing you do I know you’re there Christine alright
I love you guys have an awesome day live with freedom free of mind free of time
for your life do what matters most do it right now go big smash it

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