Youtube Description bulk updates –  QUICKLY update all of your video descriptions!

Youtube Description bulk updates – QUICKLY update all of your video descriptions!

Update your YouTube Descriptions in buk quickly
and easily with this TubeBuddy Star Level feature!Hello TubeBuddies, being able to update your
old out of date descriptions with relevant information is important to being consistent
here on YouTube. Using this bulk find, replace, append tool
can save you hundreds of hours on YouTube, but if you would like to save time learning
how to use TubeBuddy subscribe and ring that bell, today! To get started, head to the “My Videos”
page. Here at the top, you’ll see TubeBuddy’s
Bulk Meta Actions. Click on Titles & Descriptions to start! This opens our Bulk Find Replace Append Tool
Menu. This menu gives you the option to select what
action you want to take on your video descriptions. Here are the options available to you, and
how you can use each one on your videos (descriptions.) First, you can Find and Replace old text. This might be useful if you have changed your
social media handles and need to update your old video descriptions. You can also insert text before or after pre-existing
text. For example, if you created a new playlist,
you may want to include that playlist link in your video descriptions, so we give you
the option to choose exactly where you want this text inserted in your descriptions. TubeBuddy provides the option for removing
a specific line or block of text. That can be useful for removing old links
or perhaps removing a text promotion that ran for a certain period of time in your video
descriptions. There is also the option to add text at the
beginning or end of a video description. This is helpful if you want to promote newer
content at the top of your descriptions. Or if you want to add channel specific hashtags
in bulk, for your content. Finally, you can erase full descriptions on
old videos, and replace them with newer, better optimized descriptions! If you want to write a better optimized description. We recommend checking out that card to watch
a video, on how to optimize a YouTube Video! We understand that updating your video descriptions
in bulk can be scary which is why we have a step that shows you all videos that match
the text you’re looking for and what the resulting description will look like after
the bulk updates are complete. Want to do more in bulk check out that playlist
with our bulk YouTube Tools. If you enjoyed this video please consider
subscribing, and hitting the bell notification to keep up to date on all things Tubebuddy! I’m Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy and we hope
to save you more time in the future!

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  1. Want to give our bulk features a shot, and have never had a free trial? Check out this video: Is there a bulk feature you'd like to see us implement? 🙂

  2. This feature is so helpful, I use TubeBuddy and it's vey handy. Thank you for creating an amazing program for us YouTubers💖

  3. Saving up so that I can afford the TubeBuddy packages! But looking forward to it. It all just makes sense 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Great video. Wish I'd known about this bulk feature before when I realised I had to put https:// before www in all my videos

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