YouTube Ranking: 3 YouTube Keyword Tools You NEED in 2019!

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How to Find Backlinks from Competitors site เฅค SEO Backlinks checker tool เฅค How to check Backlinks

How to Find Backlinks from Competitors site - SEO Backlinks checker tool - How to check Backlinks please subscribe my
Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to turn your backlink analysis into actionable link building strategies… fast.

99 Replies to “YouTube Ranking: 3 YouTube Keyword Tools You NEED in 2019!”

  1. Great video! Iโ€™m new to SEO but will use these to grow my new channel. 1 million subscribers here I come! ๐Ÿคฃ

  2. Really useful and practical tips. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Iโ€™m thinking I should reflect in this on my photography channel.

  3. Thank you Justin! Great video! I have learned a lot from you! I was about to install tubebuddy but read its permissions.

    Is it true that tubebuddy can delete your videos?

  4. Great video. Keyword everywhere is showing youtube searches? I doubt it could be just showing from Google Searches, not YouTube searches.

  5. Has anyone ever had issues with tube buddy deleting their YouTube videos (its one of the permissions)

  6. Love you Justin you are my hero. I am learning a lot from your Chanel and give back to world in simple plane easy Hindi and Urdu language.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I'm installing Keywords Everywhere straight away.

  8. Started my Epoxy furniture channel 2 months ago and I still canโ€™t get views. Iโ€™ve done all of this. Please HELP!!!!!!!

  9. Justin, what is the best way to use a script if you are streaming with an iPhone that doesnโ€™t have a TelePrompTer app? Are we forced to look down or off to the side? Are you using an iPhone or Android?

  10. If people take this advice, it will change everything for their channel. This is probably the most concise, value-packed video on this topic I've seen.

  11. Great videos, as always. Downloading TubeBuddy immediately showed us things that we didn't even know existed, like cards and end screens. Great tools, thanks for the video!

  12. Hay Justin how to make chirps audio in Android. Some changing work for you bro.
    I mean make a video on how to remove back ground noise using Android you method
    I love you video from India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  13. So I got a good cam and lighting per your suggestions, Justin. But when I edit my video and save it to upload the quality is still not great. Could this possibly be the video editing software saving my videos in poor quality?

  14. I didnโ€™t know about using the underscore on the search bar! Thanks for the advice Justin!

  15. This helped so much, thanks. Just by changing the keywords one of my videos is in the top 5 ranking; even if it has just 200 viewers ๐Ÿ˜‚. Thanks again

  16. Hi there Justin , I started installing Tubebuddy into my Chrome, until I came upon this which I would have to click to agree to: "This app wants permission to do anything you can do on your YouTube account. For example, it will be able to see, edit and delete your videos, playlists and subscriptions, rate videos, as well as post, edit or delete your comments and captions." This frightened the proverbial out of me so I uninstalled it quick sharp. Does it really mean what it says? No way would I give control of my stuff to an outsider!

  17. Thank you so much. I created my YouTube channel last week and have now watched 4 of your videos in the process which have helped me massively in understanding things like thumbnail creation, end cards and all sorts. This video has helped massively too. Now I have obviously subscribed and will continue to use your advice as I try to grow!

  18. Thanks Justin!! Your tutorials have helped me with thumbnails and now SEO! Awesome well made tutorials.

  19. Well done. For the keyword: 'youtube video ranking software free download' you currently rank #5. There are other keywords you rank for too, Take a look on to find out which ones.

  20. Hey Justin. What do you recommend using now that keywords everywhere is not a free tool any longer? thanks a ton!

  21. Wonderful video I don't know your name but I like what you said I am young youtuber from Pakistan I am very thankful to you for this great information.

  22. Hey Justin! Thanks for the video! I love the cover songs but actualy problem is that views count not increasing. First im made two festivel videos then intrested to make music videos… i made videos with good camera and editing software like fcpx and songs are also good
    plz reply a good suggetion and just check my channel

  23. Finding kws is not a problem for anyone at all. The real question is kws that can rank and for that no single kw tool is even close. All kws tools whether paid or free just misguide and provide wrong information. .

  24. I installed it on my samsung. Let me see. It doesnt work the **Keywords Everywhere **. Is it only for laptop version in?

  25. Hello, and thank you for this video on Keywords Anywhere. I don't know if you reply to these comments, but I do have a pretty important question that I feel others who read this may also benefit. I am seeing a little bit of conflict between Keyword Anywhere results vs. what TubeBuddy says about a keyword. For example, let's say Keyword Anywhere says "500/month" with a competition score of .25….which is a good keyword to launch a new YouTube channel – some traffic and low competition in order to start building authority. However, TubeBuddy says that this keyword is "Poor." How would you interpret this? Which one, Keyword Anywhere or TubeBuddy, should I trust regarding the keyword? Thanks for your time, and thank you for this video!

  26. Very good video Justin. Do you find that though Keywords everywhere has become a paid tool – it's still the powerhouse? Or is there another keyword tool you would recommend now? (Any no charge replacement that you know of?)
    Thanks for great info.

  27. Hay Justin brown I wanna start a chanale on YouTube but I don't know how to get 1k view or 4k hours watched time pass me tips on this problem??

  28. Hey Justin, I usually watch your videos on my unsigned in TV. But I just want to say THANK YOU, because you really helped me grow my channel. Great videos!!! -Arty

  29. Nice but how can I rank on those key words when I nearly get zero views on my videos I mean the bigger channels will get the higher ranks

  30. the keywordeverywhere tool isnt relevant anymore because it isnt free. and the paid version has a qustionable charging model

  31. Hi Justin, have you ever had of one of your videos show up in the top few video ranking in search, and then in one scroll down to the lower ones and back up, it was gone!?

  32. As a side note, the number of VIEWS doesn't reference if the video was "searched and found" via YouTube. The video could have been watched from a popular blog post 75% of the views. It does indicate if the video is popular, but not if it was FOUND by keyword search.

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