YouTube Pop-up Space in Brussels, Belgium [Promoted]

YouTube Pop-up Space in Brussels, Belgium [Promoted]

We’re at the YouTube Pop-up Space in Brussels. Our spaces are built around three different
pillars and that is learn, connect, and create. We bring creators together in a space so
that they can connect with one another. One of the most fruitful ways to grow
content is through collaboration. So we allow them to meet one another,
build ideas and create content. There are really professional experts here
who are helping me as a creator. They gave me some tips for my videos, which
is important for me to have a better experience for my followers and subscribers. I’m basically here to tell young people why
I started on YouTube and how I can deliver messages through my comedy on YouTube. I used to do stand-up comedy
on stage and that’s it. That means on good days, 80 to 2,000 people. And then I started YouTube and my
“worst” videos hit around 50,000 views and the best hit around 3 million. So obviously if I have something to say which
is funny and with a message then it has more impact. It has to, right? I used YouTube before I became a parliamentarian. So for me it’s important to use the way I
consume videos for communication with the people out there. I try to give people insights on what we are
doing at the Parliament. I want to show them my daily life and I want
to show them how we are doing politics. So I want to be transparent and I think using
YouTube and videos is a very good possibility for that. I got super mad one day because I was harassed
on the street and I was like, “let’s do a video”. And I did a very very bad video about how
mad I was and I was trying to be funny. At first you just want to be seen and be fun
and be cool and have people laugh. And then you find other reasons. You choose your messages that you want to
talk about. So now, whenever I’m angry at something, if
it’s in the news or if it’s personal, I transform it into comedy. And I try to tell people how to go through
this. I don’t want to do comedy anymore just to
make people laugh. I want them to laugh and think. First laugh, though. Creators for Change very much is a programme
that came out of the YouTube community and that understanding that creators actually
have a very strong, powerful voice. Creators for Change is really looking at ways
to support creators that use their channels to tackle social issues. Creators who take to their channels and use
their voices to promote tolerance and empathy and awareness of a variety of different problems
and promote social change. For example, we see a British creator, Humza
Arshad, who uses his channel as a comedic platform to basically battle stereotypes around
Muslims and connect youth from a variety of places around the UK to band together and
counter radicalisation. We want to support those positive voices on
the platform. To really amplify them and make sure that
they’re resonating well beyond just their communities. I think it changed my way of working as a
businesswoman and as an artist when I decided that I would become who I wanted to see. I used to be very frustrated because there
were not a lot of female comedians online or on stage. Now, I am just working on becoming the kind
of female stand-up comedian that I want to see. It is really important that we as the European
Union try to be the forerunners when it comes to social change. To have a better Europe for everyone.

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